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9 > Image 9 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 78, no. 3, Fall 2007

Part of Kentucky alumnus

P es'dent'a| Con e sat'on See Blue Tour Coming Soon During the summer of 2005, we boarded a bus and took Kentuckys flagship univer- -7}-,,, sity on a 22-city, 1,600 mile trek across the Commonwealth. The Dream Tour provided US {IH opportunity [O ICCHg1gC people RCIOSS [IIC state, opening up COHIHIUHICRIIOH j _; $5* lines and Hnding out how we could better serve the people of Kentucky. , 7 -l_ I `I j One ofthe highlights ofthe tour was having the opportunity to spend time with f ri alumni and prospective students across the state. I loved having the opportunity to share i ng. stories and listen to experiences ofthe people that helped make UK the place it is today. ~ j This fall, we are again embarking on a statewide expedition. Called the See Blue Tour, the trek will allow us to tell the universitys story of excellence in education, research, ` and service. _ . The tour also will allow the university to unveil its new See Blue marketing campaign. in The campaign will show how UK alumni are transforming the communities in which A I they live. We will show how our faculty and staff are reaching out across Kentucky to jj W positively impact education, health care, and the economy. And we will encourage Ken- Y ii " All tuckys young people to See Blue in their future, as we collectively realize that educating the next generation of leaders is the key to future success in the Commonwealth. I like to tell students that blue is more than just another color to me and other UK alumni. It is a state of mind a sense of pride, purpose, and excellence in all that we do. I hope you will be able to join us at one of our stops along the See Blue Tour to help us illustrate that pride. I feel that our alumni across Kentucky, the nation, and the world tell our story the best by showing how a Univer- sity of Kentucky education is changing the world in which we live. I look forward to seeing you this fall. Sincerely, President Lee T. Todd, ]r. See Blue Tour Sept. 13 Lexington campus State of the University Address (11 a.m. -1 p.m.) Cosponsored by Student Government Sept. 13/14 Northern Kentucky Sept. 19/20 Owensboro Sept. 21 Lexington Sept. 24 Ashland Sept. 24/25 Louisville Sept. 27 Burkesville Nashville Sept. 28 Bowling Green Oct. 9/10 Paducah Oct. 11 Elizabethtown Springfield www.uka| 7 ((