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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 6, 1920

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE 8 HAVEN OFFERED TO LEAP-YEA- R VICTIMS History lms proved that nil Brent customs nnd Institutions in the course of time fulfill their mission nnd thus becoming useless, pass away. Wlmt else can wo expect of tho Women's Tompernnca Union, thnt Christian which nfter honored organization years of struggle has nt length gained its point nnd fulfilled tho purpose for which it wns brought into being. As we spenk of W. C. T. U.'s, however, wo nre reminded thnt not nil of them have cither gained their point or lived through their period of usefulness. Back in tho dim past, 1912 to be exact, in another one of those fateful yenrs In which woman felt herself called upon to take tho initiative, a bnnd of men, feeling some net necessary to protect them ngninst n common foe, an enemy employing means to gain its end far moro effective than the tnnks of the British, or the poisonous gas of the Hun, organized n W. C. T. U. This organization by Its timeliness served Its purpose of enabling the men to hold themselves intact as effectively as modern labor unions serve in the retarding of the world's welfare. The letters W. C. T. U. had the sigmeaning, Can't "Women nificant Touch Us." It is expected that the local chapter of this organization will before many months. be A diligent search has failed to disclose or procure the old constitution and s but such an organization by the name itself defines its purposes and attracts to it thousands as a haven of refuge. KENTUCKY'S REQUEST FOR FUNDS DELAYED Requests of the University of Kentucky for additional appropriations will not come up for discussion in the Legislature for several weeks. The budget committee, which will have to pass upon the requests, is now far behind in its work. It is expected the requests from the University of Kentucky and the two State Normal Schools will be presented to the committee separately. The appropriation asked by the University is to provide means of erecting new dormitories and making other improvements. Down Town University Book Store Meeting Place The College Store for For College People University Boys Text Books Open Until 8 P. M. Every Evening Pennants High Class Kodak Hooks Haberdashery Fountain Pens College Boys Styles in Our Special Designed Clothes DOBBS FIFTH AVENUE HATS MANHATTAN SHIRTS Down Town Store 233 West Short Basement Main Building University Most Complete Assortment of Silk Shirts We Earnestly Solicit Your Patronage Geddes & Luigart Manunoih Garage Co. Phoenix Block GENE SULLIVAN "Let's Get Acquainted" Studebaker Automobiles Ours is the Quality Shop The finest and most complete exclusively retail Optical establishment anywhere in the South. A faithful and accurate Optical Service in all its branches. EYES examined by an Optometrist intimately familiar with the most Intricate problems of refraction. The grinding of the lenses, the expert fitting and all other details are accomplished within our establishment. That Good Gulf Gasoline and Supreme Auto Oils WE FEATURE ONE DAY SERVICE Fayette Optical Shop SOUTH CAROLINA Everything for the Automobile H. CLAY East Main Street. Dick Webb, President. WELSH & Optometrist ODENBAUGH, ITOAV PRINTING CO. COLLEGE STATIONERY WANTS FRAT3. (Gamecock.) Tho student body of the University of South Carolina has gone on record as favoring the return of tho open fraternity to the campus. Requests will be made of the legislature to repeal the present law that prohibits the existence of a fraternity at a Stato In case of a repeal tho Institution. trustees of tho (university will bo askod for their approval. Fraternities were abolished at tho university In 1898 In accordance with un act passed by tho legislature of that year. Since that time several attempts havo been mado to have tho law ropealed, but all have failed so far. Tho Btudout body is of tho opinion that tho legislature will tako action on tho matter at this session. Lexington, Ky. Phone 3972 W. Main St. 313-31- 5 NOTICE! of All Students having snapshots campus scenes are urged to hand them in at the Kentuckian office before the end of tho week. The snapshot campaign ends this week and students intending to enter the contest are urged 1o hand their snapshots in at as early a date a3 possible. GEO. LUGIART GEO. GEDDES (Incorporated) GRADDY-RYA- N ENGRAVING CO. AND Incorporated DIE STAMPING THE COLLEGE BOYS' STORE FRAT and DANCE PROGRAMS Clothing, Furnishings, Hats, Shoes and Tailoring 124-12- Pianos Player Pianos Columbia Grafonolas DE LUXE Ladies' and Gents' Tailors Aeollan-Vocallo- 2nd Floor Laxlngton, Ky. Phont Established 1899 n Records Musical Instruments Player Rolls Sheet Music Everything Pertaining to Music Moving, Tuning, Repairing and Refinishing Competent Home Tailors lank 4 Trust Building, PHONE 592 The E. C. Christian Music Co. P. ANGELUCCI Unlan LEXINGTON, KY. N. LIMESTONE 8 Pianos a Specialty 177-- f: 205-20- 7 East Main Lexington, Ky.