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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

- 8 - fixed costs. He said that the University's history of increases has been better than the CPI index and moved that the room and board rates be adjusted as recommended in FCR 8. Mr. Hardymon's motion was seconded by Mr. Chellgren and carried. (See FCR 8 at the end of the Minutes.) V. Adoption of 1993-94 Mandatory Registration Fee Schedule (FCR 9) Mr. Hardymon reported that there were no changes in the fee schedule; however, it is required that the Board adopt the 1993-94 mandatory registration fee schedule. He then moved that the fee schedule be approved. His motion, seconded by Mr. Sturgill, passed. (See FCR 9 at the end of the Minutes.) President Wethington pointed out that FCR 9 changes the requirement that the Board adopt the mandatory registration fee schedule every year. He explained that the fee schedule will not be brought back to the Board in the future unless there is a change in the rates. W. Revision of the Policy Statement on Tuition and Fee Refunds to Students upon Withdrawal from the University (FCR 10) Mr. Hardymon reported that FCR 10 is a revision of the policy statement for tuition and fee refunds. He reviewed the two proposed changes and moved that FCR 10 be approved. His motion was seconded by Mr. Jackson and carried. (See FCR 10 at the end of the Minutes.) X. Receipt of $100,000.00 from Helen Hertz Hexter Trust (FCR 11) Mr. Hardymon said that FCR 11 is a recommendation that the Vice President for Administration be authorized to accept, on behalf of the University, a gift of $100,000 from the Helen Hertz Hexter Trust and to execute a receipt and release for same. He explained that the gift is to be used and applied for investigation and research in the field of equine diseases. He made a motion for approval. The motion, seconded by Mr. Shoop, passed. (See FCR 11 at the end of the Minutes.) Y. Acceptance of Gift from Galen Health Care, Inc. (FCR 12) Mr. Hardymon reported that FCR 12 recommends that the Board accept the gift of $200,000 as the first payment of a $1 million commitment from the Galen Health Care, Inc. to the Commonwealth Library Campaign. He mentioned that Humana is now two firms and Galen Health Care, Inc. is one of the firms. He made a motion to approve FCR 12. His motion was seconded by Mr. Rose and carried. (See FCR 12 at the end of the Minutes.) Z. Acceptance of Gift from Appalachian Regional Healthcare (FCR 13) Mr. Hardymon recommended and moved that the Board accept a gift of $170,000 from Appalachian Regional Healthcare to support the expansion of the nursing program at Hazard Community College for the 1993-94 academic year. He said that this gift has made quite an impact on the nursing program, taking the enrollment from 48 students to 96 students. He noted that the initial gift in 1992 was also for $170,000. Mrs. Sims seconded his motion, and it passed unanimously. (See FCR 13 at the end of the Minutes.)