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7 > Image 7 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 9, 1923

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE SOCIETY YJ.U from page 6.) (Continued KENTUCKY NOTES ly f w BARNES i HULL Page Seven speakers will be Misses Adelaide Crane, Lulic Logan, Marietta Doctor McVey, Mrs. Charles Judson Smith and Dean P. P. Boyd. Eichcl-bcrgo- Fred B. Smith, assistant to the president of the II, W. Mansvillc Company, of New York, will be at the University for three days, February 19, 20, 21, for a scries of evangelistic meetings under the auspices of the University Y. M. C. A. In addition to being a prominent business man, Mr. Smith has an international reputation in connection W. B. MARTIN BARBER religious movements. with world-wid- e SHOP Some yeans ago he led "The Men mid Religion Forward Movement" in We Cater to 1 campaign and later, in a national UNIVERSITY STUDTCNTS Shave 20c company with Raymond Robins, made Hair Cut 40c a tour of the world, speaking in the 153 S. Limestone St. larger cities. He has been on repeated missions to Indian, Australia, South Africa and other parts of the world. Mr. Smith has just recently returned from luis fourth ispeaking trip MILLER SCHOOL around the world and it is said that he has probably spoken to more men OF BUSIN than any other man in the world. On his last trip as an official repPHONE 982 resentative of the Church Federation Friendship, of Mr. International THE SCHOOL OF BETSmith made ithree hundred addresses. Among the countries Which he visited TER BUSINESS were Hawaii, Japan, China, Korea, TRAINING. ithe Malayan Peninsula, India, Egypt, Palestine, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Servia, Hungary, Australia, Zecho Germany, Swithzerland, Slovakia, France and England. Mr. Smith is vitally interested m students. He said upon one occasion "I have spent eight months in speak DRUGGISTS ing on "America and World Wa Prospects" around ithe world and ait East Main Sttett home with a tremendous feeling that PRESCRIPTIONS A SPECIALTY .the United States is pretty nearly the key to the problem of var or no war throughout the world and the stuPin Aiaortment of dents of one great United States ar NUNNALLY'S CANDIES pretty nearly the key to what Amen: ca will be." The University is fortunate to obCENTRAL BARBER SHOP tain , a man of such wide 'reputation GEORGE T. MARTIN, ,Prop and strong personality for this ser Ahavtf 20c ies of meetings and every student Hair Cut 40c Turkish, Shower and Pliin JRai and very member of the faculty PHONE 146 should hear hnm as many times as posBasement, 139 E. Manx Street sible while he is here. The meetings Lexington, Ky. will be held in the University chapel. of Kentucky, has gone to Nashville, Tcnn., to take charge of the C. and A. Norman Hatchery. Miss Dorothy Lewis is the guest at the Danville home of Mr., Robert Glorc at Danville for the week-enMisses Lillian Collins and Elizabeth Millard were guests in Danville for the Delta Kappa Epsilon dance Friday night. KERNEL John A. Keller Co. Florist O O O- - r, CAMPUS CHATTER WITH FLOWER S" y. IS REPRESENTED'ON Albright j & "Martin THE CAMPUS BY "SAY Mr. G. Kcil arrived Tuesday at the University where he will assist Dean Mclchcr in teaching German. Mr. Kcil did work and received his masters at Columbia University. For the past year he was instructor in High School of Common, N. Y. Phone 4085 undcr-gradua- MATTHEW K try-ou- ts A. MANGIONE & COMPANY SHOE HOSPITAL My Work and Prices Always Keep Me Busy ' 140 South Limestone SPECIAL r t ATTENTION TO STUDENTS Ml THE PROPER PLACE TO TAKE YOUR BEST GIRL Sunday Nite Dinner AT THE Lafayette Hote The Very Best of Food and Service, with a Popular Musical Program. Management L. B. SHOUSE. STORE J. D. Purcell MTo from page 3.) tthe peanuts; .she found another hand ful n the bottom of her vanity bag, Lexington, Ky. and now I am getting them again. "2:05 p. m. More ice Water. "2:10 p. m. She has been Hitting some heavy hooks and, as usual, used my muscles instead of her arm mus Y. W. C. A. You see she never nad any The World Fellowship Committee cles. T "The Show Place in Lexington" interesltmg program proper physical education