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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 17, 1925

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Available KENTUCKY KERNEL WW SOCIETY NOTES t Decorations for the formal and informal The outstanding fcaturo of nny nffair Is beauty. Wo nro displaying party decorations and favora of distinction that will lend color and Individuality to your affair PLACE CARDS X tl and Dances NAPKINS MISS SPURR Calendar Ladyship Phones 4503-April 17 Miss Sarah and 8268-BlanditiR entertaining the Woman's I love to stand on Easter SpeciaI Rates For Classes Beside life's bounding sea, Club of the university. STUDENTS' Saturday, April 18 The Phi Kap-p- a And watch the comely vessels Private Lessons by Appointment Go scampering by me. Tau fraternity cntertanine with DANCE: Saturday Night the formal dance in the now pym- Blue Kibbon Saxophones On Easter every schooner nasium. That ever braved n gale Saturday. Anril 18 Knntm Dnlfn ...!... IT-T Onnnciln sorority entertaining with n tea dance Has polished every railing And hoisted every sail. in the afternoon in the now irvmnn- sium from 3 to G o'clock. And every ancient trireme, And yacht, Keys and Thirteen Entertain The new gymnasium wns the scene And every stately dreadnought That ever steamed a knot. of a delightful dance Wednesday even ing, given by the Keys and Mystic Thirteen, honorary fraternities of the The modest little rowboat, The wily submarine, university. During the fifth the mem Have raised their thousand standards Blue, yellow, red and green. bers of the Keys with their partners marched around the hall and assembFountain Drinks, led beneath the illuminated shield of If every day were Easter No other thing I'd try the fraternity. Each member tapped with a large key his successor. The Than to stand besides life's ocean And watch the ships go by. ten outstanding students chosen were South Lime 5961 J. A. Estcs. Messrs. Loyal Van Arsdall, Gayle Mohnoy, Van Burcn Ropkc, Paul W. The following beautifully engraved Mc- Jenkins, Oscar Stocssed, Harry Chcsney, Arch Bonnet, 0. L. Steele, invitations have been issued: Kappa of Phi Kappa Tau Frank Phipps, and Raymond Ellis. Saturday, April Eighteenth The young women placed the emblem Ln Nine to Twelve of the fraternity, a band of purple University Gymnasium with a gold skull and cross bones, upDancing Formal on their arms. Following the pledg dance for the ing was a Personals members of the fraternity and their pledges only. Registrar Ezra L. Gillis left Fri At the end of the seventh dance, the members of the Mystic day at the close of the third annual Come to us for all Thirteen assembled beneath their institute for registrars, for Boulder, shild and tapped their pledges with Col., to attend the convention of the National Association of Registrars. a scabbard. The following men were Goods pledged: Messrs. Frank Smith, Adolph Professor and Mrs. Zembrod will Edwards, Hunter Green, James Au have as their guest Professor Joaquin gustus, Hubert White, John Evans, Ortega, during his stay in Lexington. Guthrie Yeager, Buddy Smth, Guth- - Professor Ortega is a native of the erie Bright, Carter Farrngton, Dow- city of Ronda, province of Andalucia, ner Bramc, Olva Linkle, and Henry and is professor of Spanish in the Incorporated Cogswell. The pledges were given University of Wisconsin. 