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Image 6 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 2, No. 4, July 1943

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

‘l l z l and1Augr1s§. Hand gickingtof infected NEW STRAWBERRY VARIETY app es 0 owe y spo spraying ,, . _ l with Bordeaux may give you a cash -lENNE$$EE SUIPPF-R saving of $100 p€l` day. W_ Dr ARMSTRONG l Dried Apples In commercial trials over the en- ` 5 Ingugncg your neighbor and tire state this spring the Tennessee r r friends to _d1‘y 8 llb€‘1`8l Supply of Shipper Strawberry has shown un- ` 1 Summer Wmd falls They will heed usual promise. This berry developed g . them before another crop of fruit 1S h h _ _. - produced y t e Tennessee Expelimcnt Sta- r tion has been tested here in the state L. New Sprayers for four years by the Kentucky Ex- E , State your needs and demand rm. periment Station at Lexington and r l new spray equipment for producing Prmeeton. In these tests the berry { I tl`1€ 1944 CI`Op Bl. 0l'lC€. \Vlll give Shggvgd great ppgynlgg in Cgnlpgrl- l ggrlglekgfgir dealer a better chance to son with such varieties as Premier, rl ' Blakemore, and Aroma. ln 1942 the Save Contrnnors llrst plants for commercial testing Y Fruit baskets and other containers becaml almlable aml wclc Sl cullll . for 1943 crops are becoming almost by W.· W. Maglll, Extension Hoiti- L. un0btall·lgblg_ TO Over Situ;}- CllllLll`lSl. These l)l8Y`llS \VCl`C sent lt`! tion, all used containers should be Lexington and were fumigated with saved and repaired, if necessary. Methyl Bromlrle rm. Crown bowl. _ A recent survey indicates that most t_ 1 h D_ P O R. _h _ r Kentucky growers in the shipping coll l0 y l· · · lh el Ol lle areas have a fair stock of baskets on Elll0¤'l0l0§Y _D€l>il1`lm€¤l- TUC l>l¤lllS hand. In other areas the require- were then distributed over the state ~ ments are uncertain. Growers who and placed with a few cooperative sell on local or roadside markets growers who agreed to give the probably will depend on used con- plants a fair test with good com- ( lZ3l1'l€I`S OI` Ol') l)Lly€I`S to f\1I‘I'llSll th€lI` I`[`iC[`Qi{]l Cayo and [O ygpgrt lllgly rg- ’· ‘ ownhcontainers. Paper bags suitable gulls, . for andling local sales are avail- . . · ,- . V able ml will be used l0 me ex- ooS;3£“aio§‘?2”§$Ero$l aL3%$G£i-°yi‘éiS telgonsult your local bottling plants glllellrllrrlrglrldngrgirscll illlrpplllh lllllll lrllllll for empty, heavy paper 100 lb. sugar heavier ’CrO rh, rr lhlllhd l _ mil {rf; bags. They have no use for them. chscs rhcpr. d· 8 0m0lC' ll _“ _ - 1u1t has been laigl You will find they make an excellent through the Season Ver bri hr md apple package lol your local lalm attractive in color: anld hal; stbod Sales- They are ylellly l¤¤ell» ll¤lll aaroorog uoao- ice. ln a test aan- a bushel or more of apples, are easy mem rrom Paduc r Ch. _ hlr to load into a motor car and the Varlet We t th? hl b liagonll customers likes them. A 5c bag will Blhkcgm, ll d lrollg C· Cl lag therefore replace a basket. ·lC all lomlll plckcd ml prncked in the same crate. In season, ,_..?.— lS variety ripens between Blake- more and Aroma. It blooms late and Spray Lime this year avoided a late frost that I The hhst hydrated hmh for Spray injured Blakemole blossoms. r lng purposos rs the forrn known os In a mulch trial at Paducah this "chemical hydrated lime." Most of Year TChh€_$$€€ ShlDPCl` Showcd tho so_oallod agricultural l-rydrotos average hardmess. Plots that were and those used in making mortar and mulchhd lh D0€€l'hh€l` Plhdllccd ill plostor sro too ooor-so to be sous? the rate ol 50 crates per acre more lactory. These coarse limes contain than Plots that had l`l0 0V€l`·Wll`ll°l` small ilinty particles that are very mulch- distructive to valve seats, pressure Another new variety of the Aroma regulators, and spray nozzles. Ex- season, Tennessee Beauty, was also penses for repairs can be reduced commercially tested in a limited hy using the fine chemical hydrated way and is also showing great prom- 1me. 1se. 6