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65 > Image 65 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 78, no. 3, Fall 2007

Part of Kentucky alumnus

1 2 Flying Service Inc. advertises fly- The Hrst UK Greek Rush closes M 0 m | n H ing lessons in warm, comfortable with nine sororities pledging 115 F my V airplanes for only 10 cents a mile girls on the Hrst bid day. . . Pro- S I g ~ at Blue Grass Airport . . . Holmes fessor WS. Sutherland, coach of gg _ ,. _ 3 _\ Hall, a womens residence, is not the Debate team, says plans for _ X 1 ~ i `' I rj ` ` ready for occupancy at the begin- the Commgycar are uncertain bC_ (,s;;r I g y '- r Li ning ofthe fall semester and cause there is no bud et and little Tgoil _ l , F -' ` & A E openin is rescheduled for De- possibility of acquiriidg one . . . jg 1 , _ cad > _j 'lf i; Ccmbcrocausmg crowding in ]ohnny Craddock, Kentne/cy Kev- ?j ji A _ 2 3 other dorms . . . UK Health Serv- nel aft editor, is chosen managing lg I o r. EQ W _ , if ices announces it will no longer editor ofthe Knntpns Knt, the g * *5 _ _ ' ` provide flu shots for families of UK comic publication published sg * _ y 1 , i_;rjo ` UK faculty. . . Frank Sinatra and by Sigma Delta Chi . . . The De- Q ; . I Mitzi Gaynor star in ('Yhe]0/cer Is partment of Physical Education ` _ _ % ' l `_ _.r VWZt{ at the Strand Theatre . . . announces plans to offer its Hrst E \ _ l.w__i W V GQ Diana Edney is chosen Lances course in golf to male and female { "\ 5,?j`{' Q V -- ~. Qrieen at the Lances Carnival. Students mtorootod m dldog out Nick Panayi, a business managementjunior, helps Mimi Ismail, an She is d oophoodoro mdopoodcoc for the freshman or varsity golf undeclared freshma nl after mud Splattered into her Eye during the representing Triangle Fraternity. codmo Q dddroc cddoc hops ood Student Development Council Oozeball Tournament in the 1994- 1 ooo mdddrlr odd orc Pldoocd for 1995 academic yea r. The two were playing forthe Cosmopolitan _ _ _ cho dcddcmlc you oli cho ocdoi Club. The UK Student Development Council helps to raise money UKAthlS Aoooclddoo _ bard and Blade. . . Pierre Whit- for UK programs and Works with the UK Omce Of Development and Board ofD1rectors votes unani- odgj ddc_1oog'dmc lolod UK the UK Development Council. Its goal is to encourage students to muslr to opco olddmg oo doo ldodoo m cho Adodmlododoo participate in scholarship, leadership and service activities that will UK footodd ood basketball radio Ilijidggjgilgiggfgsgggtgjrrgat STllT1Ul8T COlT1lT1lTml1T phd phrhhphrppy pp active UK phrhhr. gggtgijgr $1;;; ;g;Lr;i ings basement with the arrival of search Facility 2 at noon as thick a Candy Store for students . . . Two boa constrictors, each about black smoke from a roof Hre pours from air-conditioning vents . . . 10 feet long, disappear from the Natural Science Building within Sir Harold Wilson, four-time Prime Minister of Great Britain, days of each other. The property ofthe Zoology Department, the speaks to an SGA sponsored assembly in Memorial Hall . . . Dr. snakes were imported from Honduras for $23 a foot . . . In re- Gilbert Friedell is appointed executive director of the McDowell sponse to a student petition, President McVey says he will appoint Cancer Network and the Lucille Parker Markey Cancer Center . . . a three member committee to look into reforming the UK athletic UK gets its Hrst gay campus organization, the Gay and Lesbian system . . . A new system to elect beauty queens on campus is put Union of Students . . . In the previous two years, only 14 UK stu- into place, using impartial out-of-town judges. dents have received sanctions for plagiarism but the actual number 1 9 5 7 of violationplis profbalbly highefr, says Bill Licy, academic ombuds- man. . . Co ege o P armacy acu ty mem ers vote to support a The College of Pharmacy opens its doors for the Hrst time on plan for a 55,000 square foot building after the Kentucky General Washington Ave. The UK Pharmacy School was located previ- Assembly only approves enough money for a 40,000 square foot ously in Louisville . . . UK sororities extend bids to 248 coeds dur- facility. . . President Otis Singletary says UK will take steps to ing fall rush parties, while social fraternities accept 231 pledges . . . comply with Title IX and add a full time womens coach and an- Dean of Women Doris M. Seward takes issue with a recent Ken- other womens varsity team in either softball or swimming, pro- tue/ey Kernel Kutie pose by a female student saying it was in very vide locker room space for the womens track team and move the bad taste and provocative . . . Dr. H. H. Downing, the dean of gymnastic team from Seaton Center to the more spacious Alumni Kentucky tennis for over 30 years and Hrst UK tennis coach, re- Gymnasium. tires and Glenn Dorroh, a former pupil, takes over. . . Bohmer Compiled by Linda Perry www.uka| 63 ((