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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 5, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

y Available S f-- it,- Friday, December 5, 1930 COIUMHIA ft pictures THE KENTUCKY KERNEL, H 1 PAGE THREE Basketball Squad In Full Swing for 1930-3- 1 Season t. 1C HASP Bv MARVIN WACIIS Society pet 111 i GEORGE oe Lafayette headquarters for University students. organization parties at special student prices, with personal supervision. All Private dining room to accommodate fraternity banquets, sorority teams and or I DRESS ACCESSORIES MODERATELY PRICED T3 i FOR THE About 40 members attended this enjoyable affair. COME BUYl The flowers knew her through the Tea At .Maxwell riacc irosi, Their own true lover. President and Mrs. Frank L. Mc-Ventertained the faculty and stuRose crowding rose the color cross dents with the regular Wednesday cd; afternoon tea at Maxwell place The silver breath could hover from 4 until 6 o'clock. Near and far, poor lover! Mrs. C. G. Latimer and Mrs. M. They wondered at her through the M. White poured tea and were aspane, sisted in entertaining by the folAnd through December. lowing student women of the uni And then she went her way again, versity. eyes trying to remember Misses Alice Bruncr, Mary Susan Flippant, Margaret Howard, Alice Have your day December! Lang, Sarah McCampbell, Polly JOSEPHINE P. PEABODY Reese, Mary Virginia Willis, Mary F. Young, May Bryant, Helen Carr. CALENDAR Ruby Rogers, Elizabeth Stewart Muriel Weiss, "Eudena Hamby, Lois Friday, December 5 Display at the Art center from Purcell, Marlon Schuh, Catherine 8 o'clock in the morning until 5 Aufenkamp. About one hundred guests called o'clock in the afternoon. Campus Club initiation and din during the afternoon. ner at the Lafayette hotel at 7 o' WEDDING clock. Saturday, December 6 Bennett-BraebaDisplay at the Art center contin Miss Minnie Lou Bennett, Owens- ued. boro, and Mr. Kenneth Braebant, Faculty Club Book narty at 8 Louisville, were married Wednesday, o'clock. at Louis November twenty-sixt- h, Alpha Sigma Phi house dance ville. from 9 .until 12 o'clock in the eveMice npntioff. was n fifiirtonf. tn ning. Sigma Alpha Epsilon dinner the home economics department at the university, a member of Alpha dance at the chapter house in 'the Delta Theta social sorority and "Phi evening. Kappa Alpha informal dance in Upsilon Omicron, honorary home economics sorority. the evening at the Phoenix hotel Mr. Braebant graduated from the until 12 o'clock, in honor of the delegates of the province conven- university last June, and is a mem ber of Alpha Gamma Rho tion. KapDa Kappa Gamma tea dance at Patterson hall from 3 until 6 They will make their home in Louisville, where Mr. Braebant is o'clock. in business. Sunday, December 7 Vesper services at 4 o'clock in Tea Dance at Patterson Hall Memorial hall, followed by tea in W. S. G. A. entertained with the the faculty club rooms until 7 only. annual tea dance for co-eThursday afternoon from 4 until 6 Spanish Card Party Given o'clock In the recreation room of The El Ateneo Castellano, Span- Patterson hall. All women student ish club, entertained the members of the university were invited to at a card party in Boyd hall, Thurs,-da- y attend. The officers of the organization afternoon at 3 o'clock with Mr. i David Welsh chairman of the pro received the many guests who were gram. Spanish cards were furnish- Dresent during the afternoon hours. ed by Mrs. A. W. Server, sponsor, They are: president, Miss Kay Ken who explained the different games nedy; vice president, miss Katnenne Katterjohn; secretary, Miss Mae which the Spanish people play. Following the games and the Bryant; treasurer, Miss Jane Dyer. awarding of prizes, Miss Emily HarMiss Mary Lou Renaker visited din, and her committee served a delightful Spanish food course. her parents In Burlington last week. PALAIS ROYALE DANCE CASINO .1 Open for Winter Season HOLIDAY SEASON DANCING FREE ADMISSION 50c RES. TABLES 50c jM III 242 EAST MAIN PHONE ASHLAND 642 WED., THURS., FRI., SAT. NIGHTS THEY ONLY ASKED FOR LOVE" These Boys who were about to die! an h Tuxedos. gOO Patent Leather Pumps. I t ROBERT ..gOO Grey Mocha Gloves Dress Shirts Bat Wing Ties Dress Studs Silk Handkerchiefs Silk Scarfs Black Hombert Hat Suspenders ..J50 MONTGOMERY ROBERT AMES June Walker, Anita Page Zasu Pitts, Marie Prevost jjQO 00 75c 00 jjOO STARTS I Now Playing 00 .J 00 The Womans side of the World War! HIWARMURfl 2500to6500 Waistcoats at last! SUNDAY "JUST IMAGINE" El Brendel The king is dead! Long 11 ve the king! The last soft notes of taps have sounded the end of the reign of King Football, and his subjects have nlaced their royal robes of moleskin away for another year, somo forever. The stlrrlntr trump ets of tho young king, Basketball, have called under his banner nine formerly loyal subjects of the de parted king to aid those who have been drilling under htm for the past three weeks. Cant. Carey SDlcer and eight oth cr