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Best Copv KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE SIX The Nat Reiss STROLLERS HAVE CHOOSE OFFICERS GREAT SUCCESS FOR THE W. S. G. A. ON EASTERN TRIP Herrington is Play Before Full Houses at Every SHOWS Ask About Club Tickets for Spring Cleaning Suits Coats Plain Dresses Rates .40 .40 Pressing 40 1.25 1.25 Cleaning and Pressing ....1. 25 Phone 5906 We Call for and Deliver UNIVERSITY PRESSING SHOP At the annual election of the Woman's Student Government Assoc., BEST AT held Thursday, April 2, the women students of the university named Miss on Eugenia Herrington, a member of the Kappa Knppn Gamma sorority, on president for the organization for the 21st coming year. Miss Herrington will be a senior in the department of Home The Strollers, dramatic organizaEconomics in the college of Agricul tion of the university, returned to Lcxnpton Wednesday night from the ture next year. Miss Georgia Rouse, who was jun most successful trip through the east ern part of Kentucky that that or ior representative of the W. S. G. A. this year, was elected ganization has ever taken. of Leaving Lexington Friday night, of Patterson Hall. April 10, the Strollers went to Pine Smith nnd Boyd hnlls respectively are Misses Penrle Martin nnd Lorraine villc. where they staged their first performance of the season which was Weber. MissCharlscy Smith, a mem a great success. Hero they played ber of Alpha Gamma Delta sorority, before nn audience of about six hun was elected secretary and Miss Helen died persons in the Pinevillc high Kiefer was chosen as trensurer. The Woman's Student Government school auditorium. The play was a laugh from beginning to end, the first Association was organized in 1918 act requiring fifteen minutes longer The object of the association is to to be presented than had ever been regulate all matters pertaining to required during any of the rehear the student life of its members which sals, due to stops until the audience do not fall under the jurisdiction of quieted their laughter. The Kiwanis the fnculty; to foster a spirit of unity Club and llcrndon Evans, an old and loyalty to the university, and to Stroller, entertained the cast Sun increase the sense of responsibility day with n motor trip to Cumberland among the women students. Gap and to the Lincoln Memorial Uni versity in Tennessee. Mrs. Ramsey, aunt of James Dar noli, president of the Strollers, en tcrtained for the cast with a tea Sat urday afternoon. Leaving Pinoville Monday morning, they played before a packed house in the new Harlan Theatre at Harlan Citizens of Harlan said that this was the best play that the Strollers have ever presented in that town. The local alumni of Harlan provided auto mobile rides for the cast Monday af ternoon and a dance after the play that night. The Strollers played the last en gagement of their eastern trip be fore a full house in the auditorium HARLAN JOY FACTORIES PRESENTED BY The American Legion Western Ken Leave April tucky Trip Southern Railway System DIRECT LINE FROM Lexington TO ALL POINTS IN THE North, East, South and West Cincinnati, New Orleans, Jacksonville, The Carolines and St Louis Schedules arranged to suit the convenlence of our patrons For descriptive literature, tickets, reservations or further Information, communicate with City Ticket Agent District Passenger Agent W. R. CLINKINBEARD H. C. KING KY. 104 North Limestone Street, LEXINGTON, find the gang here for You'll always FESTIVAL we have everything for Students Georgetown Street 2025 6 Nights 6 Days Eugenia President for Coming Year " 30 Double Length Railroad Cars Loaded With APRIL 20 Per Cent ON CLEANING AND PRESSING? Mitchell, Indorporatcd & Smith Baker THE QUALITY DEPARTMENT STORE FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC DRY GOODS Dressmaking, Garments, Millinery, High-Clas- s Infants' Art Needle Work Department, Hairdressing and Beauty Parlor and Down Stairs Store. COLLEGE FOLK ALWAYS WELCOME Ready-to-We- r TO THf 5? nf Lvnch hiirh school at Lvnch on Tuesday night. They were given a warm reception by the citizens of Lynch on their arrival there, being met at the station in automobiles and motored to the hotel. Monday after noon the cast was entertained with LEXINGTON DRUG COMPANY a motor trip through the mountains through and were taken the town. The Strollers left Lynch Wednesday morning