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Image 5 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 2, No. 4, July 1943

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

grail; 4 ORCHARD VITALITY tivetnless of frult trees and a decrease 1n_ e propor ion of nitrogen in a Q THREATENED I`l:llX€d fertilizer decreases its effec- 9 A_ J_ QLNEY tiverless for oriharcli pulposes. Mixed 2 er 1 12ers are ene cia to the cover Many orchards have not received cl`0p· {N j the usual treatment with nitrogen No gahafal }`€€Omm€1'1datiOn can A fertilizers this year. Since continued be made to Suit all orchard condi- , mductjon is dg endent on a Sum- tions. The procedure to be followed P P . . l; cient supply of nitrogen to the trees, W1ll dapahd Oh tb? growth and V1gO1‘ Ll growers should give the matter spe- of l.l'l€ l.1'€€S. F31lL11‘€ to fL1I`I1lSh 8 noon cial attention at this time. Supply haaded to P1`OV1€-la adaqllata gw During the period when commer- growth Wlll 5hOW up in reduced da; · cial nitrogen fertilizers are short, grolps no}? yoaruino. the Years to Deen tg some other means should be found o ow·th.€n°€¤ o ninportonoo .of Nest if possible. lf available, manure may ggvvbng is matter Serious attention be used to supply this need. It should ‘ be recognized that the action of the Fct·ti];z€t· For 1944 €l€_ nitrogen in manure is slow and ap- _ _ _ _ mall plication should be made in the fall , lt 15 hOp€d that tha f€ft1l1Z€1` Sltua- and or early winter to give the desired t1Oh maY Clear up SO that h'1O1`€ HOF- 1OW_ E. effect. Usually at least 200 pounds mal $1·1ppll€$ may be available f01' _g in a1`€_ hfadad to fugnish nitrogen 1934. t_t_ f f t_l_ _u b men equiva ent to 5 poun s of nitrate of duah 1 l€S O er 1 1Z€1‘ W1 _€ Own : soda. ma e ava1lable_ to different states in _ V A l · accordance with the1r_ needs. In * mealsegllftidéllgr tirjthés ¤ii`$’$?€l 3;;*%;2§‘;‘;t“i‘;£lfrzllotainteiii ated . supp y. _ e in of egume to be .. . . . that { grown will _vary with the situation gorilllzokgllllslotn thotF$`oohPro' wigs » and experience of the grower. uc lon ollms ro lon a as mg' jd 8 Usually one of the Clover family OI, ton will have to be_sent an estimate Wigs a Euxtlire of clover; gives best re- O Vnnnl yealko roqolgomonts t d j SU S. n many orc ards lespedeza €a1`€aS 1¤g€aC g1`OW€1‘ 0S€1”l ttlodlf has proved most satisfactory. Where in a POSt Card with tha following rl in needed, lime and phosphate should information: V Be used to stimulate the growth of i_ An estimate of kind and r of 9 COVE? Cmp- amount of nitrogen fertilizer d in i An orchard that has a heavy sod needed between January 1, ; on . has Z goodd supply of nitrogen that 1944 and July 1, 1944. {en- can e_ma e available to the trees 2_ Th b ft ees i at gll§¤;gm;q¤.ug¤e 0§tW0thO1`O¤€l to %§“§§?&‘ii§’§dT““’“ " i ; ce in e ear y spring pro - · · · t on ~ ably would take the place of a mod- 3` ggxgggllgg iilglggr Whlch this erate application of sulfate of am- ` »rnal moma. S dth` ` f · at`o t· · PTO- This should be followed by re- en ls m mm I n O " l942, seeding to a legume cover cro . Department of Horticulture i so l p . _ t should be pointed out that cul- University of Kentucky txvation_over a considerable_ period Lexington, Kentucky .t I is undesirable because of erosion and Q/gr; should be avoided. _ l t Qn rough land or where erosion is — Y I? gg Serlous and the land must be culti- HINTb AND 0BSER\A` mc}, vated, strip cultivation and cover TIONS thlé Cl`0DDlHg should be practiced. By W_ W_ MAGILL ` e re- _ In old orchards where the shade Field Agent lll Hcrtlcultme is heavy, legumes will not succeed nine as well as grasses. f1hp· The use of low-nitrogen mixed · · gate? feritilizeg may be recommended to Blum. Rot _u t 1 o a_ imite extent to supplement the The alert apple grower NW1 no " h, 35 Hltrogen supply, However, in most get "too busy" to examine the QFOP S€h· Kentucky orchards nitrogen is the at least twice each week for Bitter only element that limits the produc- Rot appearance through late July 5 QQQRR S . SEE;. or