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John Sharpe Chambers Papers, n.d.

Part of John Sharpe Chambers Papers, n.d.

jscInventory of the John Sharpe Chambers PapersArchives StaffSpecial CollectionsUniversity of KentuckyMargaret I. King LibraryLexington, Kentucky40506-0039 USAPhone: (859) 257-8611Fax: (859) 257-6311Email: sclref@lsv.uky.eduURL: http://www.uky.edu/Libraries/libpage.php?lweb_id=298&llib_id=13University of Kentucky Archives and Records Programn.d.Text converted and initial EAD tagging provided by Apex Data Services, April 2000.ENGInventory of the John Sharpe Chambers PapersCollection number: 1975UA013Contact InformationSpecial CollectionsUniversity Archives and Records ProgramUniversity of KentuckyMargaret I. King LibraryLexington, Kentucky40506-0039Phone: (859) 257-8611Fax: (859) 257-6311Email: sclref@lsv.uky.eduURL: http://www.uky.edu/Libraries/libpage.php?lweb_id=298&llib_id=13Processed by: StaffDate Completed: n.d.Encoded by: Apex Data Services Copyright 1999 University of Kentucky. All rights reserved.John Sharpe Chambers Papers, n.d.1975UA013Chambers, John Sharpe, b.1889The materials are in English.University of Kentucky Archives and Records ProgramLexington, KY 40506-0039Collection is open for research.Copyright has not been assigned to the University of Kentucky[Identification of Item], John Sharpe Chambers, 1975UA013, Special Collections, University of Kentucky, Lexington.John Sharp Chambers, born in Harris Grove, Galloway County in 1889, served in a number of medical positions during a long and illustrious career at the University of Kentucky. He grew up on a farm, attended Michigan State University, and became a medical doctor in 1921. He served as health officer in Fayette County from 1923 to 1926, and maintained a private practice here. The University of Kentucky took him on in 1928 as head of the student health program, professor of hygiene and public health. The university president, Frank McVey, relied on him to keep the University updated on Kentucky's health problems. Chambers made out plans to provide U.K. with a medical school, the first person to do so.He had first administered the University Infirmary, and treated students and employees at U.K. He spread his influence beyond the campus as an active member of medical and public health functions around Kentucky.His articles appeared in prominent health journals. He accomplished the writing of twenty-one scientific papers.He was a member of societies such as the Fayette County Medical Association, the Kentucky Medical Association, American Medical Association, and the American College of Physicians.Container List11.Abell, Dr. Harry12.Alexander, Dr. John13.Alley, Dr. Rufus14.AMA15.American College of Physicians17.American Foundation17.Anderson, Dr. Donald18.Articles of Inc. - Kentucky Medical Foundation19.Beaumont, Alan110.Bibliography111.Biehn, Dr. J. F.112.Bingam, Barry113."Birth of a Medical Center"114.Book Illustrations115.Book Thieves116.Boyd, Dean Paul P.117.Brochure Art and Memorandum118.Brochure, Early Work119.Cabot, Dr. Hugh220.Carmichael, Omer221.Cawood, Dr. Charles222.Census - Fayette County 1810223.Chamberlain, Vice President Leo M.224.Chambers, A. S.225.Chambers, Dr. John S. - paper written by Dr. Chambers226.Current227.Chandler, Hon. A. B.228.Chapman, Hon. Virgil229.Cholera, Lexington Epidemic 1833230.Clements, Senator Earle C.231.Climate and Diseases of Washington County, Ohio232.Coleman, Wenston233.Combs, Hon. Bert234.Committee of Fayette Medical Society235.Committee on Medical Education236.Committee on Medical History in Kentucky237.Commonwealth Fund238.Conquest of Cholera239.Cost of Medical Education240.Davisdon, President Phillip241.Dickey, President Frank G.242.Dondero, George343.Donovan, President H. L.344.Dudley, Dr. D. W.345.Duke University School of Medicine346.Dunn, Neville347.Editor of Courier Journal - Point of View Column348.Eisemen, Dr. Ben349.Elkin, Dr. Dan350.Elliott County, Kentucky351.Executive Committee - Kentucky Medical School352.Expenses - Kentucky Medical School353.Fennell, John W.354.Finance Committee - Kentucky Medical Foundation355.Fortune, Dr. Carl356.Foster Hall357.Francis, Dr. Thomas J.358.Freeman, Dr. A. W.359.French Emigrants360.Fund Raisers361.Funds362.Furcolow, Dr. Michael