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7 > Image 7 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 78, no. 3, Fall 2007

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2 Opening Remarks Big Blue U and Other Things This year K Week replaced Welcome Week as freshmen and new students came to campus to start their colle- giate odyssey. Highlight ofthe week was Big Blue U, a high energy, pep rally style event that began with a walk across campus to Commonwealth Stadium and included the Pep Band and Cheerleaders, Hreworks and the new Traditions-T shirt was handed out to every student there. Your UK Alumni Association working with Stu- dent Affairs sponsored a T-shirt design contest. Students voted on the winning design that was revealed at Big Blue U Were already anticipating what next years winning Traditions T-shirt will look like. Students are en- couraged to wear the T-shirt throughout the year on game day when the alumni prize patrol will be out on campus. K Week also marked the return of the freshman K Book which explains all things UK, its history, traditions, where Kentucky blue comes from, the words to UOM, On U {K and so much more. You, too, can get your 2007 T-shirt from the UK Alumni Association online store, while supplies last. The association also had big numbers at the Welcome Back picnic and Legacy reception attended by parents who cant help compare their Hrst days at UK as their children embark on their own UK experience. ]udging by the response of students, K Week was a big hit. This summer the UK Alumni Association found out a lot about you and a lot about us through a research project that included focus groups in six cities around the country and an online survey about alumni percep- tions and programs. It has given us a lot of information to use to improve what we do to engage you with each other and with the university through the UK Alumni Association. As a direct result of the research, one thing you will see is more family oriented programming. The Hrst annual UK Alumni Day at Kings Island was at- tended by over I,700 alumni, faculty, staff and students. If you are looking for an excuse to plan a trip to a theme park, this is the day to do it. We also are taking our important alumni career services on the road. Special career workshops are being planned for Young Alumni, for women and for mid-career changers. Speed networking will be a part of those events. Supported by the ]ane I. Morris Endowment, this past Hscal year the association / career center counselor was able to assist 658 alumni by telephone, e-mail or in-person. Check out Career Corner on page 45 in this issue {OI upcoming Carccr fairs and other infor- ,l I ./ r` _ ` VVT J . _ mation and tips. If you are seeking new career ` I 7 I opportunities, look up whats available online ~-' l l~i i _.IQ ll ( "'' I ` ' through the UK Stuckert Career Center. 'rrr TQ QE , I l 7 The best way to take advantage ofthe value of x 1 l I ; " being engaged with your university and being a l IE" , gi ` - T ly F ; fi ri rdaTo 20 re utation is to ll--.; L- 77% li l T - I l ll part o ts se towa p p ..; A J! 4, g l y U be a member ofthe UK Alumni Association. A E ,___ _ - - . . . _ *5.. O .,t_ ,. , gl I recent article about President Todd in the New V rrgy , $1 fg { mgm? _\ l* Ybr/e Umes lauded the scope of Dr. Todd`s Tg 4 U T Z ambitions and the momentum created by the lie ' g A` 7 ` l Top 20 Business Plan for the university. ( r " W _ ]oin us! Get more information online at - K l 4/ `Y ,T*""`l T1, or call 859-257-8905 or ` 7 ~,(: _ " i_ K Qi- V I 1-800-269-ALUM.Theres a place for you still `K ' ''' ` _' V;/_ at your University of Kentucky. AT`` _ _ I _ if _ The Welcome Back picnic has become a tradition that brings Q 5 r students to the King Alumni House their first week on campus. www.uka| 5 ((