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The Kentucky Kernel, February 9, 1923

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

The Kentucky Kernel UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LEXINGTON, KY.t FEBRUARY VOL XIII VOCATIONAL TO THE Plain DE GUIDANCE PRESENTED WOMEN TO STUDENTS for All-Da- y Program Here March 22. Being Made QUESTIONARIES SENT OUT NOTICEI All of the students that arc working their way thru the University by selling magazines, or articles that requires a subscription for its sale are asked to call at my office and get a recognition card. This is absolutely necessary as a number of frauds have been detected. C. R. SSSSB 'BBBBBBnibsSr Html i SSSSMlj ' SBBBBBBBmf IBillSBVaVSBBBBBBBBUi 1'BBBBBBBiBiBiBBBBBBa9 biVbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbW MELCHER, FRESH MEN LITTLE Freshmen arc reminded that attendance at chapel every week is compulsory. Failure to attend will henceforth be dealt with by the discipline committee. Seat numbers are found on the bulletin boards near the chapel door. -- TO THEATRE TO SEASON U, K. FREDDf FEST PRAISED MEETS IS VICTIM SOON'ofl CWS TRAGIC DEATH FEB. 1 DART; W. A. Bryant, Prominent Mem- Prof. E. E. Fleischman's Class in MARRIES IN CINCINNATI Der ot Aipna uamma xies Dramatic Production to Give in Hospital. Series of Plays This Year. Hero of Manv Footbal Battles Students of 'the University, and The Little Theater is for the pur Downed by Little God of specially his comrades in Alpha pose of testing plays not only for Love. Gamma Rho Fraternity, of which he tu Su-K- ,nu'u aa BY WILSON. Mr. McCrady, of Faculty, Comments Upon Doctor Mott's Manner and Personality. John R. Mott, LL. D., head of International Y. M. C. A. and leader in religious enterprises, other world-wid- e will address the students of the Uni-sit- y in Chapel Saturday at the third hour. The meeting is being especially arranged by President McVey, in order to take advantage of Doctor Mott's presence in Lexington during the latter part of the week at a series of conferences with the Y. M. C. A. leaders of the state. Seldom does the University of Kentucky have a speaker as eminent as Doctor Mott; who might be called one of the greatest statesmen in the Christian world today. Tho he is a layman of the Presbyterian church there are few ministers whose influ ence is comparable to his. Not alone through the vast organization of the Y. M. C. A. with its myriad branches the Eastern and Western Hemis pheres but through other religious movements such as the Student Volunteer Missionary movement, John R. Mott wields a tremendous force in the upbuilding of Christianity and civ ilization. The effectiveness of his work in these various fields was recognized by Woodrow Wilson, who called him one of the mose useful men of the present generation. Mr. Wilson offered Dr. Mott the post of ambassador to China; yet, though such a position would have enabled the "Y" chieftain to do much to commend Christianity to the world of the Far East, he felt his present work of more importance, and hence declined the offer. Dr. Mott's manner and personality are thus described in a recent article in the Lexrnigton Leader (January 28) by Mr. McCready of the University faculty: "The writer has listened to (Continued on page five.) their constructive merits but also for memper, were was an outstanding their literary and producing values, WEDDING WAS SURPRISE. shocked at the tragic death of W. A according to a statement made by Bryant, which came as a result ot a Prof. E. E. Fleischman regarding the Bride Was Childhood Sweet- collision between an automobile in program to be followed this year. heart of Wildcat riding to Louisville which he was With this purpose in view the Little Center Wednesday-- and a machine coming in Theatre will present in the next few the opposite direction. The accident months a series of plays by eminent It became known her Tuesday occurred on Wednesday of last week, I playwrights and several which will be morning upon the return of the Unin near St. Matthews, Ky. Mr. Bryant supplied from the English classes of versity of Kentucky bakltiball' team' received a fractured skull and was the University. from Cincinnati (that Cupid had rn taken to the Louisville City Hospital Due to lack of funds and sufficient' vaded the camp during the sojourn where an operaton was