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646 > Image 646 of Annual report. 1917

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

Household Pests and Their Treatment. 83 ` s Q rooms infested with roaches. This involves some expense land V V _ trouble. but may in exceptional cases be the only recourse. A case of this sort occurred recently at Lexington. A new brick i _ Q house occupied by a family of careful people became so com- " i { pletely infested that in desperation they appliedto us for as- V _ A sistance. The house measured about 40 by 40, feet and was two _1 , stories high. It was fumigated with the following: ` ` . Sodium cyanide, 20 lbs. av. 0 Commercial sulfuric acid, 3.75 gals. ` . \Vater, 7.50 gals. i ` , This is at_the rate of 1 ounce, av., of sodium cyanide, l.5 ounces sulfuric acid, and 3 fluid ounces of water to each 100 l_ .3 cubic feet enclosed. lt is more than is sometimes recommended, o * but it is well to do thoro work and take no chances of fail- i ure. since this involves a complete loss of time, and money ex- ~ . l pended. The extra precaution is necessary because of the Q difdculty of preventing leakage of the gas owing to badly fitted A_ g I doors. windows. etc; ,In a small room, well caulked, the fol- i = lowing dose, sometimes _recommended, will probably be found _ T sufficient. For each 130 cubic feet enclosed: 0 ` Sodium cyanide, 1 oz. . Sulfuric acid, 2 fluid oz. Y. jg _\Vater. 2 Huid oz .`-' V . ; .y _ Small cupboards that can be tightly closed to prevent all escape of fumes may be fumigated with bisulfid of carbon in- 0 stead of cyanide of sodium. This substance is sold as a fluid, ~ _. _'- commonly in pound bottles, and it is only necessary to-pour - the fluid in a dish or pan set on a chair or table and close the Q, door. The fumes are poisonous, and also very inflammable, y i_", I so that some care must be exercised to prevent their escape .c Lg;} into rooms other than those being fumigated. and also to keep fire in any form away from them. The odor of bisulfid of car- bon is disagreeable. but soon disappears when fumigated quar- . ters are thoroly aired after the fumigation is completed. _ About l pound of hisulfid of carbon is used foreach 500 cubic feet of space enclosed and the strong fumes should be kept 0011- . fined. for 48 hours. S _ . ;; .;. _ Q ... ?*j$?;?e~;"*1"*"?'77 y+;rr *f:*~=__;i * i , ~ s,s.~-=___;E; ~,.e..z:;,;.-V _ _ _ ;_ ., . gi