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Best Copy Available fAUE FOUR THE KENTUCKY KERNEL. Are Absence Rules Graduate Students Will Hold Meeting Fair? Read This Tho program for the December meeting of Alpha Nu chapter of Phi Delta Kappa, honorary grad-ut- c students' fraternity will be held this afternoon and evening, at the Teachers Training building. Inlta-tlo- n ceremonies will be held at 3 o'clock. Those who have been invited to Join are W. H. Jones, Winchester, Watson Armstrong of the university. W. A. Campbell, Fayette county, Howard L. Weir, Berea; D. Roberts, Somerset: Dr. O. B. Dlm- mick, of the university; Dr. Henry Beaumont of the university; and Prof. Edward Newbury of the university. The program will be preceded by a brief word of greeting for the faculty advisor and by Dean W. S. Taylor of the College of YOUR PATRONAGE IS APPRECIATED AT THE GREEN LANTERN WALTON NEAR MAIN Dr. O'Brien to Give illllllllllllllltlllll!lllllllll!llllll Series of Addresses I for M g g 1 H I CHRISTMAS Elgin Watches never fail to thrill and please. The new and beauti- ful models by Elgin are here, and are very attractive : : : : jj We are authorized retailers of products manufactured by Elgin National Watch Co. 1 j j g of rings, pendants, in fact everything that is suitable for a gift, is one of the best I SKULLER'S j H OUR DISPLAY Dr. Frank J. O'Brien, director of the psychological clinic of the Louisville Society for Mental Hygiene, will be presented in a series of three addresses at the university training school Friday and Saturday by the Lexington City Council, the Parent - Teacher Association, the College of Education of the university nd the Fayette County Mental Hygiene association. The public is Invited to attend. Doctor O'Brien will lecture at 10 o'clock Friday morning, at 2 o'clock Friday afternoon and 10 o'clock, Saturday morning. In addition, he will speak Friday night In the interest of Fayette County Mental Hy giene society. This address will take place in the ball room of the Lafayette hotel, Friday night at 8:15. The public is Invited. Orchestra Directed By Louis Friedman The Gulgnol orchestra, directed by Louis Friedman and composed of David Young, Gayle Tudor, Dave Welsh, Fred Bagshaw, Robert Pal-moJames Randal, and accompanied by Miss Mary King Montgomery, will play for all productions of the organization this season. Mr. Friedman is also director of the trio "Violin Romances'1 which broadcasts over the U. of K. exten sion studio of radio station WHAS every Thursday afternoon from l to 1:15 o'clock. A request program of Spanish music was presented Thursday. "LEXINGTON'S LEADING JEWELER" ASHLAND 344 127 W. MAIN VV. A. A. TO GIVE "KID PARTY" The tion is party" hall of Friday, December 5, IMP SEMI-WEEKL- Y (Continued from Page One) have net been granted wtM be foan in ether columns of today's paper. Why Is an absence more excusable at holiday time than at ether periods of the semester?) Sec 7: A student with an unex-cusabsence on the day Immediately preceedinir or following a va cation or holiday shall have a penalty of three hours (and three quality points) added to his requirements for graduation, with the exception of the College of Law, where the penalty shall be two quality points. (Note: A second seneeter senior necessarily mart attend school an extra semester, ttreviduu he or she cannot obtain an excase for absences preceding or following a noway). Sec 8: A student mast make a SATISFACTORY explanation to the Instructor for any absence before he shall be permitted to make ap the work missed. Ab- -' sences dae to officially authorized trips, as those of athletic teams, musical, oratorical and dramatic organizations, and university clsses, shall be considered as having been satisfactorily ex plained to the instructor. (Note: This section sets up no general standard for explanations, but leaves the matter to the discretion of the professor as to the work missed). Sec 9: The Instructor shall report to tne registrar at the end of the semester the number of (excused and unexcused) absences for each student. The registrar shall call ror special reports of absences on days before and after a holldy. All absences are to be reported on the student's credit card and shall be considered a part of his permanent record. (Note: It seems unfair to place on the card the absences without any of the reasons for said absences). Sec 10: Juniors and seniors whose standing on the work of the previous semester ur 2.4 (credit points), shall be extended the same privileges relative to absences as graduate students. Students who wish to obtain this privilege must apply to the registrar. (Note: This sec tion of the new ruling Is being held in abeyance until the second semester of the current school year, while the other provisions went into effect at the time of passage.) Graduate Students Section 1: No report of absences shall be required but each Instructor may record and report absences of graduate student as he sees fit. Woman's Athletic Associa sponsoring its annual "kid tonight in the recreation Patterson hall from 8 until 11 o'clock. All women In the university are Invited to attend. The admission is fifteen cents or twenty-five cents for two. Music will be funlshed by the Kentucklans. vuwuwwuwwwwwwwu made serious matters by them, either. In the few case in which unponam quizzes must oe scheduled ntl thnvt itavi (Via mAi) .(nJ.t will be sensible enough not to cut; wia we poor siuaeni wont study at- Rtlrh a lima avn wivrugit u -- v. """i lie must attend the classes. YOUR flow MEYERS BROS. I 1 WHnpirr 1 COSTELLO "ONTHESPOT?" MAIN AND MILL STREETS Celebrating 10 Years of Progress Costello "bumped off and Under-worl- d tM,M salssiBg! mystery of gangsters and their HmoHn OUR 10th ANNIVERSARY BUT OUR FIRST ANNIVERSARY SALE IS UNDER WAY "THE COSTELLO CASE" Sensational Values WITH TOM MOORE LOLA LANE Sensational Values IN Week Days IN EVE 25c SUN., MON. ONLY! JMBBJAujMBB TUES WED. Betty Ceapsen Jack OaUe Sensational Values IN MILITARY EQUIPMENT MAT. 15o SPORTS APPAREL Sensational Values Sun. 25c All Day IN RIDING APPAREL FEATURETTES BARGAIN PRICES! ADDED CLOTHES The "Street Girl" WORK WITH LEXINGTON Beginning Today! 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A senior objected because, as she says, there are times when the fun is worth the penalty It entails; but If one is a What 's ter senior and breaks the rale, sfte Suffice it to say that the conhas no opportunity to redeem' one- census of opinion is in favor of repeal of the measure; that Its self before commeacewent. effectiveness Is admitted; but thai Another young lady thinks the the student body of a university a holiday should be lighter than at that Is developing asd iwnlernlalag itself in every other way should net "j- uurci iimc rui, mo b tVin ine be corraled and bound In Irons like ruie, faeillt.V bm ImViitnH arith kll. medieval serfs. day spirit too, and classes are not $7.95 $9.95 $12.95 MEN'S LOUNGING ROBES OF HEAVY BATH ROBE MATERIAL Shawl Cellar, Girdle, and Braid-Trimne- d $2.95 MEN'S LOUNGING ROBES OF HEAVY ROBE CLOTH ;! STARTS SUNDAY 'j !; wwwwwwvwwwv S; Now Playing $3.98 ;! ;! 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