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Hopkinsville Has the Second Largest Tobacco Market in the World A Bit of History. SOME FACTS ABOUT KENTUCKY'S GREATEST AGRICULTURAL COUNTY. Christian county was organized in 1797, and originally embraced all the territory west of Green River, and was as large as the State of Massachusetts. She gave off, at succeeding intervals, such lands as she could not utilize profitably, and there was thus formed the splen- did counties of Webster, Todd. Henderson, Union, Daviess, Hopkins, and others. Christian, as the parent county, kept the best lands for her own. These lands are now famous for the production of a,lI crops which grow In the Temperate zone. Area, 725 square miles, or 484,000 acres. This is by far the largest agricultural county in the State second only in area, to Pike county. Population based on 1910 census, 42,000. Christia,n county has for its capital one of the most beautiful and pro- gressive cities in the State. Hotel Latham, her principal hostelry, in commodious and resplendent, and under its present efficient marnage- ment is one of the best hotels in the State. Christian county is the banner wheat county in Kentucky. She produces one-tenth of the wheat grown in the State. She holds the State record on the highest yield of wheat per acre. Mr. J. J. Gar- rott, of Pembroke, Kentucky, made a. field average of 63 bushels per acre. A crop record of 40 bushels per acre is not unusual among a large number of her best farmers. Her wheat in quality is the best. and always tops the market. She produces more bushels of corn than any other county in the State. TOBACCO INDUSTRY. Christian county raises more dark tobacco than any other county in the State. Our soil - s adapted to the growth of the export to- baccos. Christian county grows 15,000,000 pounds annually, 75 per cent of which goes abroad. Hopkinsville Is the largest dark tobacco market in the world. She handles 30 million pounds annually. The tobacco crop alone brings an annual dividend to our growers of nearly one million and a half dollars. While Corn is king and Wheat is Queen, our Tobacco crop pays the bills. Hopkinsville has some oi the greatest tobacco plants, warehouses and loose floors to be found anywhere. These buildings represent an investment of over one mil- lion dollars. These tobaccoes are re-handled and specially prepared for the various European countries. Each of these countries acre represented on our market by a direct agent, who are in most instances local to- bacconists. These tobaccos are consumed by England. France, Ger- many, Austria, Italy and Scandinavian Europe. About 75 per cent of our product goes to these countries annually; the remaining 25 per cent supplies practically all the snuff used in the United States, also a certain grade of cigars and stogies, for which there is an ever in- crea,sing demand. There are a large number of independent fac- tories that rehandle and prepare tobaccos on order. The Railroad Facilities of Christian Cotint' ore Ursurpassed