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5 > Page 5 of Ancestry, life and reminiscences of Gen. Wilbur R. Smith, Lexington, Kentucky, many years an educator, official and honored citizen / the inception of this book was by resolution from the Philemporium Society of the Commercial College of Kentucky University.

TrBI.F. OF CONTENTS The beginning of a business publication formed in early days, which was awarded Medals and Diplomas of Honor from two, great World's Expositions. His arrival in Lexington, a stranger. CIIAPTER III. RELIGIOUS PART OF LIFE. Ancestors were churchmen, some deacons, over two hundred and fifty years ago. Church activities: Teacher of Sunday School, Superintendent of Sunday School, Officer in Church. Gratitude to his Pastors and Sunday School Teachers. Having his old home pastor elected Chaplain of the National Asso- ciation of Mexican War Veterans. Secretary in the evangelistic work at Lexington, Kv., of Dr. George F. Pentecost D. D.. and Maj. Hilton. Chairman of Reception Committee of Kentucky Synodical Cen- tennial Anniversary of Presbyterian Church. Promoter of Men's Church Club 'Brotherhood' of the Second Pres- byterian Church and some of the topics discussed at its meetings. First meeting of the Presbyterian Brotherhood in National Con- vention at Indianapolis, Ind. Articles signed by men of the Second Presbyterian Church for Brotherhood organization. Reminiscence of how a great Revival was conducted. On various occasions served as Chairman of annual meetings tend toast master at church banquets. Presented with a seal ring by Brotherhood of Second Presbyterian Church. CHAPTER IV. A SUCCESSFUL EDUCATOR. General Smith's College work for thirty-five years in edvc:atintg nearly fifteen thousand young men and women for a hiher and more lucrative field of usefulness. He increased the earning power (salary and income) of his students nearly one million dollars annually. His College visited by a member of the Australian Parliament, :nl' other distinguished men. 5