unsuccessful. equipment, the Little Theatre is fac- of the players in 4he Ohio city . Mr. Bryant was a junior in the Col ing many problems at present. In Freddy Fest, for ithree yeains star lege of Engineering and stood well in order to solve some of the difficulties on the Wildcat football eleven and his studies and was popular throughtwo benefit plays will be given this bidding fair to annext his first letter out the campus. He was the son of spring, the first of which will be pre in basketball evaded ithe other mem Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Bryant, of Hardy- sented the last of March, and the bers of the 6quad Monday morning ville. performance and was married to Miss Mary Har second an out were resolutions The following Night's ris, of Martins Ferry, Ohio. Summer probably "Mid adopted by the Alpha Gamma Rho Dream," will be given some time in Fest kept the marriage a secret un Fraternity: May. til after the game when he refused Wereas our brother, W. A. Bryant, The students of the class in Dra to return to Lexington with the iteam met with a fatal accident as he was matic Production will present to the amd when Coach Buohheit threatened on his way to Louisville January 31 public in about six weeks, the first to drop him from ithe team he an an after treatment in the hospital of a number of matinee performances nounced that there were rtwo for tr on Febuary 1, 1923. to be immediately followed by a tea mentor to cortsult. Although the bas Therefore be it resolved, that the served by the students. This is the keteers had two more games to play Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity ot the which he was an honered member do same plan as followed last year with during the week they dropped the exception that the matinees will cares of the athletic world for the hereby express our sorrow in his loss be given every two weeks instead of time being and ententained the newly and each member feels a personal weekly. Each play will be the product weds unlit Coach Buchheit tucked the bereavement. of one group directed iby a student cagens to bed That we extend to his family in this appointed by Prof. Fleischman. The The marriage was the outcome of a hour of sorrow our deepest sympathy purpose of this method is to give the childhood romance which began when and bear record to them of his worth students practical training in produc- Freddy and Miss Harris attended th as a young man and as a student. ing and interpreting the drama. Martins Ferry School. When Fest That a copy of these resolutions who had spent his first year at college be spread upon the minutes of our K Wis sweetheart WILDCAT MATMEN LOSE at Marietta informed to Kentucky to fraternity and that each member disthat he was coming play with his fraternity pin the sym24-- 3 TO MOUNTAINEERS school, she came with him and had bol of mourning and that a copy of s training the these resolutions be forwarded to his West Virginia Grapplers Win all been taking Good nurse Samaritan Hos family. course at the But One Match Enlow ottal. Last fall before the football U. K. BAND GIVES RADIO K Star. season opened when Fest was oper INTERPRETER OF ANCIENT ated on for appendicitis, she nursed WEEK CONCERT ATLOUISVILLE University of West Virginia wrest- convalescence and it was DRAMA HERE NEXT lers deafeated University of Kentucky iargeiy due t0 her efforts that he was Miss Dorthea Spinney to Give maimen nere wionaay nigm in mx Program Presented Tuesday out of seven matches easily winning abe t0 take ipart $n tne seas Reading in Chapel; Tea schedule. Over WHAS Broadcasting Will Follow. the rapplirg meet. Mr. and Mrs. Fest returned to Station. The Kentuckians' only victory was Lexington Tuesday night and she will Miss Dorothea Spinney, well known in the neavyweignt class, wnen cniow rMna:n ,for severai weeu before re The University of Kentucky band I downed Pitzenberger, after 15 minute turning to Martins Ferry, where she interpreter of ancient drama, will be guest at the University the latter was the guest of the Louisville Cour- - wrestle. unti urai until Freddv is graduated a and Times Tuesday evenclass, Richards, of th;8 summer. Fes)t s a member of the part of next week, and wiW give one In the bantam of her readings in chapel. AU stuing where they gave a program over West Virginia, defeated Uranam ot Alpha Sigma phi fraternity and is broMjcastia invited