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66 > Image 66 of Annual report. 1917

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

Ifezztueky Ag/7Z.Cl(ffII7`((t E.rp0ri1ne11t qf((f?.0H. 49 I officials at \V2lSlllll{J_`tOll. be inatle tl1e basis for more thorogoing studies untler tl1e Atlanis law. Of tl1is character are so111e tests of tl1e effect of forinalin and turpentine 011 seeds for planting; on tl1e treatmeiit; of tl1e tobacco worm witl1 arsenate of lead. iu t tlitferent COll(lltl()11S. etc. Our regular work witl1 nodule bacteria has been eontinuetl _ under this law with a view to learning 111fl1'C about tl1e relations of tl1e baete1ia \\'ltll tl1e plants 11pon which [l]Q}' produce notl- ules. and also about tl1eir relations to eacl1 other. Much of i ~ our 2ltl(}llll()ll has, of late. bee11 devoted to a study of the 111o1- phology of the (\1`{l'&llll$l`1l. Tl1e preparation of cult11res of these p bacteria for (llSll'll)lltl()ll to fariners was O1'lfIlll?lll_\' llll(l(l'THl(Oll " as a ineans of lOilll1ll]g sonietliing of tl1e etltect of cultures o11 I l(Q`lllll(S grown i11 tll( tlifferent soils of Kentuelay. The tleinantl 1 for cultures l1as become so great; that it is taxing o11r facilities, . A p and (listribution shouhl be limitetl. in tl1e future. since it. is t assuniing a strictly utilitarian aspect. l`llUS( applying havingx solely i11 view the object of improving tl1e fertilit_v of their , soils. ln otl1er wortls. it l1as grown beyontl tl1e experiniental stage. as far as tl1is l)epart1ne11t is eonceriietl. lluring 1917 tl1e tleniantl for soy beau and eowpea cultures was exceptional. as a result of the ])l01)ElQ`2llltl2l for increasetl footl pr0lllllll1(l_t \\'ltll special l`tl.(`l`(`ll('(' tt) l`(l2lll()ll tt) ]>lillltS Ulf llltt Qltxlills Nt/tl-ft't{/fi. (tt. whieh we have il llllllll><*l' in l{(llllltl(_\'. some of which our stu