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The Kentucky Kernel, April 17, 1925

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

TT n " Best Copy Available The Kentucky Kernel UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY 'V LEXINGTON, VOL. XV ?: KYM APRIL 17, 1926 MAY QUEEN BE ELECTED FRAT AND CLASS WIEMAN SELECTED FOR DRUM MAJOR TRACK STARS TO Five Candidates Try Out For Position CLASH MONDAY TO MEET INDIANA State Meet Will be Held In Louisville This Year an and an WILL GREAT GAINS IN MON. UNIVERSITY IN Freshman Girls Will Not be PAST FEW YEARS Eligible for Honor A. II. Wicmann was the successful candidate for the position of drum major of the university band in the tryouts held on the campus in front of the administration building on the afternoon of April 3. The proceed ings were judged by Captain Taylor and the final selection made by Captain Taylor and Colonel Hobbs. Fvc candidates tried out for the position. They were: Ted Creech, Charles S. Milliken, R. S. Sauer, After Frank Brown, and Wiemann. some deliberation by the j'udges, Wiemann was selected and will enter on his new duties immediately. Vanderbilt to Come on April 25 for Only Meet Here No. 26 Towloa Bickncll Whitehead OUTGOING IBE McVey Makes Favorable Report to Trustees Doctor The May Queen election will be held next Monday, April 20, and the queen will be chosen from the sophomore, junior or senior classes. Frcsh-mn- n girls are not eligible. Only the men students of the university will be allowed to vote, including the freshmen, and they are requested to vote for six girls. The girl receiving the highest number of votes will be crowned the queen, the girl receiving the second highest number of votes will be the Maid of Honor nnd the remaining four of the six highest contestants will be the attendants to the queen. Ballot boxes will be placed in front of the Administration building nnd in Dicker Hall and the men students mny vote any time Monday. No ballots which are not signed will be counted. EXPECTS INCREASE Art Department Will Have a New Studio Evidences that the University of Kentucky is rapidly approaching n place of distinction in the educational track meet will bo held Kelley Morris Hays world were indicated by Dr. Frank L. Stoll Stadium for the purpose of in McVey, president of the university, in INCOMING encouraging school spirit among the his report before the quarterly meetclasses and also to unearth some unAs the Kernel was unable to procuro a cut of Mr. Estes new ing of the board of trustees in the ' known track luminary that needs this his picture will be run later. office of the president on April 7. out about himself. An meet to find The head of the institution first individual who wins first place in the Rodes K. Will pointed out the rapid increase of the fciitiHrrri vnrd dash or in any other SENIOR BEGINS Unievent will secure five point for his student body by calling attention to BEGIN 27TH WORK ON nlnas. his collece. and his fraternity, the fact that in 1918 there were 719 Vm ia n mnmber. if students registered in the university will be a forerunner of This meet Upper Classmen to Wear Dis- J. A. Estes is New Editor-in- as candidates for degrees, while tonnn which is to be held here on MAY 16TH ON tinctive Apparel Oth- day there are 2,100. He also anticiChief Doctor Anril 25 with Vanderbilt. In the past, Vnnrtv hns nut out some good track pates an increase of 300 students at on no teams, and this year should be col6 the opening of the Plans have been completed for session Still Senior Week on the university campus With this issue of the Kernel, the exception. This will be the only next September. new staff assumes its duties. At a legiate meet that will be held on Stoll Schedto be observed during the week beDoctor McVey took the improveFor thin reason tfiA tViia ginning April 27. At this time spe- meeting of the staff before the Easter ule much interest is being manifested by AT BROWN ments at the university in the last cial deference will be shown to the holidays, Arthur Morris, the newly body at this early date. the student six years as an example of its growth seniors, both in the residence halls elected managing editor appointed. On May 2 Scwanee will furnish by stating that in that time one coland sorority houses and on the cam- members of the news and reportorial at Scwanee. Very little nnnsition Rodes K. Myers has been selected pus. Will staff. lege has been added, that of Educanf tho ability of this team to