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12 > Image 12 of Basketball, 1996

Part of University of Kentucky Basketball Media Guides (Men)

1995 96 Outlook ou don't redshirt someone u/lio can't help w team," ?iiw mi "AI has the cknce to sit out a season, work on (lis game, wlc on (lis grades, and improve fit's chances ojtamni a starting position and a shot at the NBA h the time he graduates." Walker will share front-line duty | with another great prospect, iv/nimauraipfCT. The 6-10 sen ior from Evansville, Ind., returns as one of the most skilled players in college basketball. McCarty can handle the ball on the break, shoot the three and dominate the glass. And his gazelle-like features allow him to be a major threat on the press. "He could be a potential lottery pick," Pitino said. "He does it all from the inside." In the paint, the Cats' fortunes could rest on the broad shoulders of senior l.'.f'TJTXHI who begins his second season in the lineup after transferring from Washington. The 6-10 Pope stepped in last year as a backup and a part-time starter and led the team in rebounding, averaging 6. ? boards per game. Rut the classic in-the-paint banger has a passion tor banging a little too often, g a "very foul" reputation. "Right now, after watching the team in Italy, we will probably start McCarty at center unless things change," Pitino said. "Pope is extremely foul prone. He got in foul trouble in every Italian Coach Rick Pitino game except the one where we did not start him. He was even in foul trouble all last season." The line-up adjustment may also pay dividends by moving Walker to power forward. "When we play Antoine Walker at sma forward, he doesn't rebound," Pitino saic "So we may have Walter McCarty, Antoine Walker and possibly Ron Mercer in the starting lineup." But don't forget mymliiJIMi-U The 6-9 power forward is a tireless worker in the paint, and last year, he averaged 4.8 rebounds per game, proving to be a consistent reserve and an efficient starter, getting the opening nod in five games for the Cats. But the big redhead from Fairmont, WVa., underwent knee surgery in June, when he had a bone growth removed that was a result of two collisions last season. Pitino had hoped to redshirt Prickett for his senior year, but with the loss of 6-7 forward Scott Padgett, who was dismissed from the team for academic reasons, Pitino may not have that luxury. s-jis&m*. I Iowever, the could change on the Prickett deci-Iw sion if freshman