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39 > Image 39 of Annual report. 1917

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

. 5; j i , 24 Tlmfiefli. Ann~uaZ Report of the A of the animals confined. Also the manure recovered from the . steers conined was nearly twice that recovered from the lot . M A of steers having the run of the pasture. The third consecutive T l , ,.` test in this experiment is being conducted this winter, after T " A - which the results of the three experiments will be published. $ Y W An experiment was conducted from the fall of 1915 to the , _ at spring of 1917 in the growing and fattening of stockers. It .. A ' _ was found that the addition of corn silage to the ration during E ` _' the winter months so lessened the cost of gains over a similar L f` i lot of steers which received no silage in the ration as to pro- duce over five times the profit for the lot receiving silage as . ` , compared with the other lot. i ` _ A circular on "Kentucl`,., . fed at the rate per day of two per cent. of the weight of the A _ hog has given better results than to allow the animal all the , ., c-nin it wants, from a self feeder. The apparent reason is that l . a._ I when the hog is allowed to eat corn at will, it eats a small , .;. i i__ amount of soy beans per day, thus allowing time for the beans _ 5 ., to ripen and shatter before being eaten by the hog. _, .,_ In a feeding test it was found that velvet bean. meal was much inferior to either digcster tankage or soy beans as a sup- . T plement to corn in the fattening of hogs in the dry lot. The , velvet bean meal consists of grain and pod ground together, _ which is the form found on the market. ysj f.;:. fh