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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 23, 1920

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL ABOUT THE CAMP.US PAGE 8 Down Town MEMORY BOOKS $4.50. KODAK ALBUMS 50 Cents ot $8.00. Doctor Terrell hns returned from Madison, Wisconsin, where he attended the meeting of the Western Philosophical Association last Friday and Saturday. Tho meeting this year was a very Important as well as Interesting and matters pertaining to present day problems .especially to democracy, were discussed at great length, E. M. Prowltt, Department Dairying, has been successful in forming a Calf Club among tho boys in Oldham County. This is another step toward better dairying in the State as only registered calves are admitted to the register of the club. When they become fresh the milk supply is officially test ed and the leading animals will be given awards. This will give an official record of the animals during the whole lifetime. LITERARY SOCIETIES Patterson. The Patterson Literary Society met last Friday in the gymnasium building. A committee from the Union visited the society and the arrangements debate were comfor an pleted. This debate will be held Thursday, April 29 in the meeting hall of one of the societies. Te debate between the men's literary societies was formerly one of the big events of the year and every member of the societies is requested to be present so that the old spirit of rivalry may be revived. PENNANTS $1.00 and up. Meeting Place Orders taken for special College and Pennants and Banners. for FRATERNITY STATIONERY If we haven't your Fraternity Paper we can get it for you. University Boys COLLEGE STATIONERY, DANCE INVITATIONS, DANCE PROGRAMMES SENIORS, ATTENTION! Please leave your order now for Caps and Gowns, also engraved cards. Open Until 8 P. M. Every Evening High Class Haberdashery College Boys Styles in Our Special Designed Clothes UBlver siiy Book store Basement Main Building. DOBBS FIFTH AVENUE HATS MANHATTAN SHIRTS 233 West Short St. Most Complete Assortment of Silk Shirts We Earnestly Solicit Your Patronage Inter-societ- y Luigart's Mammoth Garage Co. Phoenix Block (Incorporated) The Store For the Well Dressed Man. Horace Mann Literary Society. The regular meeting of the Horace Mann Literary Society was held last Thursday evening in the Education Building. Mr. Jett gave an entertaining discussion of "The Book of Birds and Poets." After a short talk by Doctor Noe the club adjourned. Studebaker Automobiles Philosophlan. Members of the Philosophlan Literary Society were given the opportunity of gaining some valuable knowledge concerning the working girls of New York when Doctor Best read his article on the "Conditions of the Working Girl on the East Side," at the last two meetings of the society, on Wednesday evening at 6:45 o'clock in the Recreation Roo mof Patterson Hall. In the article Doctor Best gave many of his personal experiences in social work on the East Side of New York and his own observations of the poor conditions of the girls. That Good Gulf Gasoline and Supreme Auto Oils University Pharmacy offers to the students of the University a complete assortment of Stationery, Candies and Toilet Articles. Prescriptions filled promptly. CIGARETTES, CIGARS and TOBACCO Bring Your Kodak Films Here. Opposite Campus. Everything for the Automobile Dick Webb, President. East Main Street. .WALTER S. WELSH SUCCESSOR TO WELSH & MURRAY CO. LOVE STORIES OF THE ALPHABET Midsummer Madness. "Marriage makes monotony," mused morbidly. Meanwhile, Mr. Marcus M. Moore marched magnificently "Marry me, most marvelous maid," murmured Marcus masterfully. "Make my mlstressless mansion merry." "Marry Marcus? Merciful Morphemuch us!" marveled moved. "My Mr. Martin married me Monday. March, Marcus my man." "Monstrous," mumbled Marcus, manfully minding manners. marriage means my madness!" Marcus marched mutely. "My mlstressless mansion," mournmarried ed Marcus. e money; murdered me!" Marcus madly munched morphine, making mansion minus Marcus. Mina-Mari- e MIna-war- MIna-Marl- CO. ENGRAVING I Incorporated "K AND THE COLLEGE BOYS' STORE DIE STAMPING FRAT and DANCE PROGRAMS Clothing, Furnishings, Hats, Shoes and Tailoring N. LIMESTONE 124-12- 0 Planoi DE LUXE Ladies' and Gents' Tailors Player Pianos Columbia Orafonolas Aeollan-Vocalio- LEXINGTON, KY. MONDAY. n PHONE 592 Established 1899 Instrument Player Rolls Sheet Music The E, C. Christian Music Co. P. ANQELUCCI a Mina-Mari- MORE COLLEGE STATIONERY j e "Mina-Ma-rle'- "MIna-MarI- GRADDY-RYA- N Competent Home Tailon 1770-205-20- 7 Everything Pertaining to Music Moving, Tuning, Repairing and Refinishing Pianoa a Specialty Lexington, Ky. East Main