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4 > Image 4 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 9, 1923

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Page Four required amount still uncollected, the net result (being that funds now in hand arc lying idle, altho drawing inFridty throafhaut erery PvbMifad tin terest, that a memorial building can ClIfC year fcjr theefitn4cnt bmt e( Kentucky. the UniTertitf not be erected for the sum in hand, and that the University standi at this Tke KentfMky Kernel it the official paper of the student! and ahtmnl ef the late day without either the designed umvertitr 01 Kenmeur memorial building or the stadium SaktcrlatJe, One DaNar ani Fifty CaMt which it perhaps much more needs A 1 ear. fitb vim mvtpf, memorial building for the University Entered at Lexington Potto (flee aa of Kentucky was one of the very fine claia mil natter. visions of our president which seem ed possible of realization, very much Mtar4.CMaf IKINI MeNAMAKA, 'II to the surprise of all, the people have ai!7.T Paaaie 14 not responded financially to the call as both he and the supporters of the RAYMOND L. XI KK movement had a right to expect. S444 Fhonea 2117When it is recalled that out of vir ASSOCIATE EDITORS tually $100,000 collected for this pur Ruth Hactwa Ann Bell '23 St Margaret LaWa '24 Chauncr Forgey, 2i pose that $100,000 was raised by citizens alone who underwrote a bond is SPORTS EDITOR sue that was adopted for popular vote Eugene Meera, 2S but declared invalid by the Court of Ataittant Sporti Editor Robert W. Berry '25 Robt. VanPelt '26 Appeals, it can be seen how unsatis factory the response outside Lexing NEWS EDITOR ton and Louisville has been. KUiafceth Eltit '24 It is without question that the Uni Staff Photographer versity of Kentucky is vastly in need BILLY WILLIAM!, '23 of a stadium. In ten years it looses Bualneta Manager by not having space to entertain L. B. HALL. '23 basketball crowds alone, more than Advertietag Maaager would pay interest upon the entire WILLIAM BLANTON, 2S amount of money necessary to build Circulation Maaager the stadium. The University suffers WILLIAM TATE, 2S in prestige by comparison with sister universities that contest athletically REPORTERS: Dorothy Blatz, '2i Affie iHammond 23 with her and she is confronted with the Helen Kim '25 Mary Barnard '24 danger of not being able to bring outAlma Hutchens '23 Gardner Bayless '24 Orine Martin '24 George Lee Murphy '23 standing teams of her class and footRobert Lawless '25 P. McClure '25 Louise Burks '25 ball contests here because we are not Betty Barbour '2S Thos. H. Rooney '26 John Walsch '25 sufficiently prepared to seat profitably Eugene O'Hara '26 Lora Banta '25 Tom Duncan '25 D. C. Vest '24 the crowds that they have been in the habit of playing to in their own Press of Commercial Printing Company home towns. The Kernel believes that it would be difficult indeed to collect by any process to pay tor a stadium upon MEMORIAL BUILDING our ground. The memorial fund is already collected in a sufficient sum Local newspapers of the last ten to build a most imposing stadium days carried stories to the effect that where all outside athletic contests a movement was on foot to finance and activities might be housed and the proposed athletic stadium out of played profitably and properly. The Kernel believes that upon first funds collected and designated' for the construction of a building upon flush that any step looking toward the the campus designed to memoralize transferring of Memorial funds for Kentucky's soldiers who lost their this purpose should be taken with du lives in the service of their country in caution and only after donors of the World War, provided the commit- those funds have agreed that they tee that collected the Memorial funds be so used; but if such agreement would agree to this step and the could be reached we cannot conceive of a loftier memorial to Kentucky's donors thereof should not object to soldier dead than to erect upon this such use of these funds. campus a memorial in the form of a Up to the present time the Kernel stadium where physical manhood of is informed that about $100,000 in our state could be built and made to round numbers of the $300,000 neces- enjoy the full benefits of such trainsary to erect a memorial building ha? ing. been collected after virtually three Indeed we go far enough to say that years of effort, leaving $125,000 of the we believe that promoters of and don- - The Kentucky Kernel -t P. B. ROBARDS COLLEGE BOYS' TAILOR Dry Cleaning, Pressi Altering PHONE 929 216 S. LIMESTONE IF YOU ARE FIGURING ON Valentine Party LET US FIGURE WITH YOU We Are Chuck Full of Suggestions. few of the many different forms we fashion in A ice cream are: VALENTINE HEART, CUPIE ON HEAR BELL, and MAN