to the performance ataticH Kentucky. the WH.A.S. college of engineering, dents are senior in the and to the tea which will follow in Many telegram! were receives1 4ur Hough, of the moutaineers team, her honor in Doctor McVey's office. the concert requesting the repetition pinned Blair, of Kentucky, in seven gu.xy CIRCLE ELECTS Her visit here is under the auspices of certain numbers and also com- m,"u?"' , , OFFICERS FOR YEAR oi the Classical, English and Art D o...L mending the band for its excellent Miuener won irom sum, 01 ivcn- Arrangesajnits have not partments. playing. nrlfv in five and half minutes in the y Circle been completed, but it is probable (that At a meeting of the The program consisted of several 135 oound class. marches, iollowtd by selections (ton afternoon the fol Electra will be the play chosen for Brown, West Virginia welterweight held Wednesday Tickets must be secur famous operas, tuck as Fsuet. Wilson downed Truitt, of Kentucky. lowing officers were elected for the presentation. ed by students without charge in the Daniels gave two solos, one a cornet cision over Stanley in eight ""nutes Sneed Yeager president's office. year. fortncoming As the perform Threads Among the solo, "Silver . Mountaineers, camcu a uc- - President; Dan Morse, vice president ance is especially for their benefit, an a;Mi, Gold," and the other a saxophone Pit,- a faii nn solo, "Sexema." Two vocal numbers enberger earned a decision over Rob- - Anne Hickman, secretary: Earl Reif admission price wiN be charged fro town people. ken, treasurer. inson, of Kentucky, with no fall. (Continued on page 4.) rs SATURDAY and Clergyman. K- STUDENT SPEAK Students to Have Privilege of Hearing Eminent Statesman K- Plans are being made for a Voca OPEN JOHN R. MOTT. HEAD OF I INTERNATIONAL Y.M.C.A. FREDDY FEST -- No. 17 1923 aJsHBH Dean of Men. Teaching is Popular Vocation Among Girls at The University. tional Guidance Day for the assist ance of all. women students, to be held on the campus March 22. Speakers will be heard on the various vo cations), and conferences held with students on the helds ot work in which they are interested. Vocational guidance questionnaries distributed to all girls were used in the selection of speakers. These show ed that by far the greatest number were constdering teaching as a vocation. Literary and newspaper work came second, and home economics third. The vocations and the number choosing them follow: Art, 60; Business, 37; Engineering, 1; Health, 23; Home Economics, 63; Laws and Government, 18; Library, 33; Literary and Mewspaper, 78; Music, 35; Physical Education1, 54; Psychology, 35; Research Labatory, 3; Romance Language, 34; Sooiarand Religious, 56; Teaching, 118; Agricul ture, 2. There will be six speakers, one on vocations in general, and one on each of the following subjects: Psychology, library. The teaching, art, music, subjects which were used in the voca tional guidance program last year had to be omitted this year in order to leave time for other important lec tures. Miss Helen .Bennett, director of the Chicago Collegiate Bureau of Occupations, and vocational guidance specialist, is asked to speak on voca Hons in general. Students who heard her as her last year remember speaker of value. There wiH probably be a vocational guidance luncheon at Patterson Hall for all speakers and University girls. with talks and discussions. There are still a few girls Who have not filled out the questionnaires. They are asked to do so at soon as possible in order to make the records com plete. Blank cards may be secured in Miss Jewell's office. K 9. DEAN C.R. MELCHER RETURNED Back J HAS FACULTY at Desk After Six Months Leave at Columbia University. Dean C. R. Melcher returned last week to resume hfis work at the University after a six 'months leave of absence. The early part of the sum mer, Dean Metcner went with ms family to Princess Point, Maine, where he remained until Ihe opening of Columbia. Here he took graduate work this past semester. During Dean Melcher's stay at Columbia he met many University of Kentucky graduates in the school. Each week they met at a luncheon and watched the activities and progress of the University. The students and faculty have missed Dean Melcher and all welcome him back. "I'm glad to be back at the University, for here we have the finest students in the world," stated Dean Melcher.