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[4] > Image [4] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1973-08-sep18.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

4 President's Report to the Trustees, recommended its acceptance. Mr. Clay received the report and ordered it filed. J. Recommendations of the President (PR 2) President Singletary noted that the members of the Board had received copies of PR 2, Recommendations of the President, in advance of the meeting and, thus, were familiar with its contents. He added that the recommendations for appointments and/or other staff changes were more or less routine with the exception of the recommendation of Dr. J. T. Bryans as Chairman of the Department of Veterinary Science in the College of Agriculture. Adding that he did not ordinarily comment on individual appointments, Dr. Singletary said that because of the amount of public discussion surrounding the appointment of the chairman of the Department of Veterinary Science, he felt that he should do so in this particular instance. After explaining in some detail the search procedures employed by the University in screening candidates for a chairmanship he enumerated the following factors which influenced the recommendation of Dr. Bryans for the position: 1. The decision was made to remain inside of the department in the selection of a new chairman because the former chairman was remaining as an active member of the department and there was no new position or new money available to bring in someone from outside. 2. Dean Barnhart, although well aware of the differences of opinion about Dr. Bryans which centered primarily around the fact that he was not a veterinarian and that perhaps he weas too highly specialized, reached the decision to recommend Dr. Bryans because he felt he was an intelligent, highly motivated, and agressive individual who had a deep loyalty to the University of Kentucky, the College of Agriculture, and the Department of Veterinary Science. In addition, Dr. Bryans is recognized nationally and internationally as a distinguished virologist, he is widely published with over 50 publications to his credit, and has made significant contributions to the solution of several very serious animal diseases. In concluding his remarks, President Singletary mentioned a letter dated August 22 from an official of the Grayson Foundation to Dean Barnhart which strongly suggested that support funds might be reduced should Dr. Bryans not be named Chairmanr of the Department. He reported that this letter was not received by Dean Barnhart until after the decision had already been reached on August 6 to recommend the appointment of Dr. Bryans. Thus, the letter did not influence the University's decision in any way. It was unfortunate that such a letter wvas ever written because it helped to create a false issue but, inasmuch as it was written and