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39 > Page 39 of Address delivered at the centennial celebration of the settlement of Breckinridge County : on the site of Hardin's old fort, near Hardinsburg, November 2d, 1882 / by Wm. C.P. Breckinridge.

BR ECKINRTI)GE COUNTY. and in the days to come, some English-speaking orator will, on that very spot, recount the sad and melting story. I venture to add, that the children of these pioneers have been worthy of their sires. Buena Vista and Mexico, the sad but glorious fields of the late unhappy war, bore im- perishable testimony that those who fell at Kings Mountain and conquered at Yorktown, who wrestled with Indian foe and died at Blue Licks, were no braver men or stouter sol- diers than their grandsons who fell with their feet to the foe and their faces to heaven. And as the foundation and development of the States of the West and the Southwest and of the Pacific slope are told, familiar Kentucky names fall, on our pleased ears; and the sons, like the fathers, are builders of States. My coun- trymen, this is the peculiar destiny of our race. As I recall all Kentucky has done for mankind and liberty, and realize all she is to-day, my heart thrills with thanksgiving that my lot was cast with her. But it is not because my horizon is limited by her eastern hills or western river; nay, but because I take in the wide sweep of my contemplation the leadership that our race has in the world's progress, and for my country we claim the head of that column. As I look once more at the universal map, and see what part Great Britain and America bear in all that adds to the good of man and gives glory to God; as I try to imagine what added power will be given by another hundred years to this English-speaking race, I rejoice that our State and our kinsmen have done their full share in all of the past, and are doing it in the present. A pure, yet free religion, lib- erty regulated by law, order protected by the love of the free, chaste homes where open Bibles and virtuous women shed the blended radiance of heaven and earth on the children of those who have conquered every foe who op- posed the onward march of these lofty and pervasive ideas- these conservative and peaceful influences, these irresistible agencies for good-give assurance that the future of this race will be fruitful in blessing. 39