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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 29, 1924

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Pftft Tknt THE KENTUCKY KERNEL erts, William Mintex, John C. Riley, John E. Withrow, Robert Williams. Society Mystic Thirteen Party The Mystic Thirteen of the University of Kentucky, entertained Friday night, with a Washington's' birthday party. The party went to the As You Like It Tea Room for dinner, which was followed by a theatre party to the Society Calendar Saturday, March Pi Kappa Alpha's formal dance, Phoenix Ho- Ben Ali. tel. The members of the active chapter Alpha Tau Omega fraternity'! arc: Tom Ballentine Karl Rohs, Bill Founders' Day banquet, Palm Room Embry, Sam Caldwell, Ralf Boren, of Phoenix Hotel. Layman Mays, Jimtnie Reed, Marian Gorman, William Tate, Turner Gregg, Takes Prominent Role Wayne Faust, Jimmie Darnell. The guests were: Misses Mary Mr. William I. Moore, of Clay, Ky., a student at Purdue University, was Snell Ruby, Pearl McCormick, RoberReginia one of the leading characters in a ta Zipper, of Louisville, play, "The Tailor-Mad- e Man," which Bryant, Esther Gilbert, Lucille Colewas given at Purdue recently by the man, Marie Pheiffcr, Mary Helburn Little Theatre Players of the Univer- and Maria McElroy. sity. The Little Theatre is one of Omega Rho Initiation two major dramatic organizations at The members of Omega Rho local Purdue, and specializes on small plays, giving one larger production each year. sorority, held their regular initiation Mir. Moore is a good amateur actor, meeting Friday evening, February 22, and played the part of Dr. Sonntag at the home of Miss Mary Greaves, or in the production. He took part in High street. The following pledges dramatic productions at the Univer- were initiated: Misses Mabel Frances Brown and Myrtle sity of Kentucky, where he was a student before going to Purdue. He is Stephens. a senior pharmacy student at PurAlpha Sigma Phi Dance due and a memiber of the Pi Kappa The pledges of Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha fraternity. fraternity entertained with a dance at Mr. Moore is well known in Lexthe chapter house Saturday evening, is a brother of Mr. ington and February 23, in honor of the active Moore, a present senior at the chapter. Representatives from tkte University of Kentuoky. other fraternities on the campus were also guests at the affair which lasted Sigma Nu Bowling Party from 8 to 12. The Kentucky Night Riders OrThe memibers of Sigma Nu fraternity entertained Friday with a de- chestra furnished the music. The lightful luncheon and bowling party house was decorated in the fraternity at the Phoenix hotel in celebration of colors, Cardinal and Stone, and with replicas of the fraternity pledge pin Washington's birthday anniversary. Hosts were memibers of the active and pin. The chaperones were Miss Marguerchapter and pledges: Messrs. Whitney Kemper, Howard Asher, Madesin ite McLaughlin, Mrs. O. O. Carpenter, Cawein, Robin Dinwiddle, William Mrs. C. E. Gibson and Mr.and Mrs. Ferguson, Stokes W. C. Brown. Ellison, Robert The guests included: Hamilton, John Heber, Ted Johnson, Misses Sparta Furlong, Elizabeth Albert, Ted Creech, Robert Creech, Arthur Lewis, Beverly Mann, Wheeler, Deedy Price, Elizabeth Margaret Jane Hayden, Jamie Molloy, Jack Moran, Reed Morris, Miller, Troy Perkins, Ray Rice, John Dungan, Louise McCormick, Virginia Tracy, Turner Baker, Taggert, Marshall Paul, Katherine Leonadr Gregg, James Adkinson and' Leroy Fuller, Lillian Rasch, Ann Williams, Essie Reams, Grace Davis, Martha Litsey. The pledges: Messrs. Sam Boden, Pate, Annelle Kelley, Estell'a Kelsal, Harry Clay, Chauncey Forgey, Clif- Madalyne Arthur, Edna Lewis Wells, ford Fuller, Bernard Gorman, Dan Marie Beckner, Sue Lockett Mitchell, Haury, Nat Hall, Glen Justice, John Larlane Bronaugh, Hazel Sullivan, Keyes, Alec Lewis, Wesleyan Galvin, Marianna Reynolds, Katheryn Esther Gilbert, Frances Maltby, Linwood Mansfield, Vernon Rice, John MdCormick, Odell Willis1, Floyd Pearl McCormick, La Vergne Lester. "Messrs. Sneed Yager, John E. McCauley and Fountain Raymer. Billy Upham, ardner Bayless, The guests were: Misses Frances Berry, Bowen Kenny, Margaret Davin, Beatrice Joe Roberts, Frank Hillerich, Turner Gant, Elizabeth Moorman, Norma Nelson, Ward Ruth Gregg, Al Kirwan, Buster Carpenter, Carter, Rachelle Shacklette, Fuller, Polly John Shaw, Jimmy Willis, C. B. McKennedy, Katherine Doolin, Katherine Miller, Charlene Carthy, Bill Douglas, Carroll DunDavies, Mildred1 Beam, Mary Snell gan, Jimmy McFarland, Arthur Prew-it- t, Leroy Miles, Edward Fitch, MarRuby, Kathleen Lowry, Elizabeth Morris, Grace Davis, Kathleen Ed- shall Barnes, Ray Sauer, George wards, Frances Ripy, Elizabeth Wil- Buchheit, F. Wieman. The active chapter: K. R. Smith, liams, Pansy Gregg, Frances1 