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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 5, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best page two THE KENTUCKY KERNEL. The Kentucky Kernel PUBUftHK) OK TXWDAY AND FRIDAY Newspaper of the Student of the University of Kentucky, Lexington Official MMfMR K. I. P. A. Subscription 3.0 yMr. Sntend at Lexlniton, Postefflee as second class mall matter HER Kj, ALL O. PRYX PRANCM HOLLIDAY WILBUR Managing- IfORPRY JOHN WUXM Society Editor IONTHAN Sport D. ROOKS VtKNON It. SMITH COLEMAN Editor News Editor Butnet Editor Manager J. KIKBL Advertising Manager XMOHEVAL ALBERT RALPH Circulation Manager REPORTERS Harry Vatlle tner Dawson Virgil OaltskUl Kathryn Aufenkamp John Bertram Marr Prince Powltr Btuna MathU Bmmett Whipple Bulah RMskll Buford TJpham Kathryn Myrlek Turner Howard Malcolm Barnes Mary Oalloway Orlfflth Mary Virginia Htlley Ollbert Klngiberry William Martin Cameron Cofman Mary Alice salyers Starr Mandsl Jamas Clay KENTUCKY KERNEL PLATFORM Ualreraity EzBsUMtoa A Canvas Beaatifal Dlaaemtatlim of Ualvenlty News to Kentucky Btriet Okaenraaee ef Laws and Repeal ef New Attendance Rale Better SchelanhlB THE PLATFORM With this issue of The Kernel, the platform f the student paper reappears after an absence of several months from the editorial page. At the time It was dropped from the columns of this paper, it had become so well known and so synonymous with the editorial policy of The Kernel that the editors felt it no longer necessary to print it. At this time, however, it has ae necessary to add to the policies contained In the platform, so it reappears in this issue. Observing students and members of the faculty will note that a new plank has been added to the platform. That new plank, hewed from the virgin timber of students' rights as indicated by The Kernel slogan on the press maintaining the rights of those who are attending the university, concerns the repeal of the new attendance rule established a short time ago by zealous officials at Kentucky. Since that rule was announced, scores of students representing every one of the four classes and those taking graduate work have visited the editorial offices of The Kernel, asking that the paper assist in pointing out to officials the manifest injustice of the new ruling. Many letters for the student point of view column now are on file awaiting publication. The tide of sentiment against the new rule is rising swiftly over student obeisance to those who admittedly hold the hammer. In other columns of today's paper, that sentiment is being expressed because The Kernel is a student paper and so long as it does not feel the iron hand of suppression, it is going to continue to be a student paper. It is both wise and convenient at this time to point out that there is no conflict between the various planks of the platform, as might should be at first blush. Laws and observed, but the particular stress in The Kernel is directed against violation of the prohibition laws by members of the student body. It may be said that better scholarship and repeal of the attendance rule do not agree, but it is well to remember that education cannot be measured by any mathematical standard such at Kentucky who will not give a passing grade as the number of times a particular student attends a particular class. There are professors If a student is credited with four absences over months. Profesa period of four and one-ha- lf sors of similar mental vigor oftentimes cause one-thiof a final' grade to be determined by the number of absences. Others will not accept an excuse under any condition of servitude, preferring to prove to the world that higher education Is really an autocracy. It is with a feeling of compassion for Alma Mater that they in fact cannot be designated as few. Their reaction to the new rule of attendance has been that of Joy, because under it they And their medium that of dyeing the last inch of tape a crimson hue. So it is that The Kernel voices the opinion of students in this matter of repeal of the attendance rule. It is altogether fitting and proper that it do so, for it is a paper that has won national recognition as an exponent of the free press under the protection of which students gather in pursuit of academic life, liberty, and happiness. CAN YOU WRITE? By the Editor: Just as we were wondering what to do about this business of no student let ters for The Kernel point of view column, along comes the university senate, or whoever did it, with a new set of attendance rules for the dear students to read and, perforce, to observe. Presto changol All of our difficulties were dissipated along the line of too few letters. The only trouble is that now we have too many of them. It Just seems that nothing is going to alleviate that tired feeling we have from seven in the morning until one the next morning. Anyway, here are some of the letters we have In stock. From all apperances, university officials should do something FOR the student instead of discriminating AGAINST him or her in favor of the professor who, in the final analysis, is no more than the hired help. We see that we are going to go too far with some of these broad statements unless we get out the bottle of caution and pour its contents on the squeeking parts of the ribbonless, battered typewriter. (The stuff you are reading is printed with a linotype.) All professors are not that way. Some of them are such fine gentlemen we always feel as if we should hitch our wagon to them and really get somewhere in the world