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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

PROPOSED STUDENT CODE AMENDMENTS The Board of Trustees Student Code Committee recommends that Student Rights and Responsibilities. Part I. Code of Student Conduct be amended as follows: Note: Relative to the proposed changes in sections 1.61, 1.67 and 1.81, written material to be deleted is bracketed whereas that to be added is underlined. Section Amendment l.21s Substitute the word "sanctions" for "punishment." 1.33 Substitute the word "sanction" for "punishment" in both instances. 1.43 Substitute the word "sanction" for "punishment." 1.52a Substitute the word "sanction" for "punishment." 1.52b Substitute the word "sanction(s)" for "punishment." 1.53a Substitute the word "sanction" for "quantum of punishment" in the first instance and substitute "or of sanction" for "nor quantum of punishment" in the second instance. 1.61 There shall be a University appeals board with appellate jurisdiction over decisions of the University Judicial Board and over decisions and/or recommendations of any faculty members and administrators on matters of University academic offenses. 1.62 Substitute the word "sanction" for "punishment." 1.63b Substitute the word "sanction" for "punishment" in all instances. 1.66a Substitute the word "sanction" for "quantum of punishment." 1.67 (First paragraph, last sentence) However, in no case shall a faculty member replace a student member[,] or a student member replace a faculty member. [a male member replace a female member, or a female member replace a male member.] 1.8 Substitute the word "Sanctions" for "Actions." 1.81 Warning The Dean of Students or the Dean's authorized represenative may notify the student that continuation or repetition of specified conduct may be cuase for other disciplinary action. A warning, unless imposed by the U. J-Board, is not appealable. [(this action, unless imposed by the U. J-Board, is not appealable).]