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[6] > Image [6] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1916-19-dec12.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

Monthly report of School 1916-17 Continued Deno sited 1414.04 Expended 1704.01 Balance 231.48 $ 1935.48 1 935.48 October 1, Balance 231.48 Deposited 1907.80 Expended 1812.15 Balance 327.13 __ __ _ $2139.28 2139.28 November 1, Balance 327.13 Deposited 1937.59 Ex-oended 2263.01 Balance 1.71 $2264.72 2264.72 December 1, Balance $ 1.71 Miss Hopper says, "This statement includes all purchases to December 1, but does not include board collected since December 1, which is a little more than $500." We find on studying the itemized statements of the, expenditures of Patterson Hall, that servants' hire, amount- ing to more than two hundred dollars per month, i-s included in the amounts disbursed by Miss Hopper. This item, according to the law, should be paid from the State-app'rop- riation, but has not been charged to it in the past. Since servants' hire amounts to more than the entire appropriatidon, it is clearly impossible to Day all of it from this source; but your Board would ask that any sum in the two thousand D dollars, over and above the cost of fuel, lights and water, should be refunded to the Board of Control at the close of the school year. It feels that this will be absolutely necessary this year, on account of running the dormitory at the same rate of board as in former year, when the c6st of living is so much higher. Another item that is paid out of the receipts from Patterson Hall is the salaries of Miss Hopper, book-keeper, and Miss Pickett, matron, each of whom receives five hundred dollars per year. COYDITIOON OF PATTl!ER S ON HALL There has been a large increase in the attendance of women students at the University this year, who desired board at Patterson Hall. In order to accommodate them the Recreation Hall, the only room in the building large. enoug,4t for social gatherings, wats partitioned off into