represent the University of KenThe seniors, so as to be recognized, J. A. Estes is sue ExAn tion, and the departments of Art, but sometimes an unknown product tucky in the Southern Oratorical con- are to wear certain distinctive cos- ceedmg Dwight L. Bicknell. Arthur Bacteriology, Economics, Psychology, causes the greatest havoc. oratorical connext test and in the national California Fed- tumes, the girls will wear Kentucky Morris succeeds J. Sterling Towles Indiana University will be the sponsored by the Music, and Hygiene, created in the blue arm bands with the numeral '25 as managing editor. Joseph K. Hays May 9. This test eration of Better Citizenship. The on them, and the boys are to wear assumes his position as business man college of Arts and Science, and the will be an important meet from At the meeting of the Kentucky Southern Oratorical contest will be corduroy trousers. Tho committee ager, taking the place of Kyle White r.o.n1lint ns well as an athletic stand held in Lexington on May 16 while making the plans for the week con- head. Virginia Kelley takes the po Educational Association to be held department of University Extension. n n., will mark the first time the regional district tilt of the nafrom 22,006 sists of Clyde Gray, Joe K. Hays, sition of Frances Kane as news edi' in Louisville April 23, 24 and 25, the The Library n Wildcat track team has crossed university will be ably represented volumes to 02,000 volumes. Doctor tional contest will be held in Nash- Frances Smith, Lucille Bush, and tor. Ohio River to engage a northern ville, Tenn., on May 22. by President Frank L. McVey, who McVey stressed the improvements and the Rodes Myers. The week will end on During the year 1924-2the Ker On the succeeding Saturday University, Vander- May Day when the different classes nei was a great success and was will speak on "Turning the Corner expanson necessary rival. Johns Hopkins to keep up with the 'cats will take part in the South- bilt University, and the University will be promoted and the seniors will classed with the best college papers in Kentucky;" C. C. Anderson, "The Rating Card;" L. L. the increase in the student body from Community ern Conference meet at Sewanee. of the South (Sewanee), Alabama, officially become U. K. alumni. in the south. With the cooperation The state meet will be held in North Carolina, Mississippi and KenMuch interest is being manifested of the new staff during the following Dantzler, "Sectioning English Stu- year to year. T..;o,,iiin nn Mav 25. Until three tucky will be represented in the in the plans. One of the important things ac- year the paper should be of the best, dents into Ability Groups;" M. E. Ligon, "History and Progress of the omplished weeks ago this" meet was scheduled Southern Oratorical League match. at the meeting was the Stoll Stadium, but the On this occasion Mr. Myers' subj'ect Junior High School;" and Wm. S. to be held in be Taylor, "Making a Curriculum to Fit decision to establish a School of Comclamors of Louisville could not the will be, "The Final Conscience of the the Child," and "The Junior Cur- merce, which will be organized from denied, thus changing the meet to American People." A gold medal and . Kentucky metropolis, iasi yuui riculum." Lexington officers of the the present department of which Dr. a prize of $50.00 will be awarded to E. A. are William S. Taylor, presi Edward Wiest is head. President Mctucky won this meet in a handy fnsn the winner. At Nashville Mr. Myers' thej tonic will be, "John Marshall and dent of the department of Normal Vey was authorized to proceed ion, and from all indications with ronont this vear. Schools and Teachers' Training In The winner at the Constitution." Apstitutions, and chairman of the Re- organization of the new school. Under the leadership of Coach Nashville will be sent to California Offers An appropriation of $0,000 was search Committee; Russell Hunt, plegran ana uapuun ueuiB to compete for the national champ- De PflTlfl i dates have been show One Hock Shop secretary of the department of Agri- made for the erection of a frame ionshin and prizes totaling sb.uuu improvement in the and and Anita Burnam, secretary studio building for the department of culture; The debating teams, both men's ing a decided taking of the department of Home Eco Art. This building will face Winslow last two weeks. The men are that women's, of tho university, face a street and will be constructed west nomics. two weeks. As a member advantage