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5 > Image 5 of Kentucky alumnus, vol. 6, no. 08, 1917

Part of Kentucky alumnus

I HE KEN l UCKY ALUMNUS A is pugusiinn Bl-ll0N'l`1lLY-SEl"lE)lBER, N0\IsMIsI~;R, JANUARY, MARCH, 2 _ ~ MAY ANI) JULY OF IQACII YI-1AItIsY Tllli ALUMNI ASESUCIATION ov . r Q THE UNIvIcItsITY ov IUGNTUUKY, AT ].l]XlN(i'10N, I{ENTtcI&Y. .; Entered as secondclass matter- September 28, 1916, at the post-ottice at _ Lexington, Kentucky, under the Act of March 3, 1879. A ; 1 , ` 'lllE SUlSCRllTl()N PRICE Fon THE IUQNTUUKY ALUMNUs IS $1.00 PEI: YEAR. _ To ALUMNI, INCLUDING DU1~1s T0 TIIE ASSt)()lA'l`I()N, $2.00 rim YEAR. S Tho Kentucky Alumnus is the otl`ieiul publication of the Alumni Association. It is _ issued bi-monthly by the Association under the direction of the Executive Comrrnittee i- in the interest of the Association and liniversity. It therefore represents the _ , ` sentiment und policy of thu Alumni orgsmization. The Editor-in-Cliief is nppointed by the ]]x-cutive Committee of the Alunmi Associzntion V , i and the Associate Editors ure the Class Secretaries of ther various classes and the i * Presltlents oi" the Alumni Clulis. ' Z ` i 1 1 V~*"it@rial @omtm~c rt I ` t;_\`; lm fla;. Ic Ne/x/..lELJUEG2Imlt; r K h I ANNOUNCEMENTS. ., ` ,. Ti . t A emnplete refrorl of I/ze ]}lZ.t.Vfl{/(l{l}l[/ Coiiiuztfiee ix of {/ie jrrtxreiil time l 1; being [iritited nr ti lmlle/in of i/ie l`11it*e11rily, and will be rent to all grodiiriltxr ~ Q rv/ruse eerreel addrers can be ob/tiiued. Q " T/ie liirtorie ]l[IlHl._(](1ll [>r0[>er/y udjuiizing; I/ze ('11i2er.v1'/y (`ll}}I[7'll.\`, tear [mug/it . by f/ze Uiritrersiiy ni 41 Comu1i.v.ri011e1.t Sole on June 19{/1. i i ` T/ie }C.i`ldLllt`t will /vrobub/y be reuiude/ed und ll.Vt`({ or u l't.Vl(Z't"}It`t by the i _H />eside1zl, re/10 ix to be elected ur xotui ur ti xirifub/e man rmi be found. Port of ; ly N the Ql'Olll1d may be added to the 1i.l'[lt`}'lll1t}ll .S`/tilion Iiurni for ll/lt` jrrexeiif. Q * i I It is thought that this issue ot The Alumnus * Q Siiirsvritre tor the Atrrmmrs, contains some exceritionally interesting news. l Especially is this true of the matter in connec , tion with the report of the Investigating Committee. The recommendations of l v this Committee which were adopted by the Board of Trustees have to some l extent been put into ettect already, and others will go into edect as soon as . practicable. This will mean that things will he happening at the University in tl rapid succession, and the 1917-1918 volume of The Alumnus, which carries the { ` news of these happenings to a great many alumni who would not otherwise hear Q . of them, will be an exceedingly interesting one. This issue ol The Alumnus is l , hem? SGM to every graduate of the University whose correct address is in the i . SF0i1llys olliee. A great many who have not paid dues will, theretore, l`CCCl\' A IL It )'Ol1 are one of these and would like to get the six newsy issues of lQI7 I . WS, beginning with the September number, send in your $2,00 immediately, to ' E the SCr0tary, Dr. S. B, Nlarks, 161 North Market Street, Lexington, Kentucky. E, I 1