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Christian County is -the, Home of Brumfield and Keeling Strawberries annually for an average 5.000 each. One yearling colt sold for 20,000. Christian county is now the home of "Imperator" 46291, the greatest lyving Duroc Jersey Boar. The proud owner of this noble animal is Mr. John H. Williams, of Pembroke, Kentucky. Imperator is the sensational grand champion of 1914. Christian county is one of the first to establish and conduct ex- periments in tobacco, wheat and corn raising. More than twenty farmers conducted experiments last year for either the National or State Experiment Stations. Mr. John Ford, of Church Hill, has had a government expert in charge of experiments on his faxrm for ten successive years. We were one of the first counties in the State to adopt the Serum Treatment for Hog Cholera. Our farmers have been taught to vaccinate their own hogs. Our hog erop is now one of our best crops. Scientific methods of sanitation are being employed and our present County Agent during 1915 has not found a single case of Hog Cholera. Christian county was one of the first ten to employ a Girls' Can- ning Club Agent. Under the efficient direction of Mrs. Eloise Graves, this work has grown in public favor until we now have over 100 girls in the Canning Clubs in the county. Christian county has appropriated 2,500 to purchase a site for the County Hospital. She has been assigned a District Nurse who will enter on her work June 1. 1915. This agent is the most ad- vanced step the Government has yet made looking to the complete sanitation of rural sections. The Pennyroyal Fair Grounds have been pronounced the most attractive and beautiful in the State, outside of the State Falr Grounds in Louisville. Fair Day in Christ an county has become a carnival of art, music and entertainment for all of Western Ken- tucky. The races here have attracted some of the best horses in the country. The premium list eclipses any premium list offered by a County Fair. A visit to this Fair will convince any one of the wealth and progress of Kentucky's best agricultural county. Christian County is the Home of the Mogul Farm Wagon ,. .