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23 > Page 23 of Old Yorktown and its history / by Mrs. Sydney Smith.

OLD YORKTOWN AND ITS HISTORY or to their Allies until duly exchanged-I do further promise that whenever required by the Commander in Chief of the Ameri- can Army, or the Commissary of Prisoners for the same, I will repair to such place or places as they or either of them may re- quire--- Given under mv Hand at Yorktown 28th: day of October 1781--- CORN WALLIS--- The Headquarters of General Washington, located on the Jones farm in York County, were burned several years ago. On this farm is an old Mulberrv tree under which the General had his tent, and it was in that tent the Articles of Capitulations were signed after having been drawn up at the Moore House on Temple Farm. There is also on this farm a Holly tree under which was placed the cannon from which the first shot was fired on the British at Yorktown. There are also several graves of French soldiers, who gave their lives for American Freedom; these graves will be fixed up and marked by the Compte de Grasse Chapter of the D. A. R., Yorktown, Virginia. At the time of the Revolutionary War Yorktown boasted 3,600 inhabitants. Now there are scarcely 300, of which only about 125 are white. RICHMOND PRESS, INC., PRINTERS 2,3