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Christian County has an Up-to-Date Creamery Her metropolis-Hopkinsville--is the second largest tobacco market in the world. She has the most commodious and best equipped High School in the State. This building was erected in 1913, and is the pride of both county and city. She has the best wheat market in the South. Her milling industry is the largest in the State outside of Louis- ville. Her three flouring mill plants have a capacity of 2,500 bax- rels of flour per day. She is the home of the famous Mogul Wagon, which is doing service throughout the United States and is fast gaining favor in the Old World. This wagon plant covers 15 acres of ground, and has a capacity of 12,000 per year. There are six live, progressive, thrifty towns within the borders of Christian county, in the order of size and importance as follows: Hopkinsville, population 13,000; Pembroke, Crofton, Lafayette, Fair- view, Gra cey. Christian county has five ra'lroads passing into or through its borders. There is no section of the county but what is convenient to a railroad station: L. N. R. R., main line from St. Louis to Pensa- cola; L N. R. R., Princeton ClaXksville Division; I. C. R. R., Evansville Division; T C. R. R., from Hopkinsville to Nashville and other Southern points, Cadiz R. R., from Gracey to Cadiz, Ky. These railroads are busy lines. are well equipped and bear a. large share of our tax burdens. Christian count, is the home of the Western State Hospital, which is one of th" handsomest and most substantial of our State institutions. The buildings have cost approximately 400,000. A model dairy barn and hog house has just been completed. More King Drags are in use on Christian county's public roads than any other county in the State. She has more miles of maca- damized 'roads than any other county West of Louisville. She ha.s approximately 350 miles of macadamized roads. All the main roads leading into Hopkinsville are now macadamized, a number of them to the adjoin'ng county or State line. Christian county was the first county in the State to employ an Agricultural Agent or Adviser. This employment was made before State aid was available. Her first venture was to employ a young, obscure Englishman named Geoffrey Morgan, who has in more recent years acquired some reputation and fame. It is with some 'degree of modesty we claim him as one of Christian county's products. Christian county was the birth-place of Jefferson Davis. He was born at Fairview on June 3, 1808. The Russellville Pike leads from Hopkinsville to Fairview. just 9 miles. The Jefferson Davis Memorial Park has been formally ded'cated and Is now open to the public. This park is located on the Davis farm. When finally com- pleted it will be in every way an appropriate and fitting memorial to the distinguished leader of "The Lost Cause." Cbrist an county was the home of Adelbert, the King of the American Stud. This noble horse was owned by Williams Radford. He produced more winners than any other stud in America. His fame was on two continents. His colts sold at Sara.toga Park, N. Y., Christian Countv has Sixteen Active Farmers Clubs