IN MOON. Do not overlook the delicious Puddings, Ice Cream Cakes (large and small), and special Valentine Heart Center .Bricks, etc. CALL US UP. "Make the Party Original, Something Different" Phones 1060269 Dixie Ice Cream Company ROSE aad CHESAPEAKE ors to the memorial fund if properly approached wilt agree that a memorial of this nature that can be erected upon funds already on hand; the better alternative than to defer the memorial until funds sufficient to carry the original project shall have been procured, indeed if they are ever col lected. We are quite aware that there may be some opposition to this step and we are assured that it is not the Uni versity's purpose to over-rid- e the wishes of a single donor to use these funds for a purpose to which such donors are opposed. Frankly the Kernel would like to see frank and open discussion on this very vital point. K Agents for MISS HOLLADAY'S CANDY and a full Students Wants. SPEND YOUR SPAKE TIME WITH US. Just Arevnd the Cerntr frem the University. Make Entry Rstsrv alieai far W A D A niTU Tea Room ani Garten :: :: stop five KENTUCKY 3227 Dance Programmes ENGRAVED STATIONERY AND INVITATIONS Contests for the Cat Team. The Wildcat five went down in de feat at the hands of the University of Cincinnati Bearcat five Monday 4 count, night at 'Cincinnati by a Riefken was the outstanding star of the contest, getting 14 of the Blue and White totals. His work was closely followed by that of Willie Poyntz, who made four fouls out of as many attempts besides making one field goal. Baildon at guard ifor the Bearcats was the luminary for his quintet. The score at the end of the first half with the Cincinnati crew was on the heavy side. While the work of the Cats- was not of the best, this was more than offset by the work of Riefken at forward, A Cincinnati dispatch said of the Cov ington youth: "In the face of defeat Riefken was the outstanding player of the entire contest. He made seem ingly impossible shots, shooting sev eral fine goals from the most diffi cult territory. The summary: Kentucky 24 Cincinnati 33 Hibarger Riefken 14 F Poyntz 6 Hoy 4 F C Fest 4 Linneman 6 G Rice Hachen 6 Burnham G Bailbon 9 Kentucky: Spilhnan Substitutions for Poyntz; Cincinnati: Haynes for Hibarger, Jones 2 for Hoy. K University Book Store Basement Main Building 33-2- The Lexington Way" Of 12-1- 0, BARGER DIAMOND phone SQUAD Riefkcn is Outstanding Star of CY AT THE NEW DANCING EVERY EVENING- - Cad Parties and Diane ARE VICTORS BEARCATS OVER The Lexington Drug Co. CHOSEN LAUNDRYING DRESS SHIRTS AND COLLARS UNEXCELLED.' is Phone 62 Lexington Laundry Company WE CALL FOR, PRESS YOUR SUIT, AND RETURN SAME DAY. Miss Spurr's Dancing School SPECIAL RATES POR STUDENTS IN CLASSES AND PRIVATE LESSONS AS MENTOR 1923 REGULAR ! DANCES FOR UNIVERSITY STUDENTS THURSDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHTS Former Transy Star to Coach Cats This Year To Arrive Phone Pppo. Phoenix Hotel 6268-- R or 4503-- X Soon The Athletic Council of the University announced at its recent meeting that it had secured the services of Cy Barger, former Transylvania star and 'now well up in baseball circles, to act as diamend mentor for the Cats next season. Barger succeeds Coach Jim Parks, who is devoting all his time to the Lexington Club of the Blue Grass League. Barger was a member of the famous Barger and Barger battery at Transylvania years ago and gained quite a reputation at the school. M Barger is now playing in the Southwill continue to ern Association and do so until after the collegiate year is ended, either as manager or player. Coach Barger will arrive in Lexington some time in the near future to take up his work and will probably issue a call for pitchers and catchers immediately after his arrival. He will have quite a bit of work ready for him as the 1923 team will be made up almost entirely of new men. Barger is a native Kentuckian, claiming Columbia, Ky., as the place he hangs his hat. K U. K. BAND GIVES RADIO (Continued from Page One) t were given by Messrs. DeCoursey, Ctemm and Heavrin. The program concluded with "My Old Kentucky Home," a special request from the University of Kentucky Radio Club. That afternoon a short program was given at the Louisville Girls' High School where 'they (received great praise among the girls for their play ing as well as for their wonderful personalities. BROMLEY PARRISH 8c AND CLEANING 152 S. PRESSING DRY Phone Limestone St QUALITY AND SERVICE 1550-- Y t Conklin PEN Better Built for Better Writing uuva viuvciMijrMain Building.kjisa i Basement t t PENCIL Pens With Larger Ink Capacity. Pencils with long leads that will not clog in tip. FULLY GUARANTEED f yX MM Hughe School of Dancing ANNOUNCES A DANCE 9 :00 p. m. to 1 :30 a. m. (Without Intermission' PHOENIX HOTEL BALL ROOM Smith' Sextette f