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[4] > Image [4] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1916-19-dec12.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

27 Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky, December 12, 1916 The Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky met in regular session with Governor A. 0. Stanley in the chair and the following members present: Governor A. O. Stanley, President Barker, C. B. Terrell, Frank McKee, V. 0. Gilbert, Matt Cohen, V. J. Harris, R. J. Bassett, T. L. Hornsby, J. L. Letterle, H. M. Proman, i. M.Elliston, Fred R. Blackburn, Tibbis Carnenter, Gover W. HI. Cox, D. P. Smith, R. C. Stoll, J. A. Arnons, President J. K. Patterson, J. W. Turner, G. S. Brock, Frank Battaile, J. I. LyleJ. i. Brown, P; P. Johnston, Jr., Dr. S. B. Marks, Dr. A. Gatliffe, P.. W. Wathen, James Breathitt, and C. B. Nichols being absent. On the question of approval of the minutes of the Exe- cutive Board which contained the report of the action of that Board combining the Colleges of Civil and Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Mr. Cohen moved that the minutes be approved with the exception of thp t part which referred to this coalition. The motion was adopted unanimously. At the close of the reading of the minutes, Mr. Stoll moved that as he had beemkfbmre. that certain students and-Dean Rowe were in waiting with petitions to be Presented to this Board, affecting the nrooosed Engineering merger, that they be granted permission to appear. Mr. Stoll included in his motion also that Dean Anderson of the College of Mechanical & Electric- al Engineering and Dean N'iorwood of the College of Mining Engineer- ing be called before the Board. This motion was carried. D. P. Smith moved that any number not to exceed. five of the protesting bodies of students be permitted to speak for reason- able time. President Patterson moved an amendment that students be given the right to appear and be given ample time to present their cause. Seconded by Mr. Cohen, the motion as amended- was adopt ed. On motion the Board then adjourned for lunch in the College of Home Economics. The Board re-convened at two o'clock and Mr. Froman moved that the Trustees tender a vote of thanks to Dean Sweeney for the excellent dinner served to the Board and the charming manner in which the young women served the same. The motion was unanimously adopted. Suspending the order of nrocedure, Chaltman Stanley stated that he would receive members of Board of Control of Patterson Hall, consisting of Mrs. A. M. Harrison, Mrs. Elizabeth King Smith and Mrs. S. T. iHarbison and hear their report. Mrs. A. M. Harrison read the report of the Board of Control which she said covered a period of the month only during which they had served. In OonMction with this report Mrs Harrison advised that the recreation hall, which f\ai teen converted into