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8 > Image 8 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 17, 1925

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Best Copy Available T PAGE EIGHT KENTUCKY KERNEL G. R. KAVANAUGH ENGINEERS BACK KENTUGKV FROM TRIP EAST April HAROLD BELL WRIGHT'S l 'THE PRESIDENT OF Y. M. RE-CREATI- ON Prominent in Academic and Social OF BRIAN KENT" ; with ; I Kenneth Harlan Helene Chadwick Rose Mary Theby It. Knvnnnugh has been elected ns one of the most deserving seniors at the University of Kentucky. To know him nnd his nchievemcnts is nil thnt is necessary to make one appreciative of his qualifications for this outstanding honor. George AUTOMOBILES Whenever You Need One Rent a Car From Us And Henl a New During his first year at the uni versity, George was a member of the Y. M. C. A. council. His standing as a freshman was 2.1. As a sopho more he was a member of the Legislative Club, the Y. M. Council, the Delta Tau Delta social fraternity, nnd the Pi Sigma Alpha, honorary history He nnd political science fraternity. is also a Stroller eligible. year he became During his junior a member of the Delta Sigma Pi, honorary commercial fraternity, the Y. M. Cabinet, Chairman of Socials, of the Pi and secretary-treasurSigma Alpha fraternty. He was sent to Blue Ridge, N. C, to attend the Y conference, preceding his filling the office of president, to which he was elected at the end of his junior year. A's a member of the senior class he is president of the Y. M., a member of the advisory board, scribe of the Delta Sigma Pi, and As of Delta Tau Delta fraternity. representative of the last named fraternity, he is a member of the He is also secreCouncil. Car Adjoining Phoenix Hotel NOTICE No Deposit Required from University Students. ic tary to C. R. Melcher, dean of men at the university. During these years filled with outside activities, he has maintained a standing of 2.2. Our Baseball and Tennis Goods LAW STUDENT TO BE A CANDIDATE HAVE JUST ARRIVED COME IN AND LOOK THEM OVER! The Smith-Watkin- Mormon Daniel to Try For State House of Representatives Co. s Incorporated Next Door to ;1 Post-Offic- Mormon B. Daniel, of Clinton, Ky., a member of the graduating class of this year, has announced himself as e 1 252SH5E5ESHSE5a5HSESHSHSZ5a5HSE5E5E5H5EHH5H5E5ZSESHSI!5aHHSHSHSESEnSZ5 I THE PROPER PLACE TO TAKE YOUR BEST GIRL IS TO A Sunday Nite Dinner -- AT TH1 Lafayette Hotel The Very Best of Food and Service, with a Popular Musical Program. J ' Management L. B. SHOUSE , j & C c FRATS CLASSIFIED BY KY. COMMITTEE from Pago One) 2. Professional Fraternities are those that organize for academic aims and limit their membership to students professing aims in some special field of work. Fraternities are those 3. Honor that require a standing of 1.8 for membership, or select the same from of the class, and mainthe upper tain a group standing of not less than 2. points. CIusb or Locals are those that have no intention or desire to become national and may be limited to classes or may bo general clubs. It shall be the duty of the Dean of Men and the Dean of Women to make a report at the end of each semester of the standing of these fraternities and sororities. Before a student may bu initiated in any of these fraternities or socio tics, he (or she) must obtain a cer tificate of initiation, as In the case of the collegiate fraternities ut present All fraternities and other societies wishing to give dances and social functions shall make application thru thu regular channels and abide by the rules and regulations governing the Social Committees. These rules and regulations shall not go into effect until the beginning of the next collegiate year .1923-2(Continued EAT AT J jj McGurk & O'Brien's Sandwiches, and Ices. a j Put This joe Plate Dinner Shop on Your 1925 List Up-To-Da- te NEW LOW PRICES Haircuts 40c Try Our Bonticella Facial LADIES BOBS Shave 20c EONARD BARBER SHOP, 114 W. Main St. T. H. MAYBRIER, Proprietor 5 1 Try Our 40c Plate Lunch claim. York Suits at $35, one and two pairs pants, cannot be beat Better fabrics nor better tailoring cannot be had for anywhere near the price. Fit and long wear are assured. York Suits for spring, 192&, embody all that's new in shades and stylings. Come in and ask to see them and make it soon. "Turkey" Hughes, Campus Representative GRADDYRYAN CO. Incorporated 140 West Main Street JAMES STEPHENS READINGS GIVES Irish Poet Charms a Large Audience at Patt Hall When you have anything to clean be sure it goes to a master. BECKER "CLEANERS THAT SATISFY" Phone 621 212 S. Lime w HERE MOTHERS MAY 9 AND 10 Purpose is to Acquaint Them With School Life May 9 and 10 will be observed as Mothers' Day at the university and invitations have been mailed to the mothers of women students to spend these days as guests of the university, this is the first time the university has observed Mothers' Day, the purpose of which is to acquaint mothers with the school life of their daughters. Many things have been planned for Saturday and Sunday, including a drive over the campus visiting the various buildings. A tea at Doctor and Mrs. McVey's home, and a reception at which the mothers and faculty members have an opportunity to meet will conclude Saturday's pro gram, un aunuay aiiernoon mere will be a musical vesper service. The committee for Mothers' Day follows: Mrs. Frank L. McVey, Mrs. Edna Giles, Mrs. C. J. Norwood, Mrs. Charles J. Smith, Mrs. P. P. Boyd, Mrs. W. E. Davis, Mrs. W. L. Heizer, Miss Miss Marguerite