soft, flab has worked out an by. slouchy sort. Tired me almost for ithe weekly classes held alt the dore5Z5SS25S5Z5ZS2525Z5252525252525E52 dinner. mitories, 'fraternities and the mid- as much as a "6:30 p. m. We played a sat week meeting on the campus. In nere i am stead of the usual mission study there tennis 'before dinner and all tired out and a lot of work to do will be a series of talks and discus"6:50 p. m. We were invited by a sions by interesting speakers on the FLORISTS Health, social sissy sport wth a belt on his coat to following subjects: usages, training for leisure, thrift, cit- have a soda before going home. Had 417 E. Maxwell Phone 1419-- y izenship, the University woman and a lemon phosphate and then had to her community the University wom- run for a car. Lexington, Ky. "7 p. m. Fried 'taters, cucumbers an and her University. A few of the REPAIRING PRESSING CLEANING veal cutlets, catsup, cookies and can 4fM We Cater Especially to University Trade. ned blueberries. What do you know Corner LIME and about that? PHONE 621-- Y "7:45 p. m. We are strolling down BOB PORTER. Student Representative. guy : to the corner with a knock-knee- d v in a sport shirt and white pants. 8:20 p. m. Got home and found somebody had made some ice tea. She drank two glasses. I tried to keep th tea and the colleg tee separated, but they mixed in spite of me. I go on strike. "8:30 p. m. I have sent back the college ice and the iced tea. "8:40 p. m. Returned the blaeber ries and the peanuts. "9 o. m. The devil to pay can t bair supplies natural, ocae- in La the doctor. YIV Touring Cars, Sedans and Coupes ficial oila which add Ijfe ad found at the 9:17 p. in. Doctor luatre and keep the it's a weak movies. Mother thinks 12c MILE and 20c AN HOUR Ask your barber for a iti- stomach she inherited from her fath -er. Knocked-ke- e sueiiests it's the beastly weather 'the big boob. VAT. WH Hj "9:45 p. m. Doctor says tit is from MOm Hair Stay Cmt4 a Ibilious temperament. Good night!" If such abuse of our most import Between Lafayette Hotel and Kentucky Theatre ant organ were limited to the flapper and her kin, the matter would But be comparatively unimportant. it does not require very close obsereV vation to discover that a very large . IhicerporaUd ' proportion of people apply as little consideration to their stomache as did The Quality Department Sto the poor little grl of the "Diary." Foreign and Domeatic DRY GOODS. The large number of men who break down in or before middle life Ready-to-WaGarments, Millinery, should lead us to reflect upon the cause, especially as there is a tend High Clasa Draw making. Infanta and Art Departmenta ency to overlook the true cause. 5 '" " '' COLLEGE FOLKS f MichlerBroSef Compan r Becker "Cleaners That Sati f HIGH : I hEH t t IS TO A DISPENSARY DOPE (Continued 230 S. Limestone THE PROGRESSIVE TRYOUTS ARE RESUMED FOR STROLLER CAST Were Discontinued During Week of Examinations. Tryouts for the Stroller play have begun again. Very good, material has shown up n the previous and as yet no eliminations have been made. However, in two weeks the manager hopes to have the complete cast working on individual parts. Already scenery and properties arc being gathered and the spring schedule fo presenting the play in neighboring towns is being made. Invitations for its presentation have been received from Middlesboro, Pineville and various other places where the Strollers have won much praise and support in past performances. The notice that the staging of "Erminie" in Louisville has ibeen called off will probably be of intrcst to members of the cast who intend to go out for Lady Windermer's Fan." This also gives the directors more time to devote to the production of the play. All notices for tryouts will be posted on the butletn board in White Haill and every Stroller eligible will be held responsible for them. K IT I Makes Hair j Rent A New FORD Drive It Yourself Jl H halfiapjkm IW I J5ti M1TCHEL. BAKER I Lafayette - Phoenix Garage f SMITH . R R Smith & Co ar Better Values For Less W. Main St COLLEGE FOLKS ALWAYS WELCOME 230-23- 2 K Call on Kernel Advertisers for your wants and get the best to be had for the least money. Women's Apparel Exclusively