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5 > Page 5 of Aikenside / by Mary J. Holmes.

THE EXAMINING COMMIITTEE Following the direction indicated, the doctor saw, drawn up near his door, an old-fashioned one-horse wagon, such as is still occasionally seen in New England. A square-boxed, dark green wagon, drawn by a sorrel horse, sometimes called by the genuine Yankee " yellow," and driven l)v a white-haired man, whose silvery locks, falling around his wrinkled face, gave to him a pleasing, patriarchal appearance, which interested the doc- tor far more than did the flutter of the blue rib- bon beside him, even though the bonnet that rib- bon tied shaded the face of a young girl. The note was from her, and, tearing it open, the doc- tor read, in the prettiest of all pretty, girlish hand- writing: " Dr. Holbrook-" Here it was plainly visible that a " D " had been written as if she would have said " Dear." Then, evidently changing her mind, she had wvith her finger blotted out the " D," and made it into an oddly shaped " S," so that it read simply: "DR. HOLBROOK-Sir: Will you be at leisure to examine me on Monday afternoon, at three o'clock MADELINE A. CLYDE. "P. S.-For particular reasons I hope you can attend to me as early as Monday. M. A. C." Dr. Holbrook knew very little Of girls, but he 5