other than an editorial room that reminds "Bill" Ardery of a combination of hell, insanity, and contest. a To get back to the letters. Sometime ago we promised our constrkuaats that wc would set print their names If they desired to remain anonymous. Blame whern ,yw will, .many of YVerfl to Feature 5, 1930 ttfiHiwic3iiwiiHiiicaiiiniiitmc3itmiiiHiittmtttHiHC3iiiiiiiiiiiic3iiinitinncaiiMiMHtnc YM AC PADnC DrwnaiDeceitiber 14 them do not want to see their namo In print "Why the Chimes Rang Out," a beneath these letters. We have verified their Christmas .play, will be presented authenticity after the better Holmes style, but at the rcRular university vesncr ser no confidences will be violated. Read 'em and vices In Memorial hall on .Decem ber .14. The nlav. which will be weep I given by members of the Interest O. K. BROTHER groups, will be Rpoawred by the Y. Editor, Kentucky Kernel: I remember that you have asked students to write If they can. I cannot, w. o. A., with the assistance of the but I do have a few words to .say. wwctally con Y. M. C. Ji. .Special .Christmas cerning the new attendance rule recently adopted at music will be presented at the serthe university. The future of the university does not vices. The program is being ar iook very promising to one who has been here, three ranged by Miss Margaret Lewis, yeArs, If school officials continue doing such "fool" secretary of the university Y.'W. C. stunts as that of the new rule. It Is an Injustice to Have You Ordered Your Xmas Cards i ? We have a complete assortment of beautifully engraved and printed cards SCHOOL SUPPLIES ALL KINDS OF PRINTING the student and a contumely not to be borne when i A. there Are other schools .wlllln to 'be fair about their educntonal system. My hundred words Arc about used, SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE but put me on your list of fellows who do not believe 'MEETING WEDNESDAY Kentucky's Rlghtl" Incorporated (Signed) An Outraged Btudenl A meetlne .of the commltttcc on scholarship and attendance was WILL YOO JOIN .OUR STAFF? held Wednesday afternoon in the JlllllllllllltilllllllllllltllllllllllllltlllllllllHIItlllllllllllllClillllllllllKillllrrrHIIKJHmCli Editor, Kentucky Kernel: Why doesn't The Ken tucky Kernel do something toward expressing student Registrar's office in the Administration building, for the nurDose of opinion on the new attendance ruling If It Is as rep rcscntatlve of that opinion as It boasts so proudly? settling several complaints against LEXINGTON'S MOST BEAUTIFUL DRUG STORE various members of the student Why not give us a chance to tell our side of the body. .At thlsnneetinK a number of You story? You have printed the official decision. have done nothing for the student. For my part, I students were rglven permission to drop .one or more of their subjects. do not care to read your paper any more unless you take n stand against the .new rule. .But are you No interpretation was made con brave enough to do t? T doubt It. You might be cerning xne .new ruiuw against ab suppressed, or even expelled from school, but It would sences before or after a .holiday. be worth the .service to the school and the students. (Signed) Betty Transylvania Printing Co. Near Fayette Bank Si N. Upper Visit Our Fountain Try Our Specials COFFEE SANDWICHES CURB SERVICE DRINKS SODAS IF YO BAY SO Editor, Kentucky Kernel: It is agreed that the student ought to attend class as much as possble, but there Is always someone carrying a good thing too far. The new attedance rule has done that. "Fools rush In where angels fear to tread" you know what I mean. But lust for the sake of proving that 'the poor students hasn't a chance, let's all go to class for three weeks and then all stay away from data the The resulting "hell" would prove be fourth week. yond doubt "I Ain't Dot Nobody, Nobody Cares Tor Mel" (Signed) Another 'Student. FLO WEE S TOR DUNN DRUG CO. ALL OCCASIONS MICHLER ' LIMESTONE Florist 17Jl.JAaxwell. Th. Ash 14185 THE "K" CLUB In the organization of a club for the of better understanding in the realm of sports, letter men at the university have taken an important step forward in this Held. For AND MAXWELL Phones: Clay 200 - 459 We Deliver "V. ARTISTS' MATERIALS many years this form of activity has been .a power in campus affairs at most of .the larger colleges and universities. Especially has .this been true among members of the Big Ten con ference, where such organizations have found their principal function in interesting prep school graduates in their respective 'colleges. The "K" Club, besides its work along the 'lines of fellowship promotion among university Athletes, should prove an invaluable help to the university during high school week and .at the state high school tournament held in Lexington. Benefits derived from unorganized efforts of Kentucky's athletes at recent basket hall tournaments indicate to some extent the importance which may be attached to organised activity. The Kernel wishes to congratulate the men who have had the vision to complete the organization of the "K" club. It hopes that this group may not remain "Just a club," but that through capable leaders the organization may become a valuable aid in this too long neglected phase of university activity. Before, After, and Between Classes COMPLETE LINE OIL COLORS PAINTS PASTELS-CHARCOA- L GRIBBONS' Visit STUDIOS 150 SOUTH LTMFi Alexander's SPECIAL TO UNIVERSITY STUDENTS s Men's and Heels THE CLOSEST PLACE TO THE CAMPUS TO EAT Half-Sole- . $1.50 U. of K. 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