men reported to Coach Adolph Rupp Tuesday for duty, swelling his sound to about 20 men. These 20 will probably be retained on the squad for the rest of the season. Among those who reported for duty are several regulars from last year: Splcer, George Yates, .Take Bronston, and Bud Cavana. Darren Darby, Jack Phlpps, Bob Kipping, Dick Richards, and Ellis Johnson are also out, but are newcomers on the team. Darby and Johnson are sophomores and are out for varsity for their first time. Both are members of the Ashland high school national championship team of 1927. TnVinEnn'R flftshv euard work and his uncanny ability with a basketball will be remembered by any who saw him in any of the fresh man games last season. He shouia have no trouble in making a placo for hlmseli on tnis year s ne& Darby will probably not be in uni a January nrsi. until form shoulder injury which he received in In the Duke game was a collision with another player shortly after he reported for practice. Besides these players, othpr mem-he- rs of the sauad include: "Little McGinnls. forward: Sale, center; Congleton. center; Trott, forward; Jackson, forward; Lavln, forwara. ommn fnmrnrd: Bell, iorwara: Worthlngton, guard: Klelser, guard; Epps, guard; and Little, guard. The first game of the season will be played with Georgetown here, December 18. The first conference name for the Bier Blue will be with Clemson on January 3. The 'Cats will try to acquit themselves for their drubbing at the hands of Tennessee in footballb- by rofiirrHncr thfl eomnllment in VPthil whm they meet the Vols in their fifth game here January m. Coach Itupo's men win mae their first trip south on January 2" nd 24 when thev meet Vandv and Georeia Tch. Ten of the season's nteved at home while canine hii nve of them will be played on their oDDonents floors. The "Bier Blue" are exnctinsc a successful vear and are lonkimr forward to the Southern Conference Tnvitt,innal Tournament which De Tine Pphrunrv 28. at Atlanta. THe Wildcats showed their as a drawing card during heir t.rto iouth last winter when crowds of anv Miev drew the large -- onforpnee teams while on the roid. game attendance was Their home - rt, 'vce,dd onlv by the Rnnanc- Over tv,o tnnrrmmont. at Atlanta. every available snnn neonle filled ,nnf (n thp ervmnasium at the w Jte L. game, while more than 1.500 .ari nwav. The average at' regular games was bet tendance tVian 5 000. t The Big Blue is seeking a strong noDonent for the charity basketball game it will play saiuraay iubu. naxamhdr 27. The Wildcats, who will turn oyer their share of the receipts to the unemployment committee appointed -- by PERFUME Fine French Perfumes from ri Isabey Guerlain City Elizabeth D'Orsay CharArden les of the Ritz and Richard Hudnut. Len-the- $1 Per Bottle and Up FANCY TOILET SETS An attractive assortment of perfume sets, make-u- p sets, compact sets and bath sets All ready to wrap for "Her" gift. $1 up JEWELRY Here's the evening jewelry she'll sure to want. Rhinestones, crystals, pearls, and pearl and crystal combinations in bracelets, necklaces and earrings. be Youp Evepy Meeti FOOT WEA& FANCY mi Miss Josephine Crowe snent the Thanksgiving holidays with Miss Avleene Razor at her home in Flemlngsburg. Miss Myrtle McCoy visited Miss Virginia Wardrun in Middlesboro last week. ) $1 to $15 ""L-'ffi: . came V.,, wini uiwiw"ui"H RUDD re' CnarH AdolDh the cived'word yesterday that come sooners will not be able to here as they had planned. a game The University can cloe Immediately for that date with Marshall College or with an alumni earn comnosea 01 "iD'JI" tj0u!s McGinnls. Cecil Combs. Miimarri and other Kentucky strong ,nc iif. t. has several othermake a foam's in view and will not aays. dec'ion for several game mi. nhorifv hasketball football will tl't rDlace the Dost-easthe unemployment commiuee n&a in mind. The Wildcats are continuing hard for their of it.nrlr In nrpnaratlon nnnlng game with Georgetown Co'ipge bre December 18. The Wildcat schedule for the season follows: r.onraptnwn December 18. here, Oklahoma city December 27, here (tentative) Berea December 31. here. Clemson January 3. here. Tonnessee. January 10. here. Chattanooga January 16. here. Vanderbllt January 23. there. Georgia Tech January 24. there. Tonnessee January 31. there. W. Ss L. February 6. here. Georgia To-- h February 9. here. Georgia Fehruary 13. there. Clemson February 14. there. Vanderbllt February 20. here. Georgia February 21 here. n $0 I'M Is MM ! It Love? What is the power that pulls so many 6 women and misses into our shop season after season? We can find no explana- SERVICE and FOOD YOU TO EAT AT n .1111 km3H for "Hier uu. I w urn GIFT SUGGESTIONS Rose Street tion for it except the better values they always find here. Even our cordial and friendly service would not entice women to our shop if our values and styles were not outstanding. Cinderella Slipper Shoppe (Incorporated) Lexington's Originators of Geed Things to Eat at College View Ashland 4039 I 102 W. Main St. Leximrton. Kv.