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11 > Image 11 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 78, no. 3, Fall 2007

Part of Kentucky alumnus

Young Fellow Leaves Fall Development Weekend And Her Mark On UK Fellows Society Dinner Lindsey M. Cooper O7 found many ways to make a difference The university will hold two annual development events this while she was a student at UK. She was active in many Chi Omega fall. The Development Council Eall Meeting takes place the week- sorority activities, served as the DanceBlue Marathon Family Re- end of Oct. 5. Individual committee meetings will be held, fol- lations Chair, acted as a UKIOI Peer Instructor, and also partici- lowed by a luncheon meeting featuring New York University pated in the Emerging Leaders Institute, University Leadership professor Claire Guadiani, author of The Greater Good, IIow Summit, Honors Program, and Study Abroad. She learned about Philanthropy Drives the American Economy and Can Save Capi- giving to UK through her work in the Student Development talism. Council, and decided to become a Young Eellow Eriday afternoon will include opportunities for guided tours of Says Lindsey, I was blessed to have such an incredible experi- the UK Art Museum and Eine Arts workshops on swing dancing ence at UK, and I want to leave the university knowing that in the and embroidery by top professors. In the evening, the annual Eel- future UK will continue to make a positive mark on students, the lows Society Dinner and Dance will be held in Rupp Arena, community and the state. I which is always a gala of spectacular proportions. New Eellows think it is really all about giv- will be recognized and the ]immy Church Band will offer the ing others the same opportu- evenings entertainment. I. nities Iwas given, and the Because there is no football game on Saturday, Oct. 6, partici- _, " V Young Eellows program was a pants will be offered the opportunity to take advantage of reserved great way for me to give back. seating at Keeneland. _ The Young Eellows program " ` V5 ~ allows students and recent _ l l graduates the opportunity to lil become Eellows through an ` "" I l .,,"`_ . V ll-if extended payment plan. Lind- ` lllllllj g QH Fl"' _A ..._ . ,_e..-eV,VV I / Se}, Wm be rccognizcd eleng " e i Jl! lZl.l;l.LL;;irrgg.rqE Lil cS' , E ` V i __e-.- * with other new Eellows from ~ tw ` . .. . V; W M G V. _ ' U _ A ~ Y _ the past year at the annual Eel- 1x___FW` , . 7 T I '4 " V E " if it c -:2% -\ \ I V lm Swctr Dime md - . . * *2 . - ~. * 4 I ~ ` =~ 5* if., 1.* r $ r~;= ;,i;. *=~ W ;, ,_r E i- U*