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Image 2 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 2, No. 4, July 1943

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

’ l E I X I if the fruit is green but which may growers and workers as to the most ’ develop very slowly on ripe fruits. profitable methods of handling the As the spots enlarge the tissues col- second-year strawberry field. There , lapse slightly leaving the surface was so much interest and demand l · of the decayed portion flat. for this information that Held tests . Tng fungus gvgyyvintgys in bgyk \V€1`€ started lll the SUITIIIIOY of 1942. infections, mummied fruits on the Thi! Pl0lS W€l'0 lQ€¤l€d_ lll two lllll· trees and in fruit stems left on the f0l`m Bl?lk€m0l`Q llclds lll the Peoln - tree when mummieg are ]·QmOv€d_ C8h-B€Ylt0f1 S€·Cl1OI1, OIIC OI1 {IIC l8l`I`l1 During damp periods these sources of M1`. L€Si€1‘ H¤1`l`1S, K€\’1l. Kyo -, produce spores that are scattered to and one on the farm of Mr. J. L. ;4 'l the fruits by dripping rainwater B1`1€¤,B€lll0¤, K)/· I and insects. After thlts the spread ` from fruit to fruit is rought about · . · ·, j rapidly by rain, flies and other in- 'lhc Pulls t k I sects. Following up some recen wor· , In orchards where bitter rot has by the U. S. D. A. showing the bene- not been a factor a 6-8-100 Bor- ficial effects of heavy mowing of jg . deaux spray should be applied each strawberry foliage just after year as a precautionary measure vest this was included in the trials. . about the first of July. In orchards At each location four plots were where losses have been heavy, mowed very close immediately after 5 spraying with a 4-6-100 Bordeaux harvest. Two of these were then t mixture should be commenced about raked clean of mowed leaves and j June 15 and repeated every two mulch and the middles were culti- j_ weeks until 4 to 7 sprays have been vated with one-horse scratching type _. applied. For best control it appears cultivation on through the summer. ; necessary to build up a coating of The other two mowed plots were left ’ copper on the fruits by successive without any cultivation or mulch re- applications. If you have been moval. Four more plots had all j troubled by bitter rot in the past weeds mowed off above the straw- and have not yet sprayed with Bor- berry foliage and two of these were deaux, begin spraying immediately cultivated as above and two left un- . and repeat at two-week intervals. cultivated through the season. ‘ It is better to prevent the disease Four moto plots were Sglggtgd and frpm getting el Start tnen to Wall two of these were barred-off and until it appears and then try the Worked out oh Juno 2, jmmgdj. almost impossible job of stopping it. otoly attol. ho,.VoSt_ and tho other The latter practice usually results two Woro bo,-I-od-og and WO,-kpd Out = in heavy losses. If you find that the oho mohth latot-_ This was to Com- disease has gotten e Stert ep one pare early and late working-out and tree befpre You neve Starred to consisted of barring off each row to Spray with B<¤<» apply H 6-8- 3 pppipch strip spd then chopping 100 pr 8'10'100 Bprdeapx innneoe out six-inch chunks of this row cvcrv ately to the entire orchard and then toot or So_ Fo,-tihzor was thoh at}- pick all infected fruits and remove phod to tho oo,.,.od_otf rows ooo ‘ them fmm the ¤r¤lR¤r¤l· They will the miaaipp then cultivated pm be ¤ total less e¤yW=¤v» ml if left dpwp at ppcp. pppmizpp wps pp- 1n the orchard will be a source from phod to ah of thoso plots when mp which Other fruits. Wm becpme in' treatments were started, at the rate fected Spray ·RpR1R In _=Rl¤¤¤t one of pounds per acre, using a 4-16-4 week, using a 4-6-100 Boideaux and fortlhzoh tee? tiprey Rl tWe`W€€k l¤~¤~alR June and July of 1942 were very wlt 6 4`6`100 mixture hot and dry in this section. New, ...*7 crisp, clean, green foliage gugkly grew on the plots that ha een STUDIES IN SECOND-YEAR mowed close and cultivated. Thcso were the thriftiest looking plants al STAWBERRY FIELD CARE summer. In the non-cultivated plots RR R ARMSTRONG ;‘;0;;m‘2a;ms;hh;¥l%;;2 zzpiilai; For some seasons now in the inthe unmowed plots. When weeds strawberry sections of Kentucky and grass crowded in later in the there has been considerable doubt summer, a number of the plants in and confusion among strawberry these plots died. 2