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[4] > Image [4] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1993-04-may4.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-4 - assistance. Mr. Williams said that he started in that role on April 19, 1993 and that he has hired a full-time project director who will be based in the Capitol Annex at Frankfort. He said that he and his staff, particularly the Director of Communications, will be committing a significant amount of time to the project. He mentioned that this is another way the University can contribute to the success of KERA in a very significant way. He informed the Board that the General Assembly had declared House Bill 1 an emergency act and that it is their intent to show some progress in the actual implementation of technology within the school districts before the next session gets underway. President Wethington thanked Mr. Williams for his report. He reiterated that this was a request made of the University to provide some expertise and to assist in a major statewide initiative called for in KERA. He said that he felt it was in the best interest of the University and the Commonwealth for the University to assist in this effort. He noted that the University would be reimbursed for Mr. DeBin's services. G. Candidates for Degrees - Community College System (PR 4A) President Wethington recommended that the degrees specified in PR 4A be awarded to the persons named, upon certification that the requirements for those degrees have been satisfactorily completed. Professor Sistarenik moved approval. His motion, seconded by Mr. Rose, carried. (See PR 4A at the end of the Minutes.) H. Naming of University Building (PR 4B) President Wethington said that PR 4B recommends that the Board approve the name The Jean W. Calvert Student Center for the new student center building at Maysville Community College. He asked Chancellor Carr for comments. Chancellor Carr expressed pleasure in recommending approval of PR 4B. He informed the Board that Mrs. Calvert has been Chairperson of the Maysville Community College Advisory Board since its inception in 1966. She has provided unequaled leadership and dedication to the Advisory Board. She has also provided stability during the change of presidents, deans and faculty throughout the years and has seen the college grow and develop to its current state. He briefly reviewed some of her accomplishments and leadership positions in various organizations and said that she is a nationally known resource for genealogical information. He reported that the Maysville Community College faculty, staff, students and Advisory Board are unanimous in their support of this request and that he concurred with President Wethington in recommending that the new student center building be named The Jean W. Calvert Student Center at the official opening on Friday, May 7, 1993. President Wethington said that it gives him a great deal of pleasure to make the recommendation to the Board and to second the comments made about Mrs. Calvert by Chancellor Carr. He said that there is not anyone more deserving of the honor for the naming of a facility in the Community College System and recommended approval. Mr. Hardymon commented on the invaluable assistance that Mrs. Calvert gave him while a member of the Maysville Community College Advisory Board. He said that she is a great woman and is great for the community. He expressed pleasure in making a motion that PR 4B be approved. His motion was seconded by Dr. Meriwether and passed unanimously. (See PR 4B at the end of the Minutes.)