L.463.Gardner, John W.464.General Insurance465.Germaine, Dr. William466.Graham, Beardsley467.Gregg, Dr. Alan468.Gubner, Dr. Richard469.Guggenheim470.Guthrie, A. B.471.Hanger, Arnold472.Harper and Brothers473.Harrison, W. C.474.Hartman, Dr. Frank475.Historical Markers Society476.Holbrook, Thomas477.Holmes, Dr. Kendall478.Honorary Degrees479.Hopper, Robert L.480.Howard, Dr. Carl481.Huguelet, Guy A.482.Human Values483.Hunner, Dr. Guy584.Hunsaker, John585.International Relations586.Jefferson County Medical Society587.Jetton, Walter C.588.Johnston, Dr. Coleman589.Jordon, Dr. William S. Jr.590.Jouett, Matthew591.Kendall, Dr. E. C.592.Kentucky Medical Foundation593.Kentucky Medical School Papers 1957594.Kerlikouske, Dr. Albert595.King, Miss Margaret596.Kornhauser, S. R.597.Legislative Research Commission598.Letters - Personal599.MacKenzie, Sir Leslie5100.MacMillan Company Publishers6101.Mail Lists6102.Martin, James W.6103.Martin, Lyman C.6104.Massie, Dr. Francis M.6105.Matras, Dr. Rudolph6106.McAdams, W. H. - Correspondence concerning Tuttle Memorial6107.McAllister, Dr. Cloyd6108.McCormack, Dr. A. T.6109.McDaniels, Robert E.6110.McIlwain, Mrs. J. W.6111.McVey, President Frank L. - Correspondence 1928-356112.McVey, President Frank L. - Correspondence 1928-35 (continued)6113.McVey, President Frank L. - Progress of the Medical School6114.McVey, Mrs. Francis Jewell6115.Medical Center6116.Medical Development vs. Automative Development6117.Medical Education6118.Medical Education Congress 19317119.Medical Education in Kentucky7120.Medical Education in Ohio7121.Medical Facilities7122.Medical Needs - Lexington7123.Medical School in Kentucky7124.Medical Services in Kentucky7125.Medical Services in Lexington7126.Medical Teaching Center at University of Kentucky7127.Medical Traditions of Lexington7128.Medicine and Civilization7129.The Medicine Men7130.Meetings - Kentucky Medical Foundation 1954-588131.Memorandum Concerning Medical School8132.Memorandum on Medical School 19308133.Memorandum and Recommendations for Health Officers, Nurses & Sanitarians8134.Memo Notes - Medical Education in Kentucky8135.Miscellaneous Charts and Documents8136.Miscellaneous Unidentified Material8137.Morgan, Thomas Hunt8138.Morris, Dr. Alvin L.9139.Mustard, Dr. Harry S.9140.Newburgh, Dr. L. H.9141.New York Life Insurance Company9142.Nominees for President of Medical Center9143.Novy, Dr. Frederick G.9144.Oakes, Gradie9145.Oldroyd, N. O. - Wyeth Pharmaceuticals9146.Oswald, President John W.9147.Overstreet, Dr. Sam A.9148.Pace, Dr. Vernon9149.Parren, Dr. Thomas9150.Patterson, Mrs. Ruth Melcher9151.Pellegrino, Dr. Edmund9152.Per Capita Income9153.Personal Correspondence and Papers9154.Peterson, Dr. Frank D.10155.Photos10156.Physicians in the Service10157.Pinney, Dr. Oliver10158.Providence Mutual Life Insurance Company10159.Publications10160.Questions Regarding the Establishment of a Medical School at UK10161.Radio Talks10162.Rainey, Charles10163.Rankin, Dr. Fred W.10164.Ray, Dr. Ed10165.Reed, Dr. Lowell10166.Report of a Survey of State Supported Higher Education in Kentucky10167.Reunion - Class of 191310168.Rockefeller Foundation10169.Rural Communities11170.Scholarship Fund - Class of 191511171.Schweet, Richard C.11172.Schweitzer, Dr. Albert11173.Solomon, Dr. Leon L.11174.Spindletop11175.Spivey, H. E.11176.Squires, Syretha R. N.11177.Stahr, Dean Elvis J.11178.Staples, Charles11179.The State and Medical Education11180.Summer School11181.Teague, Dr. Russell11182.Transylvania Medical Department11183.Trip Information 1938 - Dr. Chambers, Dr. Clark, Dr. McVey and Mr. Townsend11184.Tuberculosis Among University Students11185.Turner, Dr. Edward L.11186.Tuttle, Dr. Franklin Elliott12187.Underwood, Dr. Bruce12188.The University Hospital12189.University of Kentucky Medical School Bulletin No. I, February 195212190.University of Kentucky Press12191.University of Washington12192.Vance, Dr. Charles A.12193.Virginia Medical School Location12194.Washington, George12195.Watkins, J. Stephen12196.Watson, Dr. Robert Briggs T. V. A.12197.Weinmen, Glen12198.Wetherby, Gov. Lawrence W.12199."What Kind of Medical School"12200.Willard, Dr. W. R.12201.Williams, Dr. Harley12202.Wright, William Monroe12203.Zerfas, Dr. Leon G.John Sharpe Chambers Papers, n.d.