340 W. Main Street arm bands of the figure 13 and a Miss Christine Hopkins, Louisville, in scabbard. at the Kappa DelThe active chapter of the Mystic spent the week-en- d Thirteen were hosts for the dance. ta house while attending the Ken About 300 guests enjoyed the dance. tucky Association of English Teach- 52525E5ES2SiS2H5ZSH5ESHSH5a5H5HSZ5H5E5Ei' ers. Miss Hopkins is a teacher of English at the Louisville high school. Engagement Announced News of the engagement of Miss Professor L. L. Dantzler spoke on Katherine Lee Goodsight to Mr. Danof English Students iel Stuart Morse of Chester, Pa., is "Classifications Ability." According to at the final received with much interest by their many friends at the university. The session of the Kentucky Association jjj marriage will be solemnized in June. of English Teachers annual Both of these young people were popular students of the university. Miss Goodsight, the daughter of Mrs. Augustus C. Godsight, is a prominent member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, and Mr. Morse, who was recently graduated with an eng viable record from the university, has DRS. S. T. & E. D. SLATON taken a position with one of the leading corporations of Pennsylvania. 204-5-- 7 Guaranty Bk. Bldg. H He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. S. F. B. Morse of Cincinnati, formerly of Phone 3616 Lexington. He is a member of the Hours 8 A. M. to 5 P. M. Kappa Alpha fraternity. Friday, Dinners, Teas, Bridge Parties NUT CUPS DANCING STUDIO ultra-moder- n Benton's Sweet Shop Luncheonette TABLE CLOTHS TALLIES 1.1 FAVORS Home-Made'Candie- SERPENTINE STREAMERS CONFETTI s? and Cakes ETC. 245 Circulating Library In connection 3 CENTS PER DAY. THIRD FLOOR Phone mI GET BUSY BOYS! ROBARDS JP. 13. BASEBALL DAYS ARE HERE COLLEGE BOYS' TAILOR PRESSING DRY CLEANING ALTERING 216 S. Limestone Phone 929 Baseball Accessories and Tennis VanDeren Hardware Co. I RENT I NEW 1 Dodge Ford Truck A 1 . - - 1 jfl Our Service is unequaled. It includes jjj S All New Cars, ft sj Balloon Tires, Locked Steering Wheels jjj ! K Wipers Wind-shiel- d Spare Tires K 5j jjj no waits for a new tire. nj Free Road Service and hw-- K K H . fl fl the courtesy and careful attention of real friends. H The Campus Rendez vous? jjj The Co. Storey-Rent-a-Fo- rd Phone 6120 S Lafayette-Phoeni- Garage x Operated BY College Men FOR College Men. - 1 DENTISTS Meals Sandwiches Tobaccos Magazines K Have you read the details of how to get a W- jjj Lime at Pine jjj 1 Raymond Ellison FREE TRIP TO CHICAGO? Phone 2386 Come in and inquire about it. BROMLBY PARRISH AND PRESSING DRY CLEANING Sfe 152 South Lime Sandwiches Everything Good Sodas Phone 1SS0 Quality and Service Bruce Fuller Tobaccoes COLLEGE! INN Fraternity Stationery ' Banners 214 Successor to Kidds' S. Lime 149 South Lime Fountain Pens Eversharp Pencils The Phoenix Hotel LEXINGTON, University Book Store jjj Phone 2682 R. W. - "- SMOCK CAREFUL WATCH REPAIRING i Satisfaction Guaranteed Formerly wkh Caskey Jewelry Co. 1S7 South line Lexington K.Y. NEWLY FURNISHED AND EQUIPPED DANCING SCHOOL To the Highest Standard of Excellence. The Experienced Traveler Will Find 9K1515Z5Z52515Z5Z5252525Z5Z5Z52 "Watch your Watch" 7:30 Made by Real French Chefs On Lime, Just Above BASEMENT MAIN BUILDING . o'clock Parisian Pastry Company High v x 12:002:00 5:30 Special 25c. Plate -2 Telephone 5822-- SERVING HOURS FRENCH ICE CREAM 12- The Phoenix Hotel Program for Cooper's Dance Studio 238 West Main Street Lexington, Ky. Classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:30 P. M. 50c per lesson. 8:30 to Private Lessons by Appointment For Information Call 41 IS Studio can be rented by the evening for Club dances, etc a THE TAVERN Sodas I pi J A noteworthy example of modern excellence. Every department fully equipped for satisfactory service to the most exacting temperament. CHAS. H. BERRYMAN, Pres. JOHN G. CRAMER, Mgr. BOOST THE KERNEL ADVERTISERS a a