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Part of University of Kentucky Basketball Media Guides (Men)

Covering the Cats Covering Kentucl The 1995-96 edition of the Univetsity of Kentucky basketball media guide has been produced to assist you with your coverage of the Wildcats. Additional information, including pressreleases, photographs/slides, clips and film footage is available upon request. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with Kentucky's media policies, as stated on the following pages. CUE I) I N MAI S (Credentials for UK home games are issued for working media only and should be requested as early as possible. Requests must be made in writing on company letterhead and are honored only from sports editors of daily newspapers and sports directors oi radio and television stations. The University of Kentucky follows the guidelines set forth by the NCAA and the Southeastern Conference in governing the issuance of credentials. Season credentials will be granted only to daily newspapers and television/radio stations that cover UK basketball on a regular basis. Otherwise, television/radio stations and weekly newspapers will be granted credentials on a single-game, space-available basis. Requests for season credentials should arrive by November 1. Requests lor single-game credentials should arrive no later than one week in advance of the game. All requests for credentials should he made to: III VA VICIIMI Assistant AO/Media Relations University of Kentucky Athletics Memorial Coliseum, Lexington, KY 40506-0019 Media Services Ml IIIA PARKING Available al Rupp Arena on a limited basis. The city of Lexington assesses a small charge tor parking privileges. Requests should be made when submitting press and/or photo credential requests. The media parking area can be accessed from Main Street. Lot opens three hours helore tipoff. ivil MIA IIIIMM The media room is located beneath section 28 and can be accessed through the floor exit beneath section 26. Working facilities, with necessary outlets and a limited number of telephones, are available. Ml MIA SI MVICES The University of Kentucky uses the "Final III" computerized statistics system, which has been used during the last 10 NCAA Final Fonts. Working media will receive the following: H tame program and notes *Complete play-by-play *Halftime statistics *Shot charts *Coach and player quotes 'Final statistics MEDIA WIEE CALL Located through the security door of Rupp Arena which is adjacent to Door 5 of the receiving area. The media parking lot can be accessed from Main Street. Credentials are not available at the public Will Call window on the High Street concourse level. PHOTOGRAPHERS The photo zones are appropriately marked on the Rupp Arena floor. Some photo spots have been assigned. Because of space demands, limited shooting is allowed on the press row sideline. RARIO/TV RIGHTS Broadcasting rights to UK games are assigned exclusively to Sports Communications, Inc., of Lexington. One reciprocal rights fee waiver is guaranteed opponent schools visiting Lexington. SEC SERVICES Coach Pitino, along with the other 11 conference coaches, will participate in the Southeastern Conference's teleconference call. The calls are conducted on Mondays and Thursdays during the conference portion of the schedule. For a conference call schedule and phone number, contact the SEC Media Relations office at (205) 458-3000. The SEC also operates a 24-hour computer bulletin board with updated statistics and notes on all 12 teams. For further information on these services, contact the SEC Media Relations office. FAX-ON-DEMAND University of Kentucky releases and statistics are available to members of the media via Fax-on-Demand. This automated service, which instantly sends information to your fax machine, is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For instructions, please contact the UK Media Relations office at (606) 257-3838. This service is available to media members only. TELEPDONES A limited number of telephones is available in the Rupp Arena media room. Newspapers and radio stations desiring their own private lines, to be installed either on press row or in the media room, should contact GTE at (606) 223-9422. INTERVIEW POLICIES GENERAL All interviews with University of Kentucky basketball players or coaches must be arranged through the Media Relations office. The Wildcat Lodge living quarters is a private team area. Absolutely no media members are permitted in this area at any time. COVERING PRACTICE In general, UK basketball practices are closed. Some exceptions are made one day prior to games. Player interviews may be conducted 30 minutes prior to practices the day before games. Coach Pitino meets with members of the media 15 minutes prior to those practices. POSTGAME INTERVIEWS Following each game, there will be a 25-minute cooling-off period, during which time the players will shower and dress. Approximately 10 minutes after the game ends, Coach Pitino will conduct his postgame press conference. A player will also be taken to the UK Radio Network. Following Coach Pitino's press conference and the cooling-off period, the UK lockerroom will be open to all members of the media for 15 minutes.