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Ib Pordtotun anb 31tt J0i.torp BY MIRS. SYDNEY SMITH. T HE TOWN OF YORK (now Yorktown) was laid off in 1691 by Laurence Smith, surveyor. The king issued orders that fifty acres of land should be bought and laid off for a shire town (court-house town), and must be paid for from the king's treasury (which was tobacco). The land be- longed to Benjamin Read, of Gloucester, and the amount paid for it was ten thousand pounds of tobacco. The river on which Yorktown was built was first called the Charles River, and afterwards the York, from York in England, from which the town and river took their name. A map of the town made by Laurence Smith in 1691 is on record in the clerk's office and a facsimile will be found on the first page of this book. When the town of York was first laid out, there were two trustees appointed to hold the legal title to the said lands and to sell the same off into lots of one-half acre each, and any person buying a lot had to OLD MAIN STREET.