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I have a Commissioner from every County, ap- pointed by the Governor, open headquarters in the big new Armory, there to receive and register natives of each County. The Com- mercial Club has received assurances, if such were necessary, from every section of the old Commonwealth, that it will have the heartiest co-operation in the pleasing role of entertainer. Taft is not possible at this early day to give more than an outline of the programme; all plans are necessarily immature, but we have progressed sufficiently to announce in a general way the events of "Home Coming Week." \Wednesday, June 13th will be known as " Reception and Welcome Day." Registration of all visitors at the 119 County headquarters in the new Armory. Civic and Military Parade. Mr. Henry Watterson has been invited to deliver the chief address of welcome, and former Governor David R. Francis, of Missouri, the response. Among the others invited to appear on the Kentucky" I love your woods and ver- dant ills, And every stream and farm- land, For to your sons, dear mother State, Your every road ' a charmland: I