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35 > Image 35 of Kentucky alumnus, vol. 6, no. 08, 1917

Part of Kentucky alumnus

. ,,, y;, _ , , i Edncation of the National Association of State Universities, and is at the present . i , BOM " time secretary of this association. He is a member of tl1e American Economic Z { 1 my _ Association; tl1e American Statistical Association; National Educational Asso- mak, Clarion; the North Dakota Educational Association; tl1e Natio11al Conference _ of Charities and Correction; tl1e Natio11al Association of State Universities; the 1 Q bm, National Co11fere11ce of Marketing and Farm Credits; tll Honorary Society of A , 1 Drs O, . P_ B, K,, and was a speaker and delegate at the Second Pa11American Scientific , 1 mzmv __ Congress 111 ]anuary, IQI6. { 1 I ; "I11 1910, Dr. Mc\*ey was a Special Agent of tl1e United States Census. He i km Oi was President of tl1e Minneapolis Associated Charities from 1898 to 19o9_ He ` md U, U was Director of tl1e Tw111 City Exhibit, \\ orlds Fair, 111 1904, Zllld a member of Oi mc the International _fury of Awards at the \\ 0rld's Eair. He was a member of _ 1 the National Conference of Charities 2\ll(.l Correctio11s, 1905-1909; a member and ' . . i Chairman of tl1e Minnesota Tax Commission, 1907-09, a11d Chairman of the l 1 National Conference 011 Marketing {`tlld Farm Credits, 1915, 1916 and 1917, i "ln 1895, Dr. McVey was 2111 editorial writer i11 tl1e City of New York, a11d {Ohm ill'IQCSC9 Editor of tl1e proceedings of tl1e Minnesota Academy of Social I , ISO; , Sciences. In1907 l1e was Associate Editor of l.llC`TillllCt11l ot the American Eco- 4 nonnc Association, 2`tl`l(l f1'Oll`l 1914 l1as been Editor of the National Social l ` _ Science Series, A. C. McClurg Co111pa11y, Chicago. ~ l mf OI g "Dr, Me\fey l1as served tl1e State of North Dakota i11 many ways. He is 1 Q now a member of tl1e State Council of Defense; a member of tl1e State Board - ` - _ of Education; Hlgll School Examiner, and Chairman of tl1e local \\'ar Con1mis- ; . sion at Grand Forks, where he lives. I11 1911, l1e was Chairman of tl1e temporary T ;il}` ei L. Educational Commission, whose report was tl1e foundation for tl1e report of tl1e i s State Educational Commission appointed by tl1e Board of Regents in 1915. He E ly up has served 011 many commissions and is closely associated with many of tl1e n1ore i in l1is- ` important national movements. I11 tl1e last three years he l1as acted as tl1e Pres 1 from ident of one of tl1e most important bodies in the United States, tl1e National 1 _ ructor Conference of Marketing ;lll(l Earm Credits, Illld he is 11ow a member of one f 8, and of tl1e advisory committees of the National Council of Defense. { CllIlll' _ \\fhile a member of the Minnesota Tax Commission, Dr. Mc\'ey formulated elected _ tl1e present system of taxing iro11 ore properties, which ll[lS stood lll? test of te11 I years Z`tll(l many contests i11 the courts. _ 1111111- Dr. Mc`\'cy is both [lll economist (lll(l an educator. He llZlS written many l 011 his i books a11d numerous articles. His articles have appeared i11 tl1e Independent, I l1ro;1d- the Yale Review, Popular Science Monthly. School Zlll(l Society, SC2lll(lillil\`lIlll l sity of licview, _lournal of Political Economy, ;\.l]lC1`lC(lll ]0llI`l\(ll of Sociology and l nc ha: ` others. The best l{lTO\\`l'i of his books are Tl1c History and (fi0\`Cl'IllllClll of Kllll l llCill`l}' Hcsota, Modern Industrialism, Tl1e Making of Z1 Town, Railroad Transportation l versity illld Business Economics, wl1icl1 is just off the press. He has lectured i11 many I states, a11d i11 IOI.2 delivered lectures before tl1e L`nivcrsity of Cltristiznia i11 l of i111- _ Norway. In COllllllEllllll upon tl1esc, tl1e i\l1ltl'lC1lll Minister said i11 :1 letter to ' itndent Q fudge N. C. Young, the Iresidcnt of the Board of Trustees of the L11iversity i versity et NOTlll Dakota; X 1905 to H (The Rector flll(l prominent n1e111l1ers of the faculty spoke to 111e highly l imc i11 E of the lectures, 2`tl`l(l tl1e press COll]l'llCll'[S were all COlll[`lllll'lClll.{`tl`}'. Dr. McVey`s l , t i i