Halbert, A. F. Bentley, Wayne Foust, P. W. Ragen-steiElizabeth Esther Gilbert, Nina Howard, Helen James, Rusch, U. J. Miller, Charley Wheeler, Joan Robinson, Mary 'Cole, Helen Kenney King, E. M. Heavrin, C E. Gibson, Ted Douglas, C. B. Sauer, Al King, Margaret Price and Pearl Dedie Price and Marguerite Wieman, Cecil Charles, J. B. Loftus, C. G. Martin, J. C. Warrent, Luke McLaughlin. Miller, Oscar Bishop, Lysl'e Croft. The hosts were: Archie Carpenter, Triangle Pledges Lewis Clarke, Karl Daubert, Sidney The Kentucky chapter of Triangle Wallace, Wendell Hooe, Reynold wishes to announce the following Ackerman, Russell Teague, "Amost pledges: A. W. Griffith, J. J. Wright, J. C. Wallace, Fred Goose-maof Kentucky; R. W. Hogan, Donald Loftus, David Bishop, of Bowling Green, Ky.; S. R. Hamby, Jeff Edmonds, Robert Sauer, Jimmy of Hickman, Ky. Depp. 1 Har-lacke- r, Wy-clif- fe For Bnsineis For Pleasure Rett a New Car Driye it YomrscK Drive It Yourself Co. Adjoiaiag Phoenix Hotel Collision Insurance Free Road Service Fords and Standard Gear Shift Cars Such as Reference etc. No Red Tape of him: "If Robert had a nickname Although he it would be 'Silence.'" is on the active membership list, the Alumni office seldom hears from him. The annual also said he was a Tau Beta Pi man, president of the Edison-Joul- e Society, president of the Student American Association of Mechanical Engineers. He was one of the first students to leave school in 1917 to enter the service of his country. Ever since graduating he has been in the employ of the Carrier Engineering Corporation, 750 Ave, Newark, N. J. , '21 Jane Stanberry Bell is teaching home economics at Morton Junior High School, Lexington, Ky. Mailing address 330 Ayfcstford Place. '22 broad'-aninded- V . The ivy won't save any of us ivy of tradition is a slender A man or a team or a college that clings to it, harking back to the glories of yesterday, is likely to be outstripped by some young but sturdy rival. That is a sermon we have taken home THE Mc-Gur- k, to ourselves. The Western Electric Company is proud fifty-foyears of history. But it is a great deal more concerned with the next fifty-foand that is why we have been talking to the college men of America month after month now for four years. The future of this business depends not so much on the physical equipment we have built up as on the mental equipment which men of your generation are building on your habits of study and conduct, on your right choice of a profession and your proficiency in it. So we have made suggestions for your guidance, with the conviction that they can help you and us. of its n, R. O. T. jC. Dance of the if The University entertained with a beautiful dance Thursday evening at the Phoenix hotel. Attractive card cases in the University colors were the souvenirs for the girls. A seven-piec- e orchestra furnished music and fruit punch was served during the evening. Scabbard and Blade, honorary military fraternity, held pledging services at 12 o'clock for thirteen men, and immediately afterward a buffet lunch was served in the palm room. Those pledged were: President F. L. McVey, Carl Rohs, honor man; Bob Creech, Jimmy Davidson, ColeFrench, man Hunter, Cecil John Chenault, Charles Blocker, Joe Rob BETWIXT Ut (Continued from page 2.) fuhlitktd in tk inttrtst $f Eltc- trifl DtveUpment fy n Institution tUt will wtut' h htlptd lj tk ktlpt rrr Industry. 19 "I am for the University, irrespec- tive of personalities making up the institution. It is the principle I am for strong and not necessarily individuals. You will find me in the Department of Education, ready to help the cause of the University at all times." O. Ivaa Barnes, Director of Vocational Education, Frankfort, Ky. ur ur n, R. O. T. C. regiment the summer session, 1923. Mrs. Engle, who was Miss Kathryn Johnson, will finish her college work and receive .her degree in the summer session of 1924. The mailing address is 309 Seventh street. K "Enclosed find check for payment on pledge to the Greater Kentucky 'Tother day Betty Regenstein, Jim campaign fund. Yours for a greater University' Joseph R. Whitmer, Wilder and I were in my little car and president, Bethel College, McKenzie, Betty said "Jimmy, you are crowding me, you are so Tenn. K 23 Under the new regulations of W. S. Fred Alan Engle is principal of the G. A. stealing a kiss is p(r)etty lar high school, Corbin, Ky. He receiv ceny. k, K ed his B. A. degree at the close of u I I J This company, with its laboratories, its dist ributing organization and its great telephone factory in every respect a modern industry and in many respects a leader will have openings from time to time for men who cun qualify. Western Electric Company Sinct 1869 makers and distributors of electrical equipment '30 Robert W. Waterfill is still living up to what the 1920 Kcntuckiun said Number 36 of a series