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Lectures on the evidences of catholicity : delivered in the cathedral of Louisville.

MURPHY & CO'S New Announcements, for 1865. Just Publtailed 1 1 Demi 3o., Cloth , Half C'alf 3.00. LECTURES ON THE EVIDENCES OF CATHOLtKITY1 Third Revised Edition. BY THE MOST REV. M. J. SPALDING, D.D. ARCHBISHOP OF BALTIMORE. FROM THE PREFACE TO THIRD EDITION.-These Lectures, delivered a few years ago in the Cathedral of Louisville, were intended to exhibit, in a plain and straight forward manner, the principal Evidences of the Catholic Church. They are now again offered to the public in a third edition, with the hope that some sincere and candid souls, now wandering amidst the mazes of hereditary error, may be led back by the perusal of them to thle bosom of the true Church, from Which their fathers in an evil hour separated, to follow after the devices of their ow it hearts. To every lover of the Christianl Religion, it must be apparent, on sufficient examination, that the Evidences which sustain Catholicity, are substantially identical wvith those which establislh Christianity itself. The scope of these Lectures is to establish this identity. The uncertainty of all human things, never perhaps more strikingly illus- trated than by the present urbhappy condition of our own beloved country, should lead all men to lift their eves toward heaven, and make them think seriously and inquire diligently eoncerning the Divinely appointed pathway which leadeth. thereto. Time is short, eternity never ending; and "what dotli it profit a mao, if he gain the whole world, and LOSE HIS OWN SOUL " While in the religious world all has become unsettled, by the devices of wicked leaders '"lIving ii wait to deceive," and causing tnen "1 to be tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine," and in the political and social world all is short- lived, and withal very unstable and uncertain, we may well adopt the lan- guage and use the tender invitation of Gods plaintive Prophet: " Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for THE OLD PATIhS, which is the good way, and walk ye in it, and vou shall find refreshment for your souls." Jeremiah vi: 16. Under these circumstances, a third edition of these Lectures is deemed opportune to the times. The Catholic Church, which for eighteen centuries has nobly battled against all forms of error, and which has consistently sus- tained Christianity amidst all the vicissitudes of human affairs, has surely a right to have her claims diligently investigated by every lover of the truth, especially by those who have been taught from childhood to protest against her doctrines and institutions. She knows no concealment; she courts in- quiry, and is wvilling to abide its result. All that she asks is, that her princi- ples should be correctly represented, and her claims to be the true Church of Christ be fairly and impartially weighed. She demands no more than this, and surely she could not ask less. BALTItfons, Feast of St. Martin, 1S64. The following Tborks, written, and edited by ARcHBissIOP SPALDING, are kept constantly on sale, at Publishers' Prices. SPALDING'S H14STOP.Y OF THE PROTESTANT REFOR MATION. ONE HJiUNDRED SHORT SERNIONS. LIFE OF BISHOP FLAGET. Bisiiop DAVID'S SPIRITUAL RERTZAT. hIVRPi'Y & CO., Ilrirters, Publiher, Bookefler- and Stationers, 12 Balirmore st., Baltimore.