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4 > Page 4 of Aikenside / by Mary J. Holmes.

AIKENSIDE her P's and Q's before you give her a stifficut. We've had enough of your ignoramuses," said Colonel Lewis, the democratic potentate to whom Dr. Holbrook was expressing his fears that he should not give satisfaction. Then, as a bright idea suggested itself to the old gentleman, he added: " I tell you what, just cut one or two at first; that '11 give you a name for being particular, which is just the thing." Accordingly, with no definite idea as to what was expected of him, except that he was to find out " whether a girl knew her P's and Q's," and was also to " cut one or two of the first candi- dates," Dr. Holbrook accepted the office, and then awaited rather nervously his initiation. He was not easy in the society of ladies, unless, indeed, the lady stood in need of his professional services, when he lost sight of her at once, and thought only of her disease. His patient once well, how- ever, he became nervously shy and embarrassed, retreating as soon as possible from her presence to the covert of his friendly office, where, with his boots upon the table and his head thrown back in a most comfortable position, he sat one April morning, in happy oblivion of the bevy of girls who must, of course, erelong invade his sanctum. " Something for you, sir. The lady will wait for an answer," said his " chore boy," passing to his master a little three-cornered note, and nod- ding toward the street. 4