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Image 11 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 78, no. 3, Fall 2007

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Young Fellow Leaves Fall Development Weekend And Her Mark On UK Fellows Society Dinner Lindsey M. Cooper ’O7 found many ways to make a difference The university will hold two annual development events this while she was a student at UK. She was active in many Chi Omega fall. The Development Council Eall Meeting takes place the week- sorority activities, served as the DanceBlue Marathon Family Re- end of Oct. 5. Individual committee meetings will be held, fol- lations Chair, acted as a UKIOI Peer Instructor, and also partici- lowed by a luncheon meeting featuring New York University pated in the Emerging Leaders Institute, University Leadership professor Claire Guadiani, author of “ The Greater Good, I·Iow Summit, Honors Program, and Study Abroad. She learned about Philanthropy Drives the American Economy and Can Save Capi- giving to UK through her work in the Student Development talism.” Council, and decided to become a Young Eellow Eriday afternoon will include opportunities for guided tours of Says Lindsey, “I was blessed to have such an incredible experi- the UK Art Museum and Eine Arts workshops on swing dancing ence at UK, and I want to leave the university knowing that in the and embroidery by top professors. In the evening, the annual Eel- future UK will continue to make a positive mark on students, the lows Society Dinner and Dance will be held in Rupp Arena, community and the state. I which is always a gala of spectacular proportions. New Eellows think it is really all about giv- will be recognized and the ]immy Church Band will offer the ing others the same opportu- evenings entertainment. I. nities Iwas given, and the Because there is no football game on Saturday, Oct. 6, partici- _, " V Young Eellows program was a pants will be offered the opportunity to take advantage of reserved great way for me to give back.” seating at Keeneland. _ The Young Eellows program "‘ ·` V5 ‘ ~ allows students and recent _ l l· graduates the opportunity to lil become Eellows through an `· "" I l .,,"`_ . V ll-if extended payment plan. Lind- ’ ` lllllllj g QH Fl"' _A ..._ . ,_e..-eV,VV I / Se}, Wm be rccognizcd eleng " e ‘i· Jl! lZl.l;l.LL;;irrgg·».rqE Lil ‘cS‘‘' , E ` V i __e-.-¤ *‘ with other new Eellows from ~ tw ` . .. . V; W M G V. _ ' U _ A ~ Y _ the past year at the annual Eel- 1x___FW` , . 7 T I '4 " V E " if · it c ‘-:2% -\ ‘·\ I V lm Swctr Dime md - . . * *2 . · · »-’ »‘ ~‘. * 4 · I ~ ` =·~· 5* if., 1.* r $· ·r‘~;=‘· ;¥,§i‘;. *=¢~·» W ;, ,»_r E i- U*