McLaughlin, Didlcke, Miss Virginia Kelley, Miss Norma Carter, and Miss Jimmie Col Tuesday afternoon at Patterson Hall, James Stephens, famous Irish poet and novelist, recited a number of selections from his poetry in his own individual fashion. Mr. Stephens is well known not only for his poetry but also for his prose works, the most famous of which, are: "The Crock of Gold," "Deidre," and "The Land of Youth." In his introduction of the poet, Dr. McVey made the statement that he didn't know that there were so many "grown-ups- " who still believed in the fairies. That they do still believe in fairies was shown by the appreciative audience which filled .to capacity even the standing room of the recreation hall. The scaffolding upon which Mr. Stephens developed his reading was By the the portrayal of speed. rhythm and quality of words he gave this effect. The first poem he rend was "Irish Mountain." The growth of a mountain was shown to be quite slow, but its development was genius., Deviating from his plan of speed, he read other poems "Collen," "Peggy Mitchell," "Loneliness," "To a Cloud," "As Sways tho Rose." They all hold one by their charmingly expressed emotions. Mr. Stephens' came to the university under the auspices of the J. B. Sax Memorial Fund, which Professor Carol M. Sax has established in memory of his father. This is the second of the lecturers to be brought here by those in charge of the memorial The Only Accredited Business School In Eastern and Central Kentucky Southern Bros. Fugazzi School of Business a Incorporated 116 North Upper Street Lexington, Ky. Member of National Association of Accredited Commercial Schools "THE FUGAZZI WAY" Phone 1576 fund. & P. I J , g candidate for representative from the first legislative district to the General Assembly, subject to the action Daniel entered the university in 1921, and since then has not only gone through school, but has worked and paid his expenses, besides saving 3,000 on the side. He is a member of Phi Beta Iota, local honorary law fraternity, and was on the university debating squad for two sessions. He was also a member of the crosscountry team. This week Daniel took the state bar examination at Frankfort with a number of other students in the college of Law. During his stay at the university, the young lawyer has lins. made a special study of the tax situation in the state. 1 I Ever since we opened our doors, years ago, we've held fast to one plank Your satisfaction. So when you buy a York Suit for $35 it has to keep the promise we made for it and measure fully up to every Buf-fnl- Drive it Yourself 'ii The senior engineers of the university hnvc returned from their annual eastern trip of inspection, having spent the week of April 2 to 0 on this tour. They visited the principnl manufacturing plants in Buffalo and Pittsburgh nnd went for a expedition to Ningnra Falls. While in Pittsburgh, they visited the Carnegie Art Museum, the Bureau of Mines, H. J. Heinz Company nnd the Wcstinghouse Electric nnd Manufacturing plnnt, nt the lnttcr n complimcntnry lunch wns served by the compnny. The university nlumni gave them n banquet on April 3. Sunday afternoon nnd Monday were spent nt the Falls and enrly on o Tucsdny morning the streets of resounded with the strains of "My Old Kentucky Home," sung ns only Kentuckians can sing it. The engineers wcr.e on their way in a special car to the site of the Larkin Company, where they spent the morning inspecting the plant and watching the manufacture of soap, tooth paste and other toilet articles. Following the inspection trip thru this plant, the party was the guest of the Nationnl Lamp Works of the General Electric Company, where they witnessed the manufacture of automobile and decoration light bulbs. That night the engineers were entertained by a lecture given by W. K. Bradbury, on the present and future utilization of Niagara Falls as a generator of power. Mr. Bradbury announced that he planned to visit Lexington in the near future for the purpose of delivering the same lecture on Niagara Falls. 'The party visited the American Brass Company, inspected the Pierce-ArroMotor Company and were entertained by the Research Laboratory department of the American Radiator Company for lunch and Wednesday night were the guests of the Alumni Club at a banquet. sight-seein- You'll Like Them! YORK SUITS Many Plants Are VisitIs Secretary to the Dean ed by Anderson's s Party of Men of the WED. TUES. MON. SUN. is outstanding in senior class Cornell University Summer Session in LAW First Term, June 22 to 29 LAW. Pro- of tho Har- ADMINISTRATIVE fesHor Frankfurter vard Law School. TRADE REGULATION. sor Frankfurter. SuckPopularitij Must Be Deserved Profes- CODE PLEADING. Professor Clark of tho Yalo Law School. PROPERTY la. Dean Uogort, Cornell Law Faculty. PUIiLIC SERVICE. Professor liurdlck, Cornell Law Faculty. CONFLICT OF LAWS. Prores- sor Stovens, Cornell Law Fuc- ulty. CONTRACT. Assistant Professor Whiteside, Cornell Law Faculty. Second Term, July 30 to Sept. 4 PAPKIt, Profos- NEGOTIABLE sor Alglor of tho University of Michigan Law School. MORTGAGES. Professor Simon- ton of tho Univ. of Missouri Law School. BANKRUPTCY. Professor St- moiitou. SALES, Dean UogcrU AGENCY. Professor Stevens. CONTRACT, continued. Students may begiiftho study of law In the summer session. For catalogue address the College of Law, Ithaca, LEXINGTON, KY N. Y. ' Not a Supper but , A REAL DINNER Served at! the Supper Hour MODERATE PRICES HOURS 5:30 to 7 University Cafeteria Basement Main Building P. M.