of the excellent track strenuous me The university headquarters are to of the Romany theatre. The depart By courtesy of the management of Despite the many rumors concern encircles the football ftem inprospects of the Pentangular League, the men's The most promising team will meet the University of Mis- the Lexington Herald, the students ing city "slickers," five of the senior be at the Brown Hotel, 'there a ment of Art, which now occupies the out are: Brady, Woolf, Davis, uew sissippi at Lexington and the Univer of the department of Journalism of engineers succeeded in getting home placement service for teachers is to third floor of White Hall, will be re Lindle, Mil sity of the South at Sewanee on Satbe maintained in charge of Professor moved in its entirety to the new hurst, Dowden, Anglin, .ton, Woodward and oreecn. urday night, April 25. The proposi the university are to have one night in the second hand Ford which they M. E. Ligon. This year a unique building, so as to make space for to represent their tion of both debates is "Uesoiveu, mat of practical experience in the field of bought in Buffalo, New York. feature will be the University Exhibit, the expected increased students next All men who wish fraternity, college or class must see According to the story of Robert which is to consist of a series of at September. journalism when they will take over SeveD) (Continued on Pace posters representing the vari The yearly budget for the univer Coach Applegran at once and regiscomplete supervision of the Herald. Giovannoli, one of the five daredevils, tractive ous colleges and departments of the sity, consisting of salaries, of pro ter their names and the events they se the others being Ralph Boren, Fred university. A picked number of students, fessors, heads of departments, etc., wish to enter. " lected by Professor Grehan, will man Chappel, "Buck" Hedden and J. F, Thursday at noon Mr. Patrick will was read by tho president. Tho schedule: Lexington. TO Stevens, they had intended "motoring" hold a luncheon for the extension the desks of the regular employees April 25 Vanderbilt at Sewanee. for this nieht. These students will in the day time and stopping at night, workers and Thursday evening at six jlay 2 Sewanee atBloomington. university banquet will read, and headline copy, and but after they got the Ford started o'clock May 9 Indiana at Thirty-Thre- e to Leave Monday write,have complete charge of all of they were afraid to stop. The entire be given the the Brown Hotel. Those will at May 1C Southern Conference Meet on Annual Tour the departments of the publication trip was made in two days, three in who have been asked to speak at the at Sewanee. ner tubes and nine dollars. except the mechanical department. banquet are : Governor Fields, Dr, Mny 25 State Meet at Louisville. Their itinerary was Buffalo, Erie, Lena uuL. McVey, and This opportunity comes to the do Girls Thirty-thre- e members of the j'unior partment because of the interest that Pa., Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati Frank Leidenger, sister Mrs. Captain C. Seven of class in the college of Engineering Desha Breckenridge, editor ot tne nnd Lexington. Mr. Giovannoli said houn in C. Calhoun, who is an alumnus of will leave Monday morning on the university and a member of tho Herald, has in this department of the trip was devoid of excitement with thirteenth annual inspection trip of the college, and he is planning to en the exception of heavy fogs encount the State Board of Education. period of five plants in Ohio for a daily circulation by 300 ered in southern Ohio. He neglected the days. This trip is to be conducted larco so as to put tho work of the to stato whether the fogs were gen CLASSIFIED The names of the 15 girls, nine of by Professors. R. D. Hawkins, E. A. copiesand women in the department of eral or not. men the university, are students Bureau, J. R. Will don Thurman. Johnson and Mr. Gor- Journalism before the people of the In the party was one of the monk BY KY. COMMITTEE whom are candidates atfor "Miss Lexwho eys from the engineering college, state. Georgeington," were announced this week. Tho leading manufacturing plants to take charge which was christened William Jen Tho contest, promoted by the Ameri including the Le Blond Machine Tool nf Editors appointed follows: J. A nings Bryan at one of the parties entho work are as Four Different Classes on Uni can Legion, began April C nnd will Playing Comnnnv. the United States