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6 > Image 6 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 75, no. 2, Summer 2004

Part of Kentucky alumnus

" " i_ " ,- if .4. . 3 _ _ ,5 ____= V * .J7; j- .. I I . _ "i . ` Jvv- 4 - i _; . I , . ii . ` `* ai 'V A ?*%i - ' ` ' A` I V , E 5 I E III 'I' I A I- A I *I i IIII I III T I- } I; : I. I a A .. " *0 II E R 5 A 'I' I 0 III ~;; ``. - . . . . ,I . ;, i A . . i,I . i ; i O l 4 U N1vERsiTY OF KENTUCKY , Efficiencies and Progress _: V _ TTT There is no denying that these are tough times for higher education budgets throughout the { ~ country. Earlier this year The Chronicle of Higher Education gave a statebystate prognostica- ; ""WYQ tion of how universities would fare in upcoming legislative sessions. The picture was not a j pretty one, and the prognosticators proved to be right. Let me assure you that at the University of Kentucky, we are doing all we can to be good j S M stewards of our resources. Since FY 2001, we have instituted a number of measures resulting in l i cost savings of more than $57.5 million to help offset the nearly $74 million in cumulative state- j mandated budget cuts. j Through restructuring, the provost model of administration was implemented, integrating g j many support functions in the UK Chandler Medical Center with similar units in the rest of l the campus. Specifically, 29 offices were merged, five offices were abolished and 88 positions I were eliminated. j ? Elsewhere on campus, Admissions and Registrar offices combined their efforts and four foreign language departments were merged into one. Five low degreeproducing academic programs and one college were eliminated along with five positions in the Agricultural Coop- r erative Extension Service. Reorganization of the Teaching and Learning Center resulted in the 1 elimination of a variety of other support units and approximately 30 positions. l Adopting new cost accounting procedures and new purchasing, printing, and travel policies j l resulted in substantial savings.The cost accounting system allocates the cost of central services such as fringe benefits, purchasing, payroll and police services to self-supporting units and l g federal contracts and grants. Thus, General Funds were removed from several units able to become wholly self-sufficient by relying on external revenues. Arriong those units are Robotics, Development, Parking, and Environmental Health and Safety. Federal funds were leveraged to develop and maintain 11 core research facilities containing more than 300 highly specialized instruments that are available to researchers at UK and other Kentucky institutions. j The savings from all of these actions were then invested in high priority items, in academic i support priorities and in the faculty and staff for salaries and health insurance, and in our students to provide over $1 million in institutionally supported scholarships in this biennium. The achievements of the faculty, students and staff continue to be significant. UK just cele- brated its l37th Commencement, representing the highest graduation rate among all state universities in Kentucky. Our people are setting new highs on many measures of success in teaching, research and outreach. Research dollars brought into UK, a measure of institutional I excellence. continues to rise as does private giving which is so important to our margin of I excellence as evidenced by the recently opened Linda and Jack Gill Heart Institute at UK. j Despite these efficiencies, it has been necessary to raise tuition twice and some faculty have been wooed away by better offers, which makes it all the more important for us to not lose focus or fail to push through the budget pressures affecting us. Given the projected 2003-2005 biennial state budget, our challenge today is clear. We alumni, faculty, staff, students and others crucially interested in UKs success must do everything we can to assist the V University of Kentucky through these difficult times. l l President Lee T. Todd Jr. l 4 KENTUCKY ALUMNI j I