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-mm- - Introductory. Thi s little booklet had its genesis in the suggestion that each member of the Morgan party be required to write an article for his county paper upon his return home. In order to make the task easy, we have collected a few facts relating to Christian county as a farm- ing and industrial center. The work has been thrown together hastily and does not do our farming interests justice. We regret that in the arrangement of the itinerary only a small section of the county can be seen. Some of the very best farms in the county have no mention in the leaflet. We were compelled to use such pictures a.s were on hand. We respectfully dedicate the Leaflet to Geoffrey Morgan whose labors have been an inspiration to the agricultural growth of the Pennyrile and whose effort to cultivate a spirit of cordiality and co-operation between the farmers of Central Kentucky and Western Kentucky is his greatest contribution to the progress, enlightment and betterment of Industrial Kentucky. Yours for success, W. T. FOWLER.