countered on the trip. Mr. Bryan Estes. managing editor; versity Campus close April 25. Card Company; Baldwin Piano Com "Simn" Towles, night editor; Dwight was noncommital. Along with the popularity contest, Rolling Wills uom Sterling Tho car is a rakish eastern model lay-osimrnrfl who are coiner to take part pany, American and make-uNational Cash Register Com L. Bicknell, the Legion has entered to raise funds "The Messiah," which is to be nanv. McCook Field and the General editor: Frances Kane, state editor and lias attracted much attention at on classification of in The committee for tho purpose of equipping some composed of Dean C. R permanent presented n the basketball building pany, K. Hoover. Euereno B. Moore and tho university, where it is on exhiinstitution for the Boy Motors Research Corporation, are to Travis Oliver, sports editors; Arthur bition. Experts who are familiar fraternities, of the university on tho night of April ho inspected. Melcher. chairman, Dean Blantiing Scout troops of Lexington. The Post m undir the nusnices of Phi Mu with automobiles, of this type have Professor J. C. Jones, Professor E. F, Morris, telegraph editor; Ted will bring Nat Reiss shows here for Tho members of tho party who will Alpha, national musical fraternity, Elizabeth Lilleston and nronounced it the most daring de Farouhar. and Charles T. Hughes tho week of April 20. are: E. E. Abbott, R. rehearsed at tho basketball building muke the trip E. Alberts, S. V. Baker, Amanda Gordon, city editors; Virginia parturo from conventional lines they recommends that these organizations Tho winner of the title "Miss LexF. Adams, C. last Monday night for the first time. R. T. Bullock. J. II. Butler, W. W. Kelley and Edith Minnehan, society have ever seen. But despito its un bo classified in accordance with tho ington" will be crowned at the reguGreen, usual lines it is said to have a motor classification of Banta's UreeK r.x Approximately one hundred and sixty Pay, S. C. Ewlng, U. editors; Helen King, Frances lar coronation exercises and a costly Daniel, Cortez Wells, and Mary F. developing up to 23 horsepower. It chanire. members or tho cnorus were V. D. Florence, I. Gold-be- Edna Lewis diamond ring will be uwarded her. is tacitly recog Some of tho important choruses of A. Farrant, Hmrod, E. V. Kesheimer, Campbell, proof readers. The report- will probably be displayed at tho Paris This classification Tho candidates in the contest at H. Salon this May. not yot been appointed. by the Interfraternity Confer present aro: Misses Marjorie Ford, the oratorio were rehearsed then to R. B. R. nlzed Lallev. R. 0. Molloy, T. C. Mar ers have round them in shape for tho complete ence and it is: Morris, D. A. Newton, T. Lurlenc Rronnugh, Etta Smith, MarNOTICE rehearsal next Monday night, when shall, E. P. Mrs. T. II. Oliver, J. W. 1. Collegiate Fruteriiities aro the garet Gormley, Jane NOTICE, KERNEL STAFF! Earl Middleton, Oliver, the orchestra will be present to take-' II. fraternities which maintain house Anna L. Wise, Helen Ilifr., Helen 0. Petree, C. C. Rice, P. part. A number of singers were ab- O'Nan. B. L. B. Russell, A. Simpson, There will be a meeting of the Kercall at tho Ul and which we have been designing as James, Catherine Brewer, Martha Students will please sent due to the Easter holidays. How- W. Rusch, ut the fifth hour tomorrow versity Post Olllco and receive u copy social fraternities. Headley, Betty Powell Rodes, Helen people were J. R. Smith, E. W. Walters, T. u nel staff Everyever, several Webb. C. Williamson, W. M in Professor Grchun'u room. Blue and Eula (Continued on Puee Flight) present, who will participate in the Whito, Jr., R. L. Woods. of the Student Directory, one on the stuff please be present. Witty, and II. presentation. Monday On an afternoon inter-clas- s, i SO. ORATORICAL CONTEST WILL BE HELD AT U. OF K. -college Edltpr-in-Chle- Myers Represent the versity w UNIVERSITY MEN ON PROGRAM AT WEEK WILL NEW STAFF APRIL KERNEL K. E. A. MEETING HERE Mcyey and ers Are the Program Debating Teams Face a Hard 4 1925-192- DINNER University editor-in-chie- f, Interesting Have hibit 25 7 iw I" IOURNALISTS TO FIVE ENGINEERS PUBLISH HERALD MOTOR TO KY. i,ii Lexington Paper Edition to - Return from Inspection Trip in Ford partment JUNIOR ENGINEERS INSPECT PLANTS CANDIDATES FOR 'MISS LEXINGTON' - SINGERS TO HAVE FULL REHEARSAL University the Are Entered Contest FRATS "Professor Lampert Meet With town Group p 1 - iin-ai-u- li ft. I'll Inn li m :'4?