at T.60 ana ar rived here at 8:30 n. m. The Strollers will leave on their western trin next Mondav mornintr at 4:35 and will play in Owensboro that night, Henderson the night of April 22, Bowling Green the night of April 23. and Louisville the nicrht of April 24. This is the first time that they have ever made a trip through west ern Kentucky. sight-seein- g 25 LAW STUDENTS TAKE BAREXAM Four Women Students From U. of K. Are Candidates Approximately 25 law students of the university were among the num ber of about 75 candidates who took the state bar examination, held in the House of Representatives, Frank fort, on Wednesday nnd Thursday of this week. The results of the exami nation, which was a written review of practically everything the university students have had, are not known as yet. Felix writes from TO EUROPE & RETUWM 0l Juneft and 9 other College Third Cabin sailings to suit your convenience. Among the university students who took the examination were: T. A. Bal lantine, Louise Carson, M. B. Daniel Lucy Edens, J. Y. Brown, M. J. Fis cher, Basil Frost, J. W. Gillon, Joe Hobson, Robert Honaker, H. C. John son, W. 0. Keller, C. P. King, L. II Liles, C. M. C. Porter, E. S. Melton Minnie B. Peterson, Maurine Sharp Taylor G. Smith, and A. W. Thomp son. This year four women students of the university took the examina tion, n larger number than ever be fore took the examination. The examination was held on the following subjects: Pleading and Practice, Evidence, Real Property, Monte Carlo Say, old dear, didja ever dream of bustin' the 1st Natl. Bank of Monty Carlo? Well, that's what your Uncle Felix just came near to doing. The trouble was that he didn't stop and played on in good old poker style to give the poor bank a chance, which was lucky for them. Why, at one time I held first and second mortgages on the Casino. It was like being allowed to hold a gold brick for a second, though, and then have to give it back. Anyway, money is the root of all evil and I didn't wanta be a source of crime. I was thinking of having the Casino fixed over for my Riviera residence and buying a couple of those 6lick yachts lying down in the bay in the moonlight, but gave up the idea to continue with the Purmews tomorrow to Switzerland. Cheerio, ole cat M storleiwrlttenby dotted thli Cunntd lart tcason. and headers. Or drains receivers, drip pockets or steam using appliances. It is automatic, performing its important function without attention. pipe-lin- es Steam traps of the right type, properly arranged, will returnhotcondensationdirectly to the boilers as pure feed water. Conserving the "heat of the liquid" of this condensate, they effect large fuel economies. They CUNARD ANCHOR LINES E STEAM TRAP are the most economical devices on the market for boiler feeding. Steam traps can also be used to draw condensation from low pressures or vacuums, discharging directly into a higher pressure, and metering the discharge if desired. Cranetilt traps perform these and similar functions in many important power plants, in chemical plants, paper mills and oil Their operatiqn is fully described in a Crane publication entitled "Condensation." We will be glad to send a copy to any engineering student who writes for it. CRANE GENERAL OFFICES: CRANE BUILDING, 636 8. MICHIGAN AVENUE, CHICAGO CRANE LIMITED: CRANE BUILDING, 366 BEAVER HALL SQUARE, MONTREAL t liranchn and Saltl Ojjictl in Oni llundrid and Forty-JiClin National Exhibit Remit Chicago, Ntw York, Atlantic City, San Vrantiut and Montrtal ffiiiit Chicago, BriJgtport, Birmingham, Chattanooga, Trtnton and Mwtrtal CRANE EXPORT CORPORATION! C! The Union Trust Co., Bldg. 1022 Chester Ave., Cleveland or local agents. LIFTING-TYl'- WHAT IS A STEAM TRAP? V Write for further particulars about Cunard Collego Third Cablu to: THREE-VALV- A successful steam trap should be a passageway for water anda barrier to steam. It prevents the loss of any steam while it . Send for the tfv rhice I'litc Wlnning Colleulam who way via Contracts, Negotiable Contracts, Prai cipals and Agents, Bailments, Sales Criminal Law, Torts, Wills nnd Ad ministration, Equity, Corporations Domestic Relations, Constitutional Law, nnd Legal Ethics. A candidate must make u grade of 75 percent or better before ho may bo admitted to practic law in the state of Kentucky. CRANETILT NEW YORK. SAN FRANCISCO Ltd., LONDON CRANEi PARIS. NANTES, BRUSSELS 4 , ? ' fi