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8 > Image 8 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 75, no. 2, Summer 2004

Part of Kentucky alumnus

, if- 5* * V . W P r rei li kr te - . = r t ` V . r .r 'vr r .;.. er r gi; Ir ` r I if `` . ` ; [ iiiiis _ = iiftyi J. `,_ ,4 .,,W I t= r -=> * . se f:r:%a~ , :1 iii? . l v`_A _ / , ei g K , _ . v. re, i ,,__n Ida;-_; r . ae or U V/I.: I. a Y , ar ~ -f i I. rw i . , ei ff J r V . -V V I VV . r 1 t . %- ~. 1*= rt: ; M Vr z. .#ie,.. . _,A . >~. VV*~V * = ~ ~ V ___ V J }.i?~ A aa _} V A W 4 V ,. ' "* ef A_ ____ ___a_r_, _ __ isi . _ _ __ i 1 UK $0 DHBV cl555 Five Rewarclecl for Efforts in Diversity l Over Wlnter Break UK President Lee T. Todd Jr. presented the second annual Presidents I UK vvrh offer a vvrhfer break Award for Diversity to thoserwho have demonstrated outstanding efforts r rrrfersessroh as a pilot program this toward advancing UK s mission of embracing diversity while maintaining vear ro farfher aeeomrhodafe the academic excellence. Recipients received $500 and a display award. IlC<.lS of SILlClI1lLS. AbOl1I I2 COLIYSCS Award winners gatgggpv arg; r r Wlll be held durmg Erhe ter ee Weeks Student: Veleashia Smith is a senior in the College of Social Work, and eeiween the fall allrlsfimg semesters credited with organizing the colleges first minority seminar which led to the ' , mm mtersesslen wl 8 OW Studeets te revival of the UK chapter of the National Association of Black Social take courses they need to graduate, Workers lemtessers em Effeirnew elassere andd Staff member: James Wims is assistant vice president for student af- l btudenm een te ee Vantage O Sm y` fairs and director of residence life and is credited with building an outstand- i flemeil eppermgmee d, _ I 1 ing diversity training program for the Residence Life staff. _ On lee as We airlfa, mem e gssies Staff member: Kathy Sheppard-Jones is project leader and researcher llifll jvVl_=fifj<= in It ES relrgpege Ht at in UKs Interdisciplinary Human Development Institute and is the driving e Mfes en deh riess 2 e h eed force behind the UK Accessible Map, an online interactive map enabling fm l e ew em O 1 ay people with physical impairments to find accessible routes around campus. Eff _ Faculty member: Tamara L. Brown is assistant professor of psychology Iclcnc crts who became the first ethnic minority faculty member in the clinical psychol- 3 ogy program at UK when she arrived in 1999. She serves as faculty adviser , Recoup . 5 to the Black Graduate and Professional Students Association. l M-II- Community member: Juanita Fleming is a retired special assistant to . f I lun the president for academic affairs and former professor of nursing at the UK presrdehf Lee T_ Todd _yr_ gave University of Kentucky and is now interim vice president for academic af- fhe Board ofTrasfees a reoorf oh ef_ fairs at Kentucky State Un1vers1ty.She is credited with having a quiet but fferehev efforts UK has ehaefed in progressive impact on the hiring of diverse faculty members, especially in fhe past fhree vears fhaf have eh_ areas of scientific under-representation. r ahfed the dhrversrfv fo save some I University unit:"I`he International Hospitality Program is a commu- I $575 mhhoh fo help offsef the hearfv n1tybased organisation that welcomes students and is sponsored by UKs $74 million in cumulative stateman- Ofhcc Of Imcmatwnal Affalm dated budget cuts UK has experi- V v_ _ enced since July l. 200l. I - y *i`- A I U K`s budget shortfall was man- V ``iil V aged in three ways: reallocation of T funds from efficiency efforts, re- l V serves and working capital. and tu- ` V . ition. V -V {fil -i , . * ~ * I l ie we il I I g The Presidents Award for Diversity honorees are front, left to right: Kathy Sheppard- f Jones, Tamara L. Brown, Veleashia Smith; back, left to right: Juanita Fleming, Karen i Slaymaker and Carole Gnatuk (representing International Hospitality Program), Jim l Compiled irom UK Web sites. Wims and Deneese Jones, chair ofthe Presidents Commission on Diversity. l UK Public Relations news reports, f and Kentucky Alumni magazine staff reporting. r o Ki;>rrt.icr