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22 > Image 22 of Kentucky alumnus, vol. 02, no. 15, 1944

Part of Kentucky alumnus

LIEUTENANT COLONELS transferred to the Army Quarter- McCleland Building, Lexingr(m_ t(Ion!iuuzrI from Page I0) nraster Corps, 2I](I BZ1t2\lllOl1, (lt ll1 DOUGLAS PARRISH, Paris, ()l` and yells yl:;]l~dd 2l Silver SZUUC Calnll Kentucky, 21 LOYIUCY SLU(lCll{ ()f [hg / l Star for gallantry in action last lJ1u"1`Sull has lust b11 1`1P1$Cd August in u raid aver the reiesu LAWRENCE ALEXANDER 11*1111 Scmcc 111 W<>11<1W=r 11. He l Oil l.oHool.loS lo Romaolo_ Coloool Lawrence Alexander, of Eddy- is a farmer of Bourbon County Ardery practiced law in Frankfort 1'1u Kl Wuo Was s1`=1<1=11<1 umu DR. GEORGE H. FVILSON, 1 before enlisting. 1116 U111V1$11Y 111 19?>0 15 HOW 11 was graduated from the University x ..... 11L111121111 60101101 111 1110 A11` in 1904 with a B.S. degree and oli. w_ GAYLE STARNES Corps- Colonel Alcxuncleli was 11 [2lll1(l lllS (lg1`CC [YOU] the i ; \V. Gayle Starnes, of Owensboro, member 01;; CCC _CO" l*dS U1u"C1`SuY "[_ M1u1%u1 111 1910. i has been promoted to Lieutenant Utah m 1-112 and m 194* lomcd HC 1`1d W1111 L11 S Army Colonel at Holabird Signal Depot, tue A`C'T`rI C' )_ M Klmuwood MCu1C?u_ CO1`PS auu Sulcc 1C?11'111 I$2ll[lll1()l`(j_ Nlarylarrcl, Prior to lTIId 0uthYu IlnS N' C" and 1hC l`V1C 11215 IJCCI1 21 l)l1ysician ill ~ going to the Army Colonel Starnes my 19*5 he was tmnsfcnicd [O FL LXm?mu He he Served as P1`$1 ` was assistant director of the Uni- `m`th' Tcxim dem of Luc Auumu ASSOC11L1011 G volslll, oxloosloo lo (lull-go og ll *#_* _ and as. a member- of the Alumni audio-visual aids and administra- ALUMNI T0 ELECT OFFICERS ExcuuV C0uuuulC Fm $1X . tive assistant to the president of t(PHIiNH t David Marrs Martin 2 Oak Leaf Clusters, Air Medal . _ Martin y]. Rothan, Lexington Good Conduct Medal and Asiatic Pacific f M Theatre Medal * Charles Parrish Lexington Badge for Exemplary Conduct in Ma_lo1 1 l Operations g Samuel \VllS011 Simouton Harlan Air Medal, 4 Oak Leaf Clusters \~\arren Coolidge Evans St. Charles, Va. Air Medal, 9 Oak Leaf Clusters i? \\'illiam Raybould Stanton Air Medal, 2 Oak Leaf Clusters ji ._ Raymond Rankin \~\1ithers Cynthiana Air Medal. 3 Oak Leaf Clusters ` N Sidney Paul Taylor Covington Distinguished Flying Cross Y T Robert Peebles \\'oods Ashland Distinguished Flying Cross A: james \\. Craig, 1lenderson Air Medal W G. Glenn Clift Maysville Citation _ David R. Berry Owensboro Navy Cross 3 times Dallas C. \1\1ade Lexington Purple Heart {I }_#__Ffd____//il ,;_ _ V * 22 THE KENTUCKY ALUMNW E"" V ment, has 118611; i1-i t *1 E