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2 > Image 2 of Catalogue of the Officers, Studies, and Students of the State College of Kentucky, Lexington, Volume 5 (Session ending 1907 June 6 )

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

[ U *1 PATTERSON HALL. This Hall, a home for the young women of the College, is a large and ' handsome three-story brick structure of a hundred and fifty feet front, built on a fine site of about three acres fronting two hundred and ten feet on South Limestone Street and a line of the City electric railway. Within a quarter of a mile of the College on the South, a half mile of the Court House, the Phoenix Hotel and the Post-office on the North, and distant not more than ten minutes by railway from the principal churches of the City, Patterson Hall is, for all purposes, admirably located. The building is heated by steam, lighted by electricity, and supplied with hydrant and cistern water. It has a front veranda of 14 by 68 feet, wide halls, a closet in every bed room, and thirteen bath rooms. With walks, drives and numerous old forest trees, the spacious front lawn, one of the most beautiful in Lexington, is an inviting place for exercise, for which ample provision has also been made in the rear lawn, with tennis court and croquet grounds, as well as in the large s . gymnasium. [ , Sixty-eight commodius and well-furnished rooms afford accommodation for a hundred and twenty-two persons, for whom the careful and judicious A I matron will provide lodging free, and excellent board at $3 a. week, the occupants furnishing their own napkins, towels, and bedding, except mat- tresses and pillows, and paying their laundry bill. Built durably of stone, brick, wood and iron, and practically nre-proof; with adequate provision for safety, heat, light, ventilation, bathing and exercise, this hall offers all the comforts and conveniences of a well-ap- pointed home. County appointees are first supplied with rooms, and these, by act of the Legislature, are assigned by lot. Probably no educational institution in the South affords a more attract- I ive home for young women; and those who are favored with La county r appointment, the mode for obtaining which is set forth elsewhere in this catalogue, will find that residence at the State College is brought within the means of any young woman who earnestly desires